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Goddess Delivers Coupon + Reviews

Goddess Delivers aims to celebrate the allure, power, and beauty of cannabis by making it accessible to adults across the great state of California. They want even medical marijuana patients that have limited mobility to have the access they deserve. Inspired by the online community and eager to learn more, we wanted to review Goddess Delivers for ourselves. They offer a wide selection of different products, including CBD products and pure THC concentrates. Let’s dive into our Goddess Delivers review for the full story on our experience with the brand, what’s unique about them, and the pros and cons of the company. If you stick around until the end, we also have a coupon to offer in case you want to try the delivery service out for yourself!


What's Unique About Goddess Delivers?

• Online support is caring, friendly, and prompt with a response

• High-grade cannabis products available at reasonable prices

• Offers a section on its web platform to suggest a product for continuous innovation

• Range of products always exceeds expectations

• Partnered with the top-quality brands of the cannabis industry


Goddess Delivers Products

While they have a narrowed-down list of categories compared to what we’re used to seeing, Goddess Delivers has a massive selection of different cannabis products. Within each category were many subcategories, each filled with cannabis from the top brands of the industry.



For flowers, they offer your standard Sativas, Indicas, and hybrid strains. They also offer CBD-rich strains, pre-rolls, and nugs/shake if you want something even cheaper. They also have flower specials regularly to change up the discounted flower available, which means you can discover your new favorite easier and more affordably.

Goddess Delivers cannabis flower strains



Normally, capsules, edibles, and infused drinks all have their own separate categories. Through Goddess Delivers, everything is found in the Edibles section. There, you can discover different high-potency capsules, baked goods, chocolate bars, vegan edibles, candy, and infused beverages. Each offers their own strength of THC, CBD, or both, so you have full control over your dosing quantity and method.

Goddess Delivers cannabis edibles



Offering a pleasant mix of hash, kief, rosin, shatter, CO2 extracts, hash oil, and CBD concentrates, the concentrate category is rich in high strength doses of THC and CBD. Goddess Delivers is consistently putting out new concentrates, so they’ll be able to add to their list as time goes on. For now, we got to try a delicious gram of the Fire King Bubble Hash, a powerful hybrid that was produced using the ice water extraction method.

Goddess Delivers Concentrate hash



Sublingual dosing is usually the extent of what cannabis brands expect you to do with tinctures – there’s obviously more you can do but putting the drops under your tongue is the end expectation. Through Goddess Delivers, sublingual dosing is only one of the subcategories for tinctures. There are also topicals that absorb into the body faster, transdermal patches that have a similar effect, and CBD tinctures for a powerful dose of the medicinal properties in the marijuana plant.

Goddess Delivers Love Potion No 7 Cannabis Infused THC Tincture


Vape Pens

Finally, vaporizers are becoming ever more popular as the CBD and cannabis industries continue to skyrocket. Pre-filled cartridges, vaporizers, dose pens, and much more are available through Goddess Delivers. Whether you enjoy vaping dry herb or concentrate, there’s a vaporizer that’s ideal for you, and Goddess Delivers likely has it available.

Goddess Delivers Leune Vape Pen


Goddess Delivers Pros

• Next business day delivery for most of California

• Offers wide array of CBD and THC products for both oral and topical application

• Partnered with top-quality growers and manufacturers to provide potent product

• Creates exclusive deals with companies to give you the best savings possible

• Goddess Delivers coupon codes offered online


Goddess Delivers Cons

• Can only deliver to adults 21 years or older

• Free cannabis delivery doesn’t start until the order is $75 or more


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Goddess Delivers has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Goddess Delivers products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Leticia Lopez

    Ive used Goddess for awhile now and love its service. I defiantly recomend to my friends 2020-02-07 18:30:25

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