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[2019] Cheapest CBD Oil Guide And Companies

The benefits of CBD oil have had amazing effects on users and it's increasing popularity has shown. For most beginners, buying CBD can be an overwhelming task so we created this guide to help give you an idea of typical price points from a handful of popular online hemp CBD retailers. It's no secret CBD is very expensive. We would never recommend just buying the cheapest CBD oil at the expense of the quality, but that's not to say there are high-quality brands that offer CBD coupons, free shipping, and more. We decided to create a "Cheap CBD Oil" guide to help you determine who actually has the best bang for your buck. The companies on this list all have transparent 3rd party lab testing, offer additional discounts, and are among the larger more popular online retailers. 


This is our official cheapest CBD oil list of brands that we trust. This guide will break down the cost of CBD per milligram in each CBD oil tincture you buy. It accounts for an applied coupon code and shipping cost. This guide is for lower CBD content as this is typically what beginners purchase. That said, it does give you an overall idea of which brands have better pricing when you account for discounts and shipping costs.


1) Infinite CBD -  $.057/mg

Isolate Dropper: 500 mg CBD oil – 10% coupon - $8.50 – Final Price: $28.75 or  $.057/mg

Isolated CBD products are cheaper to produce which is why this is our cheapest CBD Oil reviewed. 



2) cbdMD - $.068/mg

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil - 750mg - 15% Off Coupon - Final Price or $.068/mg. Keep in mind this is the best price non-isolate CBD product we've seen. It's much cheaper to product full-spectrum. 


3) Diamond CBD -  $0.075/mg


Full Spectrum: 1000mg – 50% off coupon – Free Shipping – Final Price $74.99 or $0.075/mg



4) CBDistillery -  $0.082/mg


Full Spectrum: 500mg – 5% coupon – $8 shipping (free on $75+) – Final Price $41.25 or $0.082/mg. 



5) Bluebird Botanicals -  $.10/mg


Hemp Classic: 1oz 250mg CBD oil – 20% coupon – $5 shipping (free on orders over $49) – Final Price: $24.96 or $.10/mg. Bluebird Botanicals is among the best brands we've reviewed.



6) Endoca -  $0.106/mg


Hemp Oil Drops: 1/3oz 300mg – 20% coupon - $7 shipping – Final Price $32 or $0.106/mg


7) Thoughtcloud - $0.108/mg



Full Spectrum: 500mg – 10% coupon – Free Shipping – Final Price $53.99 or $0.108/mg


8) CBDPure -  $0.125/mg



Hemp Extract Oil – 600mg – 15% off coupon - $7 shipping – Final Price 74.94 or $0.125/mg


9) Green Roads World -  $.16/mg



CBD Oil – 350mg – 25% Off Coupon - $7 Shipping – Final Price $55.69 or $.16/mg



The price per mg of CBD will lower as you purchase higher concentrated tinctures. There are many other great places to buy CBD products other than the list above. What you see in the guide above is a reflection of CBD prices based on the cheaper CBD oil these brands sell. We highly advise you to:


Do your own research when deciding where to buy CBD oil 

Learn what are cannabinoids and how cannabinoids work. Research the potential benefits of CBD. See if Hemp derived or Cannabis derived CBD is best for you. Beware of brands that have "medical claims". The FDA has not approved of any of these claims and these brands violate the FDA guidelines. We love Project CBD as a resource or guide for learning more about CBD. 


Pick Brands That Have A Strong Reputation

The list above is a great starting point on buying CBD oil from companies with 3rd party lab tests and an overall strong reputation. Be sure to not buy CBD from brands that sell products with very little CBD in them as this is a sign they're selling you different ingredients (potentially harmful) for high prices. An example could be a CBD topical with only 50mg (most brands sell 400mg+) and charge you $30. Don't be afraid to reach out to companies with questions and get a feel for their customer support. 


Another recommendation is to see where the Hemp is grown. If the Hemp is grown outside of the United States there's a possibility that there are contaminants or other toxins that are unaccounted or unregulated. Most top brands grow their hemp in Colorado. 


Verify The Quality Of Your CBD 

We highly recommend you to look for quality CBD and not low prices. Research whether the CBD is organic or non-organic. Be sure the brand has transparent 3rd party lab testing. Check for CBD reviews online and see what other's say. Make sure the company that manufactures CBD oil takes necessary safety precautions and is GMP Certified. Another thing to consider is the production method of the CBD oil you buy. The Supercritical C02 method of extraction ensures you the highest quality and cleanest CBD oil. Other methods to consider are CBD Isolate and Solvent Extraction.