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CBD gummies are a convenient, practical, and fun way to consume CBD! With most companies offering a variety of flavors, shapes, and potencies, every CBD user can find a gummy to enjoy.

One of the aspects that helped the cannabidiol (CBD) industry grow so quickly in popularity is its wide variety of available products. A CBD user can choose from a range of methods to take their CBD, from topicals to vapes to tinctures. One product that is taking the market by storm has been CBD gummies and they’re increasingly becoming the most popular CBD product. So, what is it about these little CBD edibles that makes them so famous?

Like CBD oils and CBD capsules, gummies provide users with a convenient way to take cannabidiol. However, they’re considered by many to be an even more practical solution as edibles allow you to prolong the effects of CBD. When digested, CBD is metabolized by the body meaning that it’s processed differently from other consumption methods. Metabolism is believed to produce long-lasting effects.

Gummies are a practical solution that allow you to prolong the effects of CBD

Since becoming such a popular CBD consumption method, there are numerous CBD gummy products to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of them are high-quality and effective. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 best CBD gummies 2022 from our favorite brands, like Pure Relief and Lord Jones. Enjoy our CBD Gummies review!

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are an easy and discreet way to take cannabidiol. They come in a gelatin (or vegan-gelatin-like) form and are made with a mixture of all-natural ingredients and CBD extract from the cannabis plant. The gummies tend to be flavored so each bite usually provides you with a delicious taste alongside a dose of CBD.

Many newcomers have found gummies and other CBD edibles to be their preferred method of consumption as it provides them with a familiar way to take CBD. Unlike oils and vapes, all you need to do is eat 1 to 3 gummies and you should start to feel the effects within an hour.

Top 10 CBD Gummies Reviews

Potential Medical Benefits of the Best CBD Gummies

CBD has been reported to have a wide range of potential medical benefits. However, most research is still in preliminary stages, and there are currently no medical benefits confirmed by the Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The only confirmed medical use has been in the managing of rare forms of epilepsy through using the drug Epidiolex.

The list of potential benefits of CBD gummies includes:


It should be noted that CBD may come with side effects, such as fatigue and reduced appetite.

CBD Gummies for Anxiety

While gummies may not be considered the best consumption method for anxiety, they can still be used to help manage anxiety levels. The reason they are not considered ideal is due to the delay (between 30-60 minutes) in effects. This delay can present some difficulty as anxiety attacks can appear out of the blue and users may desire on-demand, instant relief.

Some users who have used gummies for anxiety found that they can be effective when taken before an anticipated stressful situation. For example, if you find public speaking to be anxiety-inducing, you may elect to take 1-2 an hour before a speaking engagement. Just remember, if you are taking CBD on a day where you have pre-existing commitments, it’s important not to exceed your tolerance so that you’re still able to get tasks done.

We invite you to learn more about the best CBD for anxiety.

CBD Gummies for Pain

CBD, in general, has been shown to help ease muscular pain and gummies are no exception. However, they may not be the most effective choice for all types of pain relief as their effectiveness depends on what kind you’re experiencing.

For example, if you struggle with muscle or joint pain after a workout, you may find more benefit from a CBD topical cream that’s directly applied to the problem area rather than a CBD gummy.

That isn’t to say these gummies can’t help. By taking a CBD gummy, you should notice your muscles relaxing and discomfort levels dropping. However, if you are looking for targeted, localized relief, CBD gummies may not be your best choice.

If you are experiencing mild aches, we suggest taking an average dosage (anywhere between 10mg and 25mg). If you’re experiencing more severe, chronic pain, we recommend you try taking a higher dosage (anywhere between 30mg and 100mg).

CBD Gummies for Kids

CBD-infused gummies are the most effective consumption method for children. This can be attributed to the fact that they are easy to consume and come packaged with a delicious taste.

If you plan on giving CBD to your child, we suggest making sure the CBD is either broad-spectrum or CBD isolate. This reduces the risk of your child consuming any amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and experiencing psychoactive effects.

The best CBD gummies for kids would be at a much lower dosage than you would normally give yourself. You should aim for a single gummy that contains anywhere from 5mg to 10mg. Finally, and as is the case with any new CBD user, we suggest consulting a pediatrician before giving CBD to your child.

CBD Gummies for Sleep

Some people like to use CBD as a sleep aid. While CBD itself may not promote sleep, it does help to ease anxiety and stress which allows your body to get a better night’s rest. Furthermore, the best CBD gummies for sleep are those mixed with melatonin which is a natural sleep promoter. They may also incorporate cannabinol (CBN) which some studies have found to help with sleep.

Best CBD Gummies Dosage Recommendation

Since the CBD industry isn’t currently regulated, there are no standards when it comes to dosage recommendations. This has left newcomers needing to experiment for themselves before finding the right dosage for them.

As you can see from our list, gummies can be found in a wide range of potency – anywhere from 5mg to 100mg per gummy. In order to figure out the right potency for you, we suggest starting with a small amount and working your way up.

This process will look different for everyone. Some may start with a single 25mg gummy whereas others may choose to take two 5mg gummies. Ultimately, the dosage you initially take will be decided by the CBD company you purchase from.

When dosing yourself with CBD, there are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself in order to figure out if you’ve found the right amount yet:

  • Why am I taking CBD? Consider the ailment you’re taking CBD for and how severe it is. For example, those who experience severe anxiety need more CBD than those who experience mild anxiety.
  • How much do I weigh? Our body weight plays a fundamental role in how CBD affects us. Generally speaking, the more you weigh, the more CBD you’ll need in order to feel the effects.
  • How potent are my CBD gummies? The label of your package should inform you of how many milligrams (mg) are in each gummy. The higher this number is, the fewer gummies you’ll need to feel the effects.
  • Have I built a tolerance to CBD? If you have been taking CBD frequently, chances are you have built up a tolerance to it. If so, you may just need to take more of it in order to feel the initial effects.

Our Criteria for BEST CBD GUMMIES

While developing our list of the best CBD gummies, we made sure to keep a few things in mind. The following are our criteria for purchasing the highest-quality gummies online:

  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA) – Since CBD remains unregulated, it’s vital that a brand runs all its products through a third-party lab test. The results of this test will inform you of certain aspects of the CBD, including its cannabinoid/terpene count and whether it contains any contaminants, such as pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Extract Type – CBD comes in three different extract types. Understanding these lets you know which CBD products are right for you.
    • Full-Spectrum – Makes use of all of hemp’s cannabinoids, such as cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN).
    • Broad-Spectrum – Makes use of all of hemp’s cannabinoids, but tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is removed.
    • CBD Isolate – Solely CBD and no other cannabinoid.
  • Hemp Source – Since CBD is sourced from the hemp plant, you’ll want to make sure it’s grown organically and is ethically sourced.
  • Ingredients – CBD gummies tend to have several ingredients in order to keep them delicious. While you’ll want to make sure a CBD brand only uses all-natural ingredients, it’s also essential to ensure that the ingredients meet your dietary necessities and restrictions, if any.
  • Potency – Always check the milligram (mg) number found on the label of your CBD gummies. This will inform you of how much CBD is in the product along with each individual gummy.

People Also Ask…

How will CBD gummies make you feel?

Within 15 to 45 minutes, you’re likely to feel natural relaxation and stress relief. The effects of CBD gummies depend on which brand you purchase from and the strength. Not to mention, CBD affects everyone a little differently.

How long do you stay high on CBD gummies?

CBD gummies made from hemp extract will NOT cause a high as it contains little to no THC. However, the effects of CBD gummies can last between 4 to 6 hours.

Do CBD gummies work the first time?

Yes! Even if it’s your first time taking CBD gummies, you should feel some effects. If you aren’t you’re likely taking too small a dosage. This can easily be overcome by taking more than one gummy (we recommend taking 2 or 3, depending on the strength).

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Best CBD Gummies FAQs

This depends on what the right dosage is for you. Most companies suggest you only eat between 1 and 3 gummies per serving.