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Endoca is a high-end, premium CBD company with a range of products that cost from $49 to $499 and are known for producing some of the highest quality extracts on the market. Their pharmaceutical-grade cannabis is organically grown and harvested with no herbicides or pesticides at their facility in Denmark. Their products are tested at every stage of the production process. This ensures they retain full control of what's in their product, something not so common with other CBD retailers.


For the quality seeking, health-conscious buyer, this brand is perfect and has received fantastic customer reviews for its treatment of chronic health issues. Endoca showcases their CBD in a range of products that include salves for the skin, pure hemp oils to put under the tongue, suppositories and even CBD infused chewing gum! Users can choose according to their needs and report that their products have eased the symptoms associated with anxiety, chronic pain, and even epilepsy. Because there is no THC in their products, the effects are nonpsychoactive and you won't get high. Unlike most other CBD brands, Endoca has worldwide shipping. 



What's Unique About Endoca CBD?

  • Endoca uses ISO Certified, organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free hemp
  • One of the few brands with CBD chewing gum and Suppositories
  • Endoca is a seed to store brand meaning they're involved from step 1 in production
  • Organic hemp grown in the U.S.A.
  • Endoca has one of the best topical salves we've reviewed
  • Endoca products are 3rd party lab tested with transparent results


Endoca Products

Endoca offers such a wide variety of products, there's truly something for everyone here. All of these products are developed organically with non-GMOs. In other words, these are some of the highest quality CBD products currently available on the market! If you're interested in any of Endoca's products, we invite you to use one of our coupon codes which can be found on the right-hand side of this page.



One of their most popular products is their 3% Hemp Oil Drops. These come in 300mg tinctures for $31, with a 5% discount when you buy three and 10% for 6. Perfect for a first-time user, they are to be taken under the tongue for 30 seconds 3 times a day and also contain Omega 3s, 6s, Vitamin E and other nutrients. These are one of the most effective ways to consume CBD. They don't get you high and are legal. If you have severe pain or ailments, we recommend you purchase their higher CBD content tincture which contains 1500mg of CBD. Their packaging has all the dosage recommendations. These can be purchased in either a standard CBD formula or with a full-spectrum CBD+CBDa formula.

Endoca Hemp Oil


CBD Chewing Gum

At $15 for 10 pieces, it’s maybe the priciest chewing gum you’ve ever seen, but each piece comes 15mg of CBD and is flavored with Xylitol, a plant-derived sweetener, and wild peppermint extracts. We do have coupon codes so you can knock off another 20% from Endoca's retail price to save you a few bucks. Most brands we've reviewed don't have CBD chewing gum and Endoca has put an emphasis on purity and taste with this product. 

Endoca Chewing Gum


CBD Capsules

Similar to their tinctures, Endoca also offers a variety of CBD capsules. These either come in a standard CBD formula or a raw CBD formula that incorporates cannabidiol with its fellow cannabinoid CBDa and terpenes. These capsules can be purchased in either 10mg strengths or 50mg strengths per dosing and prices will range depending on the strength you get. All CBD oil capsule products are gluten-free, 100% vegan, and made with non-GMOs.

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil CBD Capsules


Hemp Salve

With 750mg of strong concentrated CBD, Endoca's Hemp Salve is bound to help relieve a variety of muscle and joint stresses. By using a mixture of all-natural ingredients - such as beeswax, Vitamin E, and coconut oil - Endoca has developed one of the best all-natural pain relief alternatives. The benefit of using a salve for pain relief in comparison to a tincture is you'll have the ability to target direct areas of the body where you're experiencing the most discomfort. Each 30 ml jar of Hemp Salve can be purchased for $64.00.

Endoca Hemp Salve


Hemp Whipped Body Butter

If you struggle with skin conditions, such as consistent dry and itchy skin, you may want to try this CBD topical as a solution. Endoca's Hemp Whipped Body Butter is ideal for those looking to moisturize their skin as it uses CBD hemp oil along with Shea butter, cocoa seed butter, and other all-natural ingredients. You can purchase their Hemp Whipped Body Butter in strengths ranging from 300mg CBD to 1,500mg CBD with prices ranging from $36.00 to $82.00.

Endoca Hemp Whipped Body Body


CBD Balm

The last topical Endoca offers is a CBD balm that can be used on either the lips or the skin. This balm is made namely to help moisturize specific areas. Some may prefer this to the Whipped Body Butter as it's more hands-free and easier to travel with. Each CBD balm comes with 20mg of CBD and costs $8.00.

Endoca CBD Balm


CBD Crystal

99% pure organic Cannabis Crystals are another of Endoca's most popular products. They come in a 500mg pack for $48 and the most common method of using these crystals is with a vaporizer or e-cigarette, however, they can be added to a carrier oil to make your custom CBD oil or melted with butter to create edibles. Users report this helps with reducing epileptic seizures drastically and note its fast-acting relief.
Endoca CBD Crystals


CBD Extract

CBD extracts (sometimes referred to as a CBD paste) is the closest you can get to the pure molecule of CBD. These are great for those looking to get as close to the hemp plant as you can get. Each CBD extract comes with a syringe-like apparatus which is meant to be placed under the tongue with dropped when for a dosage, similar to a CBD oil. You can purchase these CBD extracts in either a 2,000mg hemp oil formula for $199.00 or a raw hemp oil formula that comes in the strengths of 2,000mg ($199.00) and 3,000mg ($286.00).

