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EJuice Connect Coupon + Reviews

With a goal to be your number one source for premium, USA-made E-juice, EJuice Connect provides products from the top-selling manufacturers across the country. They aim to be the low-price leader of the finest vaping products, with international shipping available and even faster shipping throughout the USA. We wanted to put some of what EJuice Connect claims to the test, so we’re diving into a variety of their products today. From e-liquid to different hardware pieces, we wanted to review a range of their products to get a good feel for the quality they provide. While they’re only a distributor and not a manufacturer themselves, we wanted to see if the manufacturers they partner with are worth the money. Let’s dive into our EJuice Connect review, but stick around until the end – we have an Ejuice Connect coupon code waiting for you at the end!


What's Unique About EJuice Connect?

  • Offers wholesale prices to the public
  • Offers a deal of the day that changes every day
  • Massive variety of different hardware and vape juice available
  • All products proudly made in the USA
  • Up To 25% Off Ejuice Connect discount codes



EJuice Connect Products

EJuice Connect proudly offers wholesale pricing to the public, and they don’t just provide vape juice. On the contrary, they offer all the hardware you could possibly need to get started with vaping. An alternative to smoke, vaping helps people quit smoking cigarettes and, eventually, nicotine altogether. Whether you want to start small with disposable e-cig vaporizers, try out alternative vaporizers that aren’t the mainstream, or get geared out with a complete starter kit, EJuice Connect has something available for everyone.


Pen Style Vape Mod Starter Kits

The biggest thing we loved about EJuice Connect was the sheer variety of products offered. There were starter kits of all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs – as well as prices. This is the perfect website for someone looking for full control in choosing a vape that fits their budget, preferences, and needs.

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Disposable Pod System Vapes

E-cigarettes you can dispose of once they’re depleted is a great option for someone who’s not yet committed to switching over to vaping. EJuice Connect makes it easy by offering disposable pod systems that come in packs 3 to 5, either less than 20 dollars or 10 dollars depending on how much liquid is available to vape in each pod. There were interesting new flavors available from the Mojo disposable pod vape device, so we got to try that one out. Lemon Cake and Peach were both delicious; they’d be perfect for beginners just getting into vaping. Our Ejuice Connect coupons save you 15% on these. 

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Nicotine Salt Vaporizers

If you’ve never heard of the terms “nicotine salt” or “nic salt,” or you’re just unsure of what they mean, they’re a more stable form of nicotine. Vaporizing nicotine salt e-liquid instead of traditional freebase nicotine means you can vape it at a lower temperature. In turn, that means you can vape a higher nicotine strength at a lower temperature, reducing the burn the vapor has on your throat.

So, you may be wondering, what’s a nicotine salt “vaporizer” if the nic salt has to do with the vape juice?

Salt-based nicotine vaporizers are designed specifically for nicotine salt vape juice. The Aspire AVP 12W Pod System Starter Kit available through EJuice Connect, for example, is designed especially for nicotine salt vape juice, but it can also vape traditional e-liquid just fine.

ejuice connect vape review


E-Liquid Vape Juice Brands

EJuice Connect sells e-liquid, among countless other retail products at wholesale prices. We got to sample just a few of the many vape juice brands EJuice Connect offers. Be sure to use one of our Ejuice Connect coupon codes for up to 25% off their vape juice!

Candy King’s Batch 100ML Vape Juice

Flavored to match the delightful taste of Sour Patch Kids, Batch has a fruity collection of sweet cherry and orange mixed with sour lemon and lime, topped with sugar crystals. The flavor hits your taste buds and sends you straight back to your childhood – gourmet, premium vape juice that’s reasonably priced for a 100ML bottle.

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Circus Cookie E-Liquid’s Circus Cookie Frosting 100ML Vape Juice

The well-known cookies from our past coated in vanilla and strawberry icing make a comeback in the form of this vape juice. The flavor was spot on, only missing the crunch of the cookie bite to seal the deal. The frosting goodness puts a smile on your face with each inhale, making for a pleasant vape experience.

ejuice connect circus cookie juice


Air Factory E-Liquid’s Crisp Apple Salt Factory 30ML Vape Juice

Finally, this nicotine salt e-liquid from Air Factory E-Liquid offers a blend of green and red apples with just a wisp of menthol. The overall flavor combination is interesting on the palate, and the nic salt means you can vape it at a much lower temperature than what you’d be used to for traditional vapes.

Ejuice Connect E-Liquid


EJuice Connect Pros

• International shipping that’s both fast and reliable

• Wide range of products makes it easy for anyone to find something ideal for them

• EJuice Connect coupon codes offered online


EJuice Connect Cons

• Free shipping for orders, but only if they order over $500


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. EJuice Connect has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. EJuice Connect products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

4 EJuice Connect Reviews

  1. Marlon Moray

    Fast shipping and awesome prices! 2019-04-19 01:45:03

  2. Marlon

    Thanks for the ejuice connect coupon code! It worked and shipping was fast! 2019-05-25 20:03:01

  3. Jerry

    Great quality name brand juice at awesome prices. 2019-08-24 11:21:06

  4. Curtis

    Listen I see a few negative reviews but I recently bought the Pancake Man Deluxe 120ML two bottles. I got it in one day and it was GREAT!!! I don't usually waste my time but I had to because the experience was just that good for me. Definitely will use them again. 2019-09-07 07:00:22

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