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Dr. Norms Coupons, Reviews, and Feedback

Dr. Norms CBD cookies are changing the perception of edibles in the CBD space by promoting the mantra, “Know Your Dose!” By delivering delectable, bite-sized and consistently dosed products, customers can learn what dosage is perfect for them – ensuring an optimal experience every time. And, to ensure that you are tasting the cookie not the medicine, Dr. Norms uses only the purest and finest CBD isolate. Not only are Dr. Norms CBD Cookies great tasting, but they are also reviewed by 3rd party labs to ensure consistent quality throughout the batch. This attention to dosage is extremely important in the CBD space and is often overlooked by other brands. It is great to see a company like Dr. Norms Cookies putting the customer's well-being first.




What Is Unique About Dr. Norms Cookies

  • Award Winning Best Edible
  • 100% Pure CBD - The Most Pure Edible We Tested
  • Strict 3rd Party Lab Testing
  • Delicious Taste
  • Exclusive 20% Off Coupon: CBDNERDS20
  • Discounts on multi-packs and coupon codes offered
  • The Perfect CBD cookie to go with your morning coffee



Dr. Norms Products

  1. Chocolate Chip Therapy

These pure CBD cookies have 0% THC and 100% Natural, 99.9% Pure CBD. Made right here in the USA under strict quality controls, these are truly the best tasting CBD edible we have ever tried! In addition to using only the best natural ingredients, and being vegan, the cookies are Hexane Free, Solvent Free, and Pesticide Free.

dr norms cbd cookies

One Bag of 10 cookies (10mg/cookie, 150mg total per bag) $24.95

Three Bags (10mg/cookie, 150mg total per bag, 450mg total) $67.38

Six Bags (10mg/cookie, 150mg total per bag, 900mg total) $119.46

Twelve Bags (10mg/cookie, 150mg total per bag, 1800mg total) $209.64


With precise dosage per cookie, Dr. Norms are our favorite way to get our daily dose of CBD. Taken in the morning with coffee is our favorite way to start the day. The bite-sized cookies make for a great treat as the day starts. Staff Favorite, Month of Cookies (6bags).


2. Peanut Butter Chocolate Therapy

Dr Norms Peanut Butter CBD Cookies

Each delectable cookie is infused with 15mg of 100% pure CBD. In every bag, you get 10 precisely-dosed cookies, giving you a total of 150mg CBD. Peanut butter chocolate is the first new flavor released since the founding of the company, so you know it tastes AMAZING! Made with all natural and organic ingredients, the cookie is 100% vegan. Each cookie satisfies the need for a substantial dose of CBD – in a delicious, bite-sized morsel.


One Bag of 10 cookies (10mg/cookie, 150mg total per bag) $24.95

Three Bags (10mg/cookie, 150mg total per bag, 450mg total) $67.38

Six Bags (10mg/cookie, 150mg total per bag, 900mg total) $119.46

Twelve Bags (10mg/cookie, 150mg total per bag, 1800mg total) $209.64



Pros of Dr. Norms CBD Cookies

  • The best tasting, most accurate dosage, edible we have tried
  • Deep discounts with multiple bag orders
  • Among the purest CBD we have reviewed
  • Transparent 3rd Party testing


Cons of Dr. Norms CBD Cookies

  • They are so good we eat them too fast!
  • Best pricing at 6 bags or more


Using a Dr. Norms Coupon Code

Dr. Norms have offered us an exclusive 20% off coupon code CBDNERDS20. This coupon code is valid in addition to the deep discounts that are already offered on the multi-pack options. In order to redeem this code, click the shop now button at the top of this page or click any of the Dr. Norms products reviewed. You can then shop from the new popup window and choose which products you want to purchase. Once you are at checkout, paste in the coupon code "CBDNERDS20" and just like that 20% will be discounted from your order. We currently have the biggest promo code offered!

2 Dr. Norms Reviews

  1. Steve

    Dr. Norms cookies are by far my favorite way to take CBD daily. The bite sized cookies are a perfect afternoon snack or morning addition to coffee. Love these cookies!! 2019-04-21 16:09:58

  2. Jim

    I can not get enough of these cookies! The best way to ingest CBD! Keep it up Dr Norms, you guys are the best! 2019-06-17 18:27:02

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