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herb approach Coupons and Reviews: Order Cannabis Online

herb approach is an online Canadian dispensary that ships a variety of cannabis and CBD products right to your door. Unlike many of their competitors, they don't require a medical recommendation to use their services. They're known for having competitive pricing, great discounts, excellent customer service, and work with the top vendors in the cannabis industry. If you're here for an herb approach coupon you can find them on the right.

Our herb approach review will give you an idea of what products they offer, and pros and cons of the company.


What's Unique About herb approach?

  • Offers a wide array of cannabis compounds that are effective in the treatment of medical conditions
  • herb approach coupons can be earned just by shopping products
  • Offers cannabis medicinal compounds even without a doctor’s recommendation
  • herb approach has competitive pricing due to competition from many suppliers
  • They have free shipping on orders over $150 (with our herb approach coupon, you can get free shipping on orders over $50!)


herb approach Products

This online dispensary provides a roster of cannabis products from tinctures to edibles to rolling papers. You’ll also find disposable vapes and CBD shatter.

1. Cannabis Flowers: Rolled to Perfection with a Touch of Moon

herb approach stocks a wide variety of cannabis flowers that come in different forms. The pre-rolled packs cost $30 -$35 (depending on cannabis strain) which contains 5 pre-rolled joints, each joint with 0.7 grams of high-quality medicinal cannabis. They also have Indicas, Sativa and Hybrid flowers. The Moonrocks are made from OG Kush dipped in hash oil and powdered in Kief. You can smoke this in a bong or pipe. The moon rocks come in different flavors such as watermelon, caramel, pina colada, and Blueberry.


Our personal favorite, the Pre-Rolled Packs, is another great flower option. herb approach sells 5-packs of  CBD joints for $35 and ship safely to your front door. You can also purchase joints from an individual standpoint for lower quality Indica or Sativa for $5 each. If you prefer higher quality, we'd recommend the Premium Prefilled 3-pack. These are $30 and our discount code above applies. You can choose between Gorilla Glue, Pink Death, and many more. Let us know your thoughts on herb approach joints with your review below! 


2. Concentrates: Raw Extracted Cannabis Tears

They offer an expansive assortment of concentrates which are extracted from raw cannabis flowers. They include shatter, wax, hash, oils, Phoenix Tears, distillate, e-juice, and live resin. herb approach has over 100 different concentrate forms from their wide array of vendors. The Big Bang Shatter, which retails for $40, is a Sativa dominant hybrid from California containing 1 gram of Shatter. Shatter Tags include blueberry, depression, happy, hungry, insomnia, sleep, stress, and sweet.

The oils they offer are very potent and include brands such as Bob’s Honey Oil and TOKO. Phoenix Tears are made by soaking cannabis flowers in an alcohol solution where the medical compounds are extracted. The tears can be taken orally or applied topically. Honey Tears by Green island naturals retails at $30 for 500mgs. Some brands would cost up to $150 for the same amount of product. Our herb approach promo codes work for concentrates. 


3. Edibles: Eat Your Heart Out

These cannabis-infused edibles come in forms such as candies, chocolates, cookies, drinks, and baked edibles. Cannalife offers organic cannabis coconut oil. The prices range between $7 to $120 depending on the product and brand. The herb approach coupon code will save you 20% or more on this price tag. Keep in mind edibles are for more advanced cannabis users and if you're new to them we recommend taking even a smaller dosage than what's on the instructions. 


4. CBD Topicals and Tinctures: For Us and Our Pets

herb approach topicals are targeted at ailments that require heavier dosages. The topicals can be paired with other products for additional benefit.  They are especially great for joint and muscle pain and herb approach offers many products in this category, specifically CBD. The topicals include balms, soaps, creams, bath salts, muscle rubs, massage oil, pet salves, and lip balms.

The tinctures sold by herb approach are different types; some are Sativa, others Indica, while some are mixed strains. Cannalife offers a salmon infused tincture for pets which retails at $85-$115. Cannalife also offers a terpene infused tincture. Other tinctures include the Apothecary spearmint THC infused tincture and Mary’s Edibles tinctures. Other popular tinctures are the CBD oil like the one pictured below. 