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil CBD Extract


CBD For Pets

Endoca also offers a multitude of CBD products for pets - more specifically, cats and dogs. These products are generally the same as the human products we mentioned above. The only main difference is their strengths are less as animals don't require as much CBD as humans. In terms of CBD for dogs specifically, Endoca offers a CBD oil, CBD crystals, and a CBD extract. Generally speaking, we recommend CBD oil as it's easy to administer and can be placed in food for fussy animals.


Endoca Dosage Recommendation

You're going to find a "suggested use" somewhere on the label of each of these products. If you're a newcomer to CBD, we highly recommend you go off this suggestion as it generally works for most people. However, there are always exceptions and, for a lot of people, these suggestions just don't suffice.


If this is the case with you, we highly recommend you gradually increase your dosage. This will allow you to get a sense of how cannabidiol affects you and how much you'll need to reach your desires. As you experiment with dosing, it's important to keep a few factors in mind.


First is the reason why you're taking CBD - your ailment. This plays a major role in how much CBD you should take. For example, if you're struggling with chronic pain, you're going to want to take more CBD than someone struggling with mild pain. Secondly is your body weight. Just like other supplements, the more you weigh, the more CBD you'll need in order to feel the effects. With that said, we generally recommend you take 1 to 6mg of CBD (depending on your ailment) for every ten pounds you weigh.


Thirdly, you'll want to check out the strength of the CBD. What's the milligram (mg) count? The higher this number, the less CBD you'll need in order to feel the effects. Finally, it's important to remember that our bodies naturally develop a tolerance to CBD over time. This means you may need to take more of the cannabinoid now or in the future in order to feel the initial effects.


If you are currently on a medication, it's important to consult a doctor before taking CBD. Though it's rare, there are some cases where CBD will negatively interact with other medications.


Endoca Certificate of Analysis

Endoca places an emphasis on quality and environmentally friendly practices. All of their batches are 3rd party tested and the results are posted regularly on their website for customers to see. CBD Nerds is very meticulous with recommending brands or products that lack 3rd party lab tests for quality.  We want to make sure if you decide on brands/products, you're choosing ones that don't have impurities. Here’s a small screenshot from their latest analysis.

Endoca Lab Certificate


Endoca Pros

  • High quality, certified organic pure product extracted with natural CO2 and no harsh chemicals.
  • Family-based company (10 years experience with CBD)
  • Worldwide shipping (many brands don't do this)
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service with live chat
  • Uses industry-standard CO2 extraction
  • Environmentally friendly practices, no pesticides and recycles vegetable oil as an energy source in the production
  • Wide range of products to suit different needs/ailments
  • Coupon codes often available


Endoca Cons

  • With quality comes a cost, they are not the cheapest CBD brand
  • You have to spend $74 to qualify for free shipping
  • Not FDA approved


Overall Thoughts on Endoca

Endoca's CBD is some of the best CBD currently available. These products are made to work hand-in-hand with your endocannabinoid system and just one taste of their raw CBD oil will prove this! We can't recommend Endoca enough, particularly for their wide variety of Endoca CBD products. Whether you're looking for hemp oil capsules, raw hemp oil drops, CBD suppositories, or just some kind of CBD edible, Endoca has you covered.


The best part about Endoca's CBD oil is it has little to no side effects. All of the Endoca CBD reviews currently available on their website have shined a light onto how this pure CBD has helped them.


How to Use an Coupon Code

In order to use one of our coupon codes to purchase Endoca products, you'll first need to make a selection from the variety of products on their website. From there, you can head on over to your shopping cart where you'll have the option to type in a coupon code under your selected product(s). Simply type in one of our codes, hit apply, and you'll see your savings instantly!

Endoca Coupon Code


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Endoca CBD has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Endoca products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

5 Endoca Reviews

  1. Megan

    I've been using the 300mg CBD drops daily and it's effects have been incredible! My anxiety has reduced tons and I'm not waking up in the middle of the night. I haven't tried the 1500mg but I'm guessing if you have physical pain or more serious ailments this is what you'd want. 2018-06-26 17:31:19

  2. Darren

    I've been using the whipped body butter twice a day for my lower back pain. It definitely makes a difference relaxing the muscles. It's hard to explain how it makes you feel but it doesn't get you high. Just soothing I guess. 2018-07-17 21:44:40

  3. Peter

    Love this website, they ship fast and products are quality :) 2018-07-20 12:05:07

  4. Mikey P

    I tried the raw hemp oil, it gives you this tingly feeling on your tongue and does the trick when it comes to feeling calm and relaxed. I take it just once a day, full dropper which is a fairly high dosage and sleep well. Endoca seems like a good choice except it takes up to 5 days to get your product if you are having it sent to the USA. Also if you get the raw hemp oil it won't taste good. I guess it's more or people with raw diets but it has an earthy taste. It wouldn't be bad if you can chase it down with a drink but you need to put the oil under your tongue for at least 30 seconds. 2018-08-31 21:17:43

  5. Rob

    Great company, I bought some CBD oil after looking at trustpilot reviews. The coupon code was helpful. 2018-10-26 21:44:40

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