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PuffItUp Coupon + Reviews

The small-town shop based out of Nevada known as PuffItUp has been open since 2007. Their industry and products have changed throughout the years, but their willingness to help and goal of providing top quality customer service paired with exceptional products never wavers. PuffItUp piqued our interest because they claim to test out every product themselves for quality before putting it on their platform. Backing only products they can personally vouch for and that they believe in, we were interested in their claims of focusing on great prices before great profits for themselves. If there’s a product in their shop that catches your eye, they even explain that they’ll do what they can to sweeten the deal further.



With all this in mind and a variety of different vaporizers, grinders, cleaners, and other products to choose from, we decided to get the full PuffItUp experience. We focused on a wide net of their products so that we can give the brand a fair chance throughout this review. If you decide you want to give them a chance after you read about our take on their products, we’re happy to give you a coupon code at the end. Let’s dive into our PuffItUp review to touch on what we found most unique about the company, our experience with the products, and the pros and cons we found that may help you determine if you want to shop with them or not.


What's Unique About PuffItUp?

  • Every item is hand-selected and tested for quality by the PuffItUp family
  • Orders are shipped 6 days a week so that they arrive as quickly as possible
  • Shipping is discreet and free shipping is included for all US orders
  • No-hassle return policy and 14-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Affiliate program helps you earn a commission for referrals to their web store platform


PuffItUp Products

PuffItUp could easily become someone’s one-stop shop for vaporizers and other cannabis-related accessories. They offer some of the most well-known name brand grinders, portable vaporizers, table top vaporizers, and pens. Besides their main products, they also thrive in cleaners for grinders or pieces, custom accessories crafted for a variety of uses, scrapers, and a range of storage containers.


Popular brands like Pax, Arizer, Storz and Bickel, X-MAX, the Davinci IQ, and more are available just by looking at the portable vaporizer section on PuffItUp. Though we didn’t want to dwell for too long on vaporizers, we did get to try a pen we hadn’t yet seen before. The Terp Pen Vaporizer from Boundless looks like it’s straight out of a spy movie. With powerful ceramic coils and a sleek design, it’s an on-demand, breath-activated concentrate tool that can produce thick vapor almost anywhere.

PuffItUp Boundless Terp Pen review


Accessories We Didn’t Know We Needed

PuffItUp offers Grinder Grease from Chronisuer; an organic hemp wax-derived lubricant that helps prevent excess debris and gummy buildup from forming on your herb grinder. Better to be used as a preventative than a treatment after the fact, it’s a handy tool to put in all your new grinders to keep them regularly at their best. The grinder grease should be applied weekly or even as needed to prevent the excess debris and gummy buildup from forming on your grinder.

PuffItUp Grinder Coupon



Other than the more advanced local smoke shops you see physically, PuffItUp has the most advanced selection of different cleaners for the industry. They have everything from pipe cleaners to 420 Wipes, with every sort of organic and orange-scented cleaner in between. One item that really stuck out for us was the Piece Water Solution, which helps you clean your water pipe or bong while you use it. The Piece Water provides a filter for smoother hits when it’s used instead of regular water, as well as making it easier to clean and blocking any buildup ahead of time.  

PuffItUp Piece Water Solution


Custom Accessories

The custom accessories offered through PuffItUp are primarily for vaporizers, which fits in with the vaporizers they already have for sale. You can choose a subcategory to see the mouthpieces and other accessories for a specific vape manufacturer, like Arizer or Pax. There are also vaporizers stands, like the stand for the Mighty vape. The water pipe adapters for any well-known vaporizer brand is what caught our attention the most, using the adapter to get the most out of our vape.

PuffItUp Pax 3 Water Pipe Adapter


Vape Scrapers

For more vaporizer accessories, the vape scrapers section of the PuffItUp web platform includes cleaning tools like the Boundless cleaning brush or cleaning tool, the Storz & Bickel cleaning brush set, and the Arizer hand made glass cleaning tool for the Arizer Extreme Vape. There’s also a titanium tool made by yours truly, the brand in question that we’re reviewing. Overall, each piece is reliable for both cleaning out the vaporizer when it needs it most, but also pulling wax when a wax tool is not available.

PuffItUp Storz and Bickel Plenty and Volcano Cleaning Brush SEt



Finally, the storage options with PuffItUp are impressive. They have the classic Skunk Sacks and other odorless containers for storing your herb, but they also have Doob Tubes for taking your joints on the go with you. Besides that, they have humidity regulators, which truly can change the game for your bud. Whether you vape or smoke, the humidi-packs can be stored alongside your herb material to regulate and maintain the optimal humidity level by removing or adding moisture as needed.


PuffItUp Pros

  • Free shipping for all US orders
  • Wide social media community that loves the products and the PuffItUp brand
  • Wicked no-hassle return policy with a 15-day satisfaction guarantee
  • A tremendous range of products to choose from
  • PuffItUp coupon codes available online


PuffItUp Cons

  • Free shipping is not available outside the US
  • Range of grinders or vaporizers can make it difficult to choose one


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. PuffItUp has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. PuffItUp products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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