Since we last checked, herb approach started carrying CBD for pets from Canadian brand Apawthecarypets. We haven't reviewed these products but after taking a closer look their CBD oil comes in 120mg or 300mg tinctures. 300mg is slightly stronger than what we've come across from other brands and we recommend this for dogs who are in need of more serious relief. The CBD products are sold by Vets across Canada and even offer higher than 300mg dosages. Even though this isn't herb approach's own brand, our coupons and discount codes work for all pet CBD products.


5.  Cannabis Accessories: Papers, Dabs, and Vape Pens

Besides the cannabis products you can order and get shipped to Canada, herb approach provides you with other essentials such as flavored rolling papers for DIY joints, starter packs, dab rigs and more. Their vaporizer is well designed for discretion and uses only quality shatter or oils from top-shelf flowers. They offer both disposable and reusable vape pens and refill cartridges. They also sell herb approach branded apparel if you want to dress the part.


Pros of herb approach

  • Top vendor products including 91 Supreme, Apothecary labs, BigBang shatter, Forever Phoenix, Hooti extracts, and Medigreen among others
  •  Undetectable and discreet packaging
  • Quality-controlled medical marijuana
  • Lifetime membership with discounts for medical marijuana patients
  • Over 15 years of industry experience
  • Weekly flash deals, discounted prices, and promo codes
  • Free shipping on orders above $150
  • Order cannabis in Canada and have it delivered to your door
  • Medical recommendation not required
  • 25% herb approach coupon for referrals
  • Membership with $10 coupon for new members
  • Easy to track orders online


Cons of herb approach

  • No free shipping on products costing less than $150 (unless you use our discount or promo code)
  • Many products out of stock
  • No USA shipping

Lab Testing of herb approach Products

As herb approach only sells products by other brands, each brand is responsible for carrying out lab testing for quality on their own products. herb approach themselves don't manufacture their own products so you’ll need to check out the brands’ sites to get lab information.


Does herb approach Ship To The USA?

Unfortunately, herb approach only ships to Canada. Even though cannabis is legal in several US states, herb approach is unable to send mail order cannabis products across the border. Therefore, if you want to order cannabis products from herb approach, you will need a Canadian address.


Is herb approach Safe?

We recommend consulting with a physician before taking any cannabis or CBD products for medicinal purposes. Based on user feedback here and on Reddit, we have no reason to believe herb approach isn't safe. That said, we recommend using THC products are your own risk. 



How To Apply Our Herb Approach Coupon Code

Herb Approach typically offers coupons at checkout up to 20% off and even higher during holidays. In order to save on your purchase, you'll want to scroll up and click "Get Coupon". Once you do this, copy the coupon code from the popup and a new window will open where you can then shop. Once you get to the checkout, you'll want to look for the "Have A Coupon?" box and paste your code there (pictured below).

Herb Approach Coupon Code 

Contacting Herb Approach

Herb Approach can be contacted via their online form or live chat feature during busy business hours. They are also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Should you have any issues using the herb approach coupon code, we suggest using the form or chat for quick help. 


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Herb Approach has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Herb Approach products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

8 herb approach Reviews

  1. George

    Been using Herb Approach for a while. Typically pretty fast with shipping and I haven't had any issues or complaints so far! 2018-10-09 00:27:57

  2. Mike

    I bought the Cannalife CBD oil. It does have a hemp taste to it which I'm not a huge fan of but it has done the job helping me decompress. Thanks for the coupon code. 2018-10-16 16:19:24

  3. Jamie

    I've been buying Sativa flowers from them. Get my order quickly everytime without any issues. Thanks for the coupon! 2018-12-25 02:00:39

  4. Joe Anthony

    Very satisfied with HA .. never had an issue with quality and quantity. Fast shipping.. Keep up with the great work ? 2019-02-26 19:44:06

  5. Leif

    I smoked the gorilla glue #4 it was nice 2019-04-12 08:49:09

  6. Jamin Garner

    Love using my account with HA ... Best choice I ever made was buying online with herb approach 2019-06-03 01:33:23

  7. Bruce

    I have been using herb account for a while. It's always been good to great. No complaints at all. On par pricing with other m.o.m. places. Top shelf herb in my mind. You won't be disappointed! 2019-07-08 17:10:03

  8. zaza bi

    Love this site good products right now we need health in the World. 2020-03-11 22:40:31

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