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Authored: Jun 5, 2019
Updated: Aug 3, 2020
What Is CBD Isolate And How To Use It

Anyone who is interested in alternative supplements has likely heard about CBD in recent years, as this item has made quite a wave across the nation. From claims that CBD has helped to cure anxiety or dramatically reduce inflammation, those who have experienced its benefits are never going back to other treatments again.


Among the various options for using CBD is one that’s called CBD isolate powder. At first glance, this product may seem a little bit intimidating, and since it’s not quite as well-known as edibles or topicals, there could be a sense of hesitation in making this kind of purchase. Today we’re going to explore just exactly what CBD isolate powder is, how CBD isolate is made, and the ways you can use it to enhance your health and well-being.


What Are The Benefits of CBD?

While the Food and Drug Administration has yet to release a statement confirming that CBD offers medical benefits, testimonials pour in left and right when it comes to this cannabis compound. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a part of the cannabis plant that does not contain any psychoactive effects whatsoever. That means unlike THC, CBD won’t get you high and instead can bring about a host of potential benefits.


Many people who use CBD on a regular basis describe how it can help to reduce headaches or cramps, ease depression or anxiety, and more, but some medical professionals point to using this compound for more complex issues. Soothing the symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease, helping with opioid withdrawal, and even treating epilepsy are all medical concerns that can benefit from CBD use.


What Are CBD Isolates?

Since cannabidiol can be utilized for so many different medical ailments, what is it about CBD isolate that makes it so special? A large portion of what differentiates various CBD products from each other has to do with the way they are processed, and these chemical conversions can truly impact just how effective the final version will be.


Using one of several extraction methods, industry experts will start with a cannabis strain that’s rich in CBD and essentially break it down to separate out the THC and other compounds that could lead to psychoactivity. When they are left with this concentrate, many stop, and market what’s left as wax or shatter. However, making CBD isolate requires another important step.


CBD Isolate


As the name would imply, CBD isolate is an incredibly pure form of CBD, as it’s isolated from all other elements found within the cannabis plant. In order to achieve this level of purity, a process called winterization is used to even further remove any additional waxes, terpenes, or trichomes. This final step involves cooling the substance but needs more time and effort than just placing it in the freezer for a few days. Your final result will be in the form of crystals, which can be used as is or crushed into a more versatile powder.


In all, the process of converting a cannabis plant into CBD isolate is highly complex and can be rather dangerous if proper methods aren’t utilized. While it might be tempting to experiment on your own and try to make CBD isolate at home, it’s recommended that you leave it to the professionals and purchase it instead.


Using CBD Isolate

CBD isolate powder is odorless and tasteless, making it less than exciting to ingest. But with so many potential benefits that it can bring to one’s life, how exactly can you integrate it into your routine in a way that’s appealing? Your mindset is key, as using CBD isolate powder can help to bring therapeutic benefits to your life without you having to worry about any THC showing up on a drug test. In all reality though, there are some practical ways to use this amazing item.


If you’re short on time or simply not feeling very creative, you can easily place some powder under your tongue for about 60 seconds and let it dissolve. Since there’s no flavor associated with it, you likely won’t be opposed to this method. Blending CBD Isolate powder into your favorite beverages is also an easy option, as it can be incorporated into your morning coffee, tea, or blended into a superfood smoothie.


Those who are a bit more creative in the kitchen have turned to make their own sweetener by heating up honey or agave and mixing the powder in until it’s completely blended. This opens up your options and allows you to enjoy the benefits of CBD while eating toast, using it in your favorite recipes, or even just consuming a spoonful of it in the morning. Finally, blending CBD isolate powder with a carrier oil allows you to use it in a topical delivery method, offering the ability to rub it on aching muscles or painful joints.


Individuals who aren’t opposed to having some THC in their system may also choose to sprinkle CBD isolate powder on their joint before lighting up, and you can even mix it in with your flower if you prefer to vape. The combination of THC and CBD is often preferred by those who won’t be subject to drug tests, making this product one that can enhance your normal cannabis routine.


Consider What CBD Isolate Can Do

Countless numbers of people have struggled with medical conditions for years and years without much relief, and even though pharmaceuticals are often prescribed for a range of issues, these drugs sometimes bring along unwanted side effects and can be very expensive. Under the guidance of your primary care physician, why not experiment with CBD isolates in general and see if it’s right for you?


While CBD isolate powder is one of the purest and most versatile CBD products on the market, it’s just one of many options that allow you to take advantage of this naturally derived item. From edibles and topicals to tinctures and more, cannabidiol is making major waves in the US market. Before long, we could see CBD isolate powder on grocery store shelves, but only you can determine just how effective this item is for your personal use.

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