What Are Terpenes? | Everything You Want To Know About Terpenes

CBD Oil And Terpenes - A Complete Guide

Mother Nature is an amazing creator, and whether you’ve recently enjoyed fruits, vegetables, or herbs, you’ve gotten to experience her splendor firsthand. These foods are complex when it comes to their various different elements, but they all have one thing in common - terpenes. In fact, terpenes are found in many other items including cleaning products and, you guessed it, cannabis. On a basic level, terpenes help to add a depth of flavor and aroma to plants and play a major role in how cannabis works within the human body.


But if you aren’t enjoying cannabis for its psychoactive effects, are there still benefits of terpenes? In this complete guide, we’re going to cover exactly how to use terpenes, figure out their role within cannabis, and explore their relationship to CBD oil. Let’s jump right in and uncover a whole new aspect to the cannabis plant that you simply can’t live without!


What Are Terpenes?

We’ve already learned that terpenes are an important part of all plants including cannabis, but what exactly do they do? Terpenes are often described as the important oils found in the cannabis plant. Like cannabinoids including CBD or THC, terpenes are an integral part of what makes cannabis. They are responsible for imparting each strain’s unique flavors and aromas, and without them, you might never be able to enjoy the hints of pine, citrus, or berry in your favorite bud.


Initially, cannabis terpenes evolved for much of the same reason that other plants use them - to act as a way to ward off predators. Terpenes are like a defense mechanism for cannabis, and depending on the strain’s location and environmental factors, they can vary quite a bit. Like cannabinoids, there are over 100 different terpenes that have been discovered in recent years and they tend to have somewhat predictable behavior, meaning that you may be able to assume the terpenes found in a given strain by looking at its genetic lineage.


What Do Terpenes Do?

Sure, terpenes sound pretty amazing and are obviously responsible for making cannabis smell and taste amazing, but could we actually do without them? Aside from their ability to protect the cannabis plant as it grows, these chemical compounds play an integral role in how the plant reacts with the human body. Not only do they dictate whether a strain is going to provide more indica or sativa-based effects, but they actually change the effects as a whole.


The key here is something called “The Entourage Effect” and it was first discussed in 1998. By isolating THC, researchers were able to discern that cannabinoids and terpenes specifically played a role in how the body interacted with cannabis. This reaction alters the way cannabinoid receptors in the body receive various compounds, and these relationships directly relate to the effects we experience during a high.


When dealing with THC, terpenes will affect whether we’re euphoric, relaxed, creative, and more, but when it comes to CBD use, these same compounds have a different way of working within us. Hemp terpenes play a larger role in how effective CBD is for medical ailments and can help to encourage different qualities including anxiety relief or pain management.



Selecting CBD Oil With Terpenes

The use of CBD oil has skyrocketed in recent years as more and more individuals are gravitating toward the benefits they’ve heard about. Although a quick search online will uncover massive amounts of testimonials about CBD and how it can help to alleviate certain symptoms or even wipe out various conditions altogether, it’s important to keep in mind that the FDA has not approved CBD for general use. In 2018, the first CBD drug, Epidiolex, was allowed to hit pharmacy shelves, but it’s always best to consult your physician before beginning any type of supplementation.


With that being said, you may have found that, in conjunction with your doctor, the use of CBD oil may be a huge benefit to you. Before you spend hundreds of dollars on any particular product, it’s important to understand that not all CBD oil will contain terpenes. Processing standards can differ quite a bit, making some items far less effective than others.


CBD isolate has become one of the more common oils that people gravitate toward, but many don’t know that these types of products won’t produce The Entourage Effect as others will. Instead, opting for full-spectrum CBD oil is the only way to ensure that you’re getting the maximum amount of terpenes possible, helping to guarantee greater efficacy and the type of results you’re after. Again, varying manufacturing processes will dictate the terpene levels even in full-spectrum products, but as a whole, you’re much more likely to experience stronger benefits with this type of oil.


Using Green Roads Terpenes

While you can’t necessarily pick and choose the types of cannabis terpenes you want in a CBD product, you do have a say in the quality of the items you use. Not only does Green Roads CBD  use full-spectrum CBD oil in each of their products but they also use natural terpenes to even further enhance their benefits. Green Roads oils are available in a wide range of flavors and come with a tincture to easily measure your dose, making this method of CBD consumption delicious and easy.


The benefits of terpenes are well-known by those in the cannabis community, but there’s still a long way to go before the FDA will approve these natural compounds for medicinal use. If you’ve been thinking about integrating CBD oil into your daily routine, make sure to select products that contain the maximum amount of terpenes possible. When it comes right down to it, it’s hard to deny that these chemicals weren’t made to be ingested - after all, our brains are specifically wired to work with terpenes and cannabinoids to better process their effects.


Consider how CBD oil with terpenes could help with your medical ailments and take a look at the products offered by Green Roads. In the end, it could be these compounds that make all the difference in your own health and well-being!


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