What is Water-Soluble CBD and What Does it Do?

What is water-soluble CBD and should you try it? CBDNerds explores the wet world of dissolvable CBD oil and how it relates to the legal cannabis industry.

Paul James Updated on October 14, 2021

As CBD becomes more mainstream, methods of consumption get more and more innovative. Currently, the most popular are CBD tinctures (or CBD oil), edibles, and CBD capsules. However, one variation is slowly gaining more traction: water-soluble CBD. But is water-soluble CBD better? Depends on who you ask!

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Is CBD Water Soluble?

When something is water-soluble, it means that it can dissolve in water. Think of salt. You add it to a glass of water, stir it around, and take a sip. You may not be able to see the salt anymore, but you can sure as heck taste it.

CBD (along with other cannabinoids such as THC) is hydrophobic – meaning it doesn’t like water. This is a bit ironic considering our bodies are made up of around 60% water.

CBD Water Soluble

In effect, when we take CBD oil (as an example), most of what goes into our body is simply thrown away. Some experts believe the average person only obtains about 4% of the CBD they took. In other words, upwards of 96% of the cannabidiol you’re taking goes down the drain.


It’s due to these unfortunate circumstances that experts have looked into alternative forms of CBD. And one of those is water-soluble CBD. To put it simply, water-soluble CBD has more of an ability to mix and mingle with water rather than counteracting it.


In turn, through water-soluble CBD, you’re getting much more cannabidiol with every dose you take.

How is Water-Soluble CBD Made?

To get water-soluble CBD, CBD extract must go through a process known as nanotechnology that breaks down the molecule of CBD using soundwaves. Through this, professionals obtain a form of cannabidiol smaller than that of anything else on the market.

When CBD is this size, it no longer maintains the structure necessary to break down with water. Since water molecules are of a similar size, the CBD will naturally blend with them.

What are the Benefits of Water-Soluble CBD?

One of the biggest benefits of water-soluble CBD is the increased bioavailability, meaning your body will process more of the molecule (and handle it faster) than if you were to take it through traditional forms.

Furthermore, it will change the CBD industry as a whole. Not only will there be more highly potent products, but it will allow consumers to have more of an ability to properly measure out doses. To top it off, you may find more CBD-infused beverages on the market.

CBD Coffee

Is Water-Soluble CBD a Revolutionary Step for the Cannabis Industry?

Imagine hanging out at a bar and instead of an alcoholic beverage you and your friends are sipping CBD-infused beverages. Far-fetched or the near future?

When it comes to how we as a society view cannabis, most people look at recreational use as lighting up a joint or bong. When it comes to cannabidiol, the practice is still quite new, and many people are unsure as to what to think.

Though it’s not the biggest issue currently facing cannabis, there is a stigma brought upon it by prohibition which remains ingrained in our society. Just like any stigma, it’s going to take time and effort to erase it. However, one of the best ways to do so is to make products that are easily accessible.

Water-Soluble CBD Oil Reviews

There are currently several companies on the market already producing and selling water-soluble CBD products. Joy Organics offers a high-quality water-soluble CBD oil, their softgels are made using nanoemulsion technology for enhanced bioavailability. There are also companies offering products like water-soluble CBD powder, full spectrum water-soluble CBD, and other variations of Nano CBD. We always recommend researching brands and reading reviews before purchasing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Since water-soluble CBD is more effective than alternative CBD methods, less is required to get the desired results. There are a few variables to consider like the absorption and degradation rate of the CBD, but on average it should last you longer than other CBD products.