CBD And Yoga | Everything You Need To Know

CBD And Yoga?

It seems that more and more Americans are becoming open to the ideas of natural medicine. Whether it’s using acupuncture for pain relief or the implementation of essential oils throughout one’s home, there’s no denying that these practices are becoming popular. Although it’s been in the mainstream for a while now, yoga is perhaps at an all-time high as well, as this activity can help people of all ages and fitness levels.


While it may not seem directly related, the use of CBD products for pain relief and general well-being has also increased in recent years, especially due to legislation that has made these items easier to access. One might argue that CBD falls within the realm of natural medicine, so it’s only normal to wonder what it would be like to blend the two.


Before we dive straight into the benefits of combining CBD and yoga, let’s take some time to understand the main components of each, including how they claim to help and what kind of physical and mental effects you can expect.


The Basics Of CBD

For a long time, people viewed the cannabis plant as a drug and one that would simply get you high. Equating a “stoner mentality” to cannabis became the norm, yet as research continued to advance, it became clear that there was so much more this plant could offer than just a psychedelic experience. One of the many compounds found in marijuana is called CBD, and scientists have been able to uncover some pretty amazing things about it.


Its full name is cannabidiol and it is one of hundreds of compounds found within cannabis. Pure CBD does not bring a high with it like THC does, allowing it to be used in a therapeutic setting. Although it has not been approved by the FDA for medical use, many claim that it does everything from ease anxiety to cure cancer. CBD can be taken for pain relief or used as a daily supplement to boost your immune system.


Even skeptics of cannabidiol have a hard time arguing against the fact that on a scientific level, our bodies were designed to know exactly how to process it to bring about pain relieving benefits. There are many different ways to utilize this compound, but many turn to the convenience of CBD oils. These products can be taken orally with a tincture or even rubbed directly onto your body.


Yoga’s Plethora Of Benefits

The American Osteopathic Association notes that there are over 100 different kinds of yoga but all of them will bring a similar set of benefits by focusing on stretching, breathing, and meditation. Whether you enjoy hot yoga in a room that’s over 100°F or you prefer a more relaxed flow, there’s no denying that people come away from a yoga session practically glowing.


Yoga offers both mental and physical effects that can be truly life-changing. Not only will students of the practice result in gaining more flexibility and improving their muscle tone, but it can also help with weight loss and circulatory health. Yoga can be utilized as a stand-alone exercise or is a great way to switch up your routine when you’re looking for something new.


When the word yoga is mentioned often times one of the first things that people equate it with is stress relief. The practice creates a sense of mental clarity and relaxation that can help with attention levels, concentration, and can break the cycle of chronic stress. You don’t have to do yoga for hours on end to feel these benefits, as only a few times per week is enough to be effective. 


Mixing CBD and Yoga

cbd yoga


When you individually examine the benefits that CBD and yoga can bring to someone’s life, there’s a pretty clear indication that both work in different ways to impart a similar set of actions. Bodily pain can be eased through CBD use and gentle stretching, anxiety is significantly calmed through the use of both, and they promote a general sense of well-being that just might extend into other areas of one’s life. Many brands like Sagely Naturals are popping up marketing their CBD products at yoga studios recommending you combine the two.


So how exactly do you blend the powerful properties of these two ideas to create something even more special? There are several options to choose from depending on your preferred method of using CBD. Some individuals prefer to view their CBD use as just another daily supplement and like to take it in gummy form along with the rest of their vitamins before heading off to a yoga class.


Others find that CBD creams are particularly helpful when applied to specific parts of the body especially if you find that you’re feeling stiff or sore. CBD can take some time to kick in when used topically, so make sure to use it well ahead of your yoga time.


A quick internet search will yield plenty of results for CBD yoga, as many studios are now integrating the use of this compound into their practice. One such account of an individual attending a CBD yoga class noted that her dose was administered through an oral tincture, and she was surprised to experience just how her mind and body connection was enhanced. 


Is It For You?


Some try yoga and are instantly hooked, embarking upon a practice that they will keep up for decades. Others find all of the twisting and bending to be uncomfortable and actually stress-inducing rather than fulfilling upon its intended purpose. However if you are one of the many who enjoys a good session on your mat, consider incorporating CBD into your practice next time.


By utilizing the body’s natural ability to process CBD and allowing it to aid in deeper relaxation, more contemplative thoughts, and even some pain relief if applicable, the combination of the two seems like something that could bring benefits on a regular basis. Perhaps this blend of two types of natural medicine could be the start of an entirely new way of relaxation or it may be a passing trend that comes and goes. In the meantime, why not try it and decide for yourself? 


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