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One of the things that first grabbed our attention about Blue Moon Hemp was their commitment to making sure you as the customer are satisfied. They understand that hemp-derived CBD takes time to work its herbal medicinal properties – so if you’re still not into the product within the first month, they offer a full refund.


Blue Moon Hemp’s confident refund and return policy and their comprehensive hemp oil refining process had our interests; that was for sure. Grown on US farms in the great state of Kentucky, the brand works to diligently formulate the best quality CBD products through proprietary technology that isolates and removes unwanted compounds. At the same time, this technology allows the company to capture the maximum potency level for the cannabinoids they want in their product; namely, CBD.


With all this in mind, we were excited to share our experiences with some of their CBD products. We’re going to touch on what we thought of the products we tried, as well as what we found unique about Blue Moon Hemp and the pros and cons we saw of doing business with this CBD company over a similar one. If you decide you want to experience Blue Moon Hemp as we did, we’ll also have a coupon code at the end for you to try them out at an even greater price.


What's Unique About Blue Moon Hemp?

  • The maximum potency is always tested for quality and efficacy
  • Partnered with domestic farms in Kentucky for their pure, USA-grown hemp
  • Full refund if you’re not a fan of the product after a month’s time
  • Bottled and packaged in a GMP-certified facility


Blue Moon Hemp Products

The products available on the Blue Moon Hemp web platform are diverse; there are the standard CBD gummies, salves, tinctures, and even pet tinctures. Then, there are more unique items we’re not as familiar with seeing, like their CBD and hemp oil e-blunts, CBD shatters, or pod systems. While we did get to experience a few of the more common products you see across most CBD brands, we wanted to put a focus on the unique items we found from Blue Moon Hemp.


CBD E-Blunt

The Red Devil flavored e-blunt was sold out at the time of this review, and though they had a Kush flavored e-blunt, we ended up going with the Flan flavored e-blunt. It came in a convenient single pack; 560mg of CBD at 12.5% CBD potency in everyone. Like the name of the flavor might suggest, it gave a nice touch of vanilla and caramel blended well; perfect for someone who enjoys dessert flavors.

Blue Moon Hemp Flan flavored eBlunt


Pod System

Going hand in hand with Blue Moon Hemp’s CBD e-liquids is the pod system from ALD Amaze. The pods hold 3ml of e-juice at any given time, allowing for microdosing throughout the day without having to take your e-juice bottle with you. The pod system has a ceramic heating element with dual coil heads, allowing for full-bodied vapor, a clean flavor, and a pod system that lasts longer. One of the only downsides was that it can’t be used while it’s charging, and the small battery life leaves something to be desired, although the battery indicator light on such a small device is still a plus.

Blue Moon Hemp Lemon Pod System by ALD Amaze


CBD Shatters

Shatter, also referred to as “wax” or even “dabs,” is a concentrated, almost 100% pure extraction of a substance. Instead of THC, the shatter on Blue Moon Hemp is 99.6% pure CBD. The four flavors we saw available when we were reviewing were Sour Diesel, Sativa AK47, Pineapple Express, and Blueberry OG. These are well-known marijuana strain names, though the shatter is tested as pure hemp-derived CBD instead.


We tried the Blueberry OG flavor and compared to most other CBD concentrate products on the market that we’ve tried thus far, it stimulated some of the most potent effects. Keep in mind that CBD shatter is still completely non-psychoactive, so it doesn’t give you a high – however, it can help promote general wellness while stimulating relaxation, stabilizing the mood, easing stress, and relieving certain types of pain.

Blue Moon Hemp CBD Blueberry OG Shatter


CBD Tincture

Finally, though we tried to stick with the more unique products Blue Moon Hemp offers, we also got to try out the 3,000mg CBD TruBlu Natural tincture. There is a range of strengths available, with the 3,000mg the highest. The natural flavor was a little more intense than we anticipated, so we may try one of the Berry or Peppermint flavors next time. The effects, though, were long-lasting and helped provide an energizing boost at the start of the day.


We would only recommend the 3,000mg or even the 2,000mg tincture bottle to those who have a higher tolerance to CBD and aren’t sensitive to cannabinoids, however. For those that are newer to CBD or know they’re sensitive to cannabinoids, the 125mg or 250mg bottles may be more ideal. Likewise, the 500mg and 1,000mg bottles are a happy medium for those that are somewhere in between.

Blue Moon Hemp TruBlu Naturals 3000mg CBD Tincture


Blue Moon Hemp Pros

  • The latest batch of third-party lab results always available on Blue Hemp Moon’s web platform
  • Manufactured in an ISO-certified lab completely free of THC
  • Products made in the USA even though Blue Hemp Moon has a Europe location too
  • Max potency through testing and quality control
  • Broad-spectrum for the cannabinoids that count
  • Blue Moon Hemp coupon codes available online


Blue Moon Hemp Cons

  • Free shipping only on orders over $99 and in the USA
  • Variety of products can make it difficult to choose which is best for your needs
  • There don’t appear to be lab results available for every type of product, like their e-blunts


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Blue Moon Hemp has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Blue Moon Hemp products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

2 Blue Moon Hemp Reviews

  1. Sandra

    The products are fabulous and your order comes very quickly and they keep in contact with you . If you have any questions you can call and they will get it done. Thank you for such excellent quality products and service- You All Rock!!! 2019-08-07 06:04:47

  2. Andrew

    Great product! I can't wait to order more stuff! 2019-08-09 14:33:00

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