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Ignite CBD Reviews + Coupons

We love seeing a unique, innovative take in the all-too-familiar CBD world. In an industry where we see countless CBD oils, capsules, topicals, and other standard mainstream products, Ignite CBD aimed to and succeeded at standing out from the crowd. How? CBD-infused toothpicks!


Just part of their product line, their CBD toothpicks are what drew us in, but the journey we got to experience is what kept us in. If you’ve been looking to purchase CBD, or you’ve been considering specifically Ignite CBD, then this is the guide for you.


Let’s dive into our comprehensive Ignite CBD review on Ignite CBD to share our experience with their products, to see how else they stand out, and anything else someone might want to know about a CBD company before shopping with them.



What's Unique About Ignite CBD?

  • Three different formulas used across their products: Calm, Lucid, and Recharge
  • Thriving social media community on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • They sell athletic apparel in addition to CBD products
  • They believe in results over hype and substance over promise


Ignite CBD Review | Products

There are three formulations Ignite CBD utilizes to stimulate different effects: Calm, Lucid, and Recharge. Whether CBD oil, a toothpick pack or a vape product of some kind, you can use any of them for a specific purpose thanks to the specialized formulas.


We also noted the vast range of unique flavors Ignite CBD offers, though they have an unflavored variety as well. Accommodating for anyone who doesn’t prefer the strong flavor of hemp, there were flavors like blood orange, tropical fruit, lavender, tangerine, apple berry, mango mint, cinnamint, lemongrass, coffee, menthol, and much more.

Toothpick Packs

CBD-infused toothpicks, we got to try two different flavors: Lemongrass (Calm), and Passion Fruit (Recharge). The toothpick packs consist of 10 toothpicks, each containing 25mg of infused CBD for a total of 250mg CBD for the entire pack. If you’re anything like our team, you get to chew on a toothpick once it’s in your mouth. The active CBD in the toothpick releases into the sublingual cavity and the gums, allowing for almost immediate absorption into the bloodstream.


The Lemongrass CBD-infused toothpick pack contains a single serving micro-dose of 25mg CBD, melatonin, and theanine, which work as an excellent combination to stimulate relaxation and a calm mood.

Ignite CBD Infused Toothpicks Lemongrass Calm

On the opposite end, the Passion Fruit toothpicks we got to try to help us to stimulate excitement, feel refreshed and energized. After a few minutes of chewing on the Passion Fruit flavor, the whole body feels the effects fairly immediately. With a jolt of energy, it contains a single serving micro-dose of caffeine and 25mg CBD.

Ignite CBD Infused Toothpicks Passion Fruit Recharge


Ignite ONE

As we’ve gotten the opportunity to try many CBD drops at this point, we were more eager to try Ignite CBD’s proprietary rechargeable vape product, the Ignite ONE. It can contain up to 1.5mL in pod capacity, with an anti-dry hit system designed to give you a saturated puff. The auto-draw technology identified when we were taking the next hit. One of our favorite vape products to date, we loved the unique disposable liquid pod mod system they put together to make their product innovative and different.

Ignite One CBD Rechargeable Vape Device


Ignite CBD Lab Testing

If you scroll down the Ignite CBD web platform and click on the FAQ section found down in the footer, then scroll down to the second to last question, they answer that their Certificate of Analysis (COAs) are “Coming Soon.”


Ignite CBD Pros

  • They claim ISO 19075:2015 certified testing and THC-free products
  • Variety of unique products keeps the brand interesting
  • 30-day return policy (though it’s only for unused products in their original packaging)
  • Limited one-year warranty on the Ignite One vaporizer
  • Ignite CBD coupon codes available online


Ignite CBD Cons

  • Free shipping only on orders over $75
  • COAs are “coming soon” according to the very bottom of their FAQ


How to Redeem an Ignite CBD Coupon Code

If you hit “BUY IT NOW’ instead of just adding the product to your cart, you’re taken to a checkout page where you can see the subtotal of your order. Over on the right-hand side, highlighted in red, is a section where you can enter in a valid online Ignite CBD coupon code and get a discount off your order. Once you paste your code into the Discount code spot, you can hit Apply and the price should adjust automatically for you.

Ignite CBD Coupon Code


Ignite CBD Shipping and Returns

If the product arrives at your house damaged and you take pictures and reach out immediately, you should be able to have the product returned and replaced without issues. However, the only way to be eligible for a refund if the items you purchased are unused and in their original packaging still. Though they offer this return policy for 30 days, we wish they would offer a satisfaction guarantee to instill further confidence in the efficacy of their products.


Contacting Ignite CBD

The company makes it easy to get in touch with them, offering a contact form directly on their web platform but also staying active in their community when you join the conversation on social media. If you’re not in the mood to fill out a contact form so that someone will get back with you, you can try messaging them on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


Ignite CBD Discount Programs

Ignite CBD doesn’t appear to offer discount programs of any kind, though they may not have incorporated a veteran, first responder, or senior discount just yet. They do offer an Ignite VