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4 Corners CBD Coupon + Reviews

Since 2013, 4 Corners Cannabis has been devoted to crafting the highest-grade CBD products in the industry. One of the first CBD companies to hit the market, they’re a company made up of extraction experts, breeders, growers, nutrient regimen specialists, and the other experts of the field that know what counts. They grow using organic practices, harvesting by hand and in live soil. Given their commitment to quality and care, we were eager to try out their CBD products. There’s a large range of products available, so we went with a diverse batch to make our review as honest and fair as possible. We want to dive into what we found most unique about 4 Corners Cannabis, what our experience was with each product we got to try, and the pros and cons we found when shopping with this CBD brand over others. If you’re eager to learn about our experience because you’ve been considering 4 Corners Cannabis yourself, we’ll also have a coupon code waiting for you at the end of our review.


What's Unique About 4 Corners Cannabis?

  • Only the finest ingredients make the cut because they have 100% control, from seed to sale
  • They don’t source – 4 Corners Cannabis actually makes their own products
  • Use C02 extraction (our highest recommended method)
  • Offer full-spectrum CBD with 3rd party lab tests
  • Fair Trade Non-GMO ingredients


4 Corners Cannabis Products

There’s a diverse list of products 4 Corners Cannabis has to offer, even including merchandise they sell with their brand logo. Focusing on the CBD products, we went for the most unique ones and the ones that we could compare with other standard CBD products on the market.


CBD Oil Tincture

4 Corners CBD offers four different bottle sizes at the same strength of CBD. That means you’re not getting anymore CBD per serving with the 1,000mg bottle than you are with their 100mg bottle, so it really boils down to how much you’re looking for at one time. Bulk orders or larger bottle sizes will make the product last longer; the only downside we found was the somewhat hashy taste of the natural hemp-flavored oil.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Oil Tincture


Glycerin CBD Oil Tincture

As an alternative to the natural hemp taste offered from the standard CBD oil tinctures, 4 Corners Cannabis also offers their versatile “Orange Label.” Providing all the same benefits as the natural flavor tincture, the Glycerin tincture can be added to a vape pen, used to sweeten your favorite beverage, or as a standalone for a sweeter serving. However, you may want the natural flavored tincture instead if you’re not a huge fan of citrus flavors.

4 Corners Cannabis Glycerin Tincture


Avocado Oil Tincture

Naturally flavored from organic, virgin avocado oil, we had to try this variety of their CBD oil. A perfect alternative for those who don’t like citrus flavors (or for those who have citrus allergies!), we got an earthy, robust taste with this version. It’s a mildly bitter flavor, though, so some may prefer the straight Blue Label Tincture instead, which has the same benefits as the avocado oil tincture. The Blue Label has a more mellow taste; the avocado variety is simply much more prominent.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Oil Tincture Avocado


CBD Honey

We haven’t gotten to try a lot of straight CBD honey, so the one from 4 Corners Cannabis was one of our first times experiencing it. We found it to be a perfect complement to just about everything, from tea in the morning to a breaded product towards the afternoon or evening, like cornbread or a biscuit. It was a winning combination that we found kept sweetening our day, so we’re sure to be back again for it!

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Honey


CBD Salve Stick

Similar to the usual bottles of CBD salves we’re used to, the CBD salve stick comes in a convenient, pocket-sized tube that makes the application a breeze. Using only the finest ingredients, it’s a menthol-free formula that works on providing relief as soon as it touches your skin. The formula is made with CBD-dominant hemp extract, beeswax, coconut oil, and antioxidants for powerful relief. We were impressed with the efficacy and ease of use. You can use our 4 Corners CBD coupon code to get 20% off on the Salve Stick.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Salve Stick

Pet CBD Oil Tincture

Containing only MCT oil and CBD-dominant hemp extract, the pet tincture formula from 4 Corners Cannabis can help your furry friend without risk of side effects. We found it easy to drop on their food or even directly in their mouth. For older dogs, putting it on their gums to allow it to absorb as much as possible is highly recommended.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Pet Tincture


Winning Free CBD

4 Corners Cannabis offers an exclusive giveaway for their community that signs up for their newsletter. Part of the “Win” tab on their web platform, you can sign up for their newsletter and giveaway for a chance to win a premium-grade CBD product from them! The giveaway they’re doing presently is for a 500mg CBD bottle of their Citrus Glycerin tincture, which also works as a vape juice, edible, and much more. Versatile and sweet, we were glad we had the opportunity to try the Glycerin Tincture for the purposes of this review – and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that maybe we’ll win the giveaway! To qualify, you just have to be a US resident 18 years of age or older.


4 Corners Cannabis Pros

  • Free priority shipping on all orders!
  • They have 100% control of the product from seed to sale
  • 4 Corners Cannabis coupon codes available online
  • Third-party lab results easily visible even on their web platform


4 Corners Cannabis Cons

  • They only accept MasterCard and not Visa at this time
  • 30-day refund policy only counts for unopened products


How To Redeem A 4 Corners Cannabis Coupon Code

In order to redeem the offers, you'll want to click "Get Coupon" at the top of this page for whatever current discount you see above. Copy the code and a new window pops up where you can shop SabaiDee products. After choosing your CBD items, you'll go to your cart and see a "Coupon code" box as shown below. 


4 Corners Cannabis Lab Testing

All of 4 Corners Cannabis Hemp flower and CBD products are third party lab tested for purity and potency. You'll find more information on lab testing for 4 Corners Cannabis' most recent individual reports on their website. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to them via phone or through their contact form.


How To Contact 4 Corners Cannabis

4 Corners Cannabis have a detailed FAQ section on their website, however if you still need support there's a contact available to fill in on their contact page. Alternatively, use the number, email or postal address below.

Phone: 970-398-1649

Email: info@4cornerscannabis.com

Postal: 72 Suttle St. Suites J&K

Durango, CO 81303


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. 4 Corners Cannabis has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. 4 Corners Cannabis products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Kim

    Gotta say, big fan here. Their product is having a positive impact on my 12 year old mixed breed male. He has pneumonia, the meds are working but he is irritable and choking his head off. 10 min. after he get's a dose, he is a different animal.Thank you. 2019-09-28 05:20:32

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