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What Are The Side Effects Of CBD?

Among the vast array of dietary supplements to hit the American market in recent years, nothing has received quite the same attention as CBD. This compound is naturally found in the cannabis plant, and although using cannabidiol may be lumped into the same group as getting high, its benefits are incredibly different. While hemp plants rich in THC are responsible for providing psychoactive effects, pure CBD products are another ballgame entirely. 


Despite how amazing it can be in supporting one’s overall health and well-being, experts are concerned about the potential side effects of CBD use. Most popular among consumers is using this product in an oil delivery system, but just how good for you can CBD oil truly be? Let’s learn more about this incredible item in general and explore some of the warning signs to consider.


How CBD Oil Works

The process of converting a cannabis plant into CBD oil is a complex one that’s best left to professionals, but what’s crucial to understand is that many believe that the use of cannabidiol goes hand in hand with our body’s own natural functions. The brain contains receptors as a part of what’s called the endocannabinoid system, and these act like receiving areas for THC, CBD, and a host of other compounds found within cannabis.


When these receptors are activated by cannabidiol, they send signals to the body that can help to address a wide range of ailments. A quick internet search will result in countless testimonials about the use of CBD and how it’s helped to relieve a range of medical conditions including anxiety, inflammation, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and more. Most physicians will not prescribe CBD as it has not been widely approved by the FDA, but a drug used to help treat epilepsy, Epidiolex, was approved in 2018 as the first pharmaceutical containing medical marijuana.


How To Take CBD Oil

Before uncovering the potential side effects of CBD oil, it’s important to understand just how this product can be used for a range of health issues. While some individuals prefer more old school methods of smoking cannabis strains that are quite high in CBD, most of the time that also introduces THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, into their system. Those who don’t want to experience any psychoactivity or are concerned about drug testing will likely opt for one of the following choices:


  • Vaping - Just like with THC concentrates, CBD oil can be vaped using a portable pen or a desktop model. While vaping can be much easier on the lungs than other forms of inhalation, it’s important to make sure you’re using a high-quality product.

  • Ingesting plain oil - It may not be the most appealing option, but placing CBD oil under your tongue for 60 to 90 seconds before swallowing is a straightforward way to getting the most out of this item. Some products come flavored to make the process a bit more enjoyable and are packaged as easy to use tinctures.

  • CBD edibles - By far a tastier option, a range of edibles are on the market that uses high-quality CBD oil. These can come in the form of gummies that are akin to a multivitamin or chocolates that feel more like a special treat. While some of these products do contain a mix of both THC and CBD, there are plenty of options with CBD only.

  • Lotions and salves - For anti-inflammatory pain relief in particular spots, some like to use topical products that have a CBD oil base. They enter into the bloodstream in a more localized area and are quite portable for easy use.


CBD Oil Side Effects

So far it sounds as if CBD oil is a miracle cure when it comes to a host of medical issues, and with such a variety of ways that people can use it, what could possibly go wrong? The first thing to keep in mind is that CBD oil and all products made with it are not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, so while your friends and family may be getting amazing results through its use, that doesn’t mean it’s completely safe.


  • drowsiness
  • sedation
  • appetite disruption
  • dizziness
  • dry mouth
  • nausea
  • stomach discomfort


Studies have been conducted to determine if any side effects are present from CBD oil use, and like with many other supplements, there are some issues to consider. Consuming CBD oil may result in fatigue, unexplained changes in one’s appetite, dry mouth, and even diarrhea. While cannabidiol is naturally derived from a plant, that doesn’t mean it can’t be harmful, and it’s even been known to negatively interact with some medications.


Additionally, even if you’ve been using CBD oil for years and have never experienced any side effects, it’s crucial that you only purchase products from reputable brands and pay attention to the dose of CBD that's recommended for your specific condition. Not only do experts look at the potential negatives associated with CBD oil use but they also examine the products themselves, and in a recent study found that more than 25% of the items in their test contained less CBD than advertised. Just over 20% also contained traceable amounts of THC, raising a huge red flag for individuals who don’t want any of that compound found in their bloodstream.


Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil For You?

Even though CBD oil hasn’t officially been given the green light to be sold on store shelves next to your favorite vitamins, there’s no denying that people across the world have found amazing health benefits from this naturally derived substance, including help with multiple sclerosis, anxiety disorder, Dravet Syndrome, and even Alzheimer's. Some even argue that since our nervous system has cannabinoid receptors already, it only makes sense to integrate CBD into one’s daily diet.


However, the efficacy of CBD oil cannot be guaranteed, and like with any other product, it’s best to consult with your physician before beginning to take any form of CBD. Those in good health who may not be worried about drug interactions should still consider speaking with a professional, as the side effects associated with its use are less than desirable.


As CBD oil becomes more and more popular, there will ultimately be more research available surrounding how effective it is and what these possible side effects can do on a long-term basis. Until then, try various methods of CBD oil delivery to find which one is right for you and enjoy the benefits that this amazing compound can bring!

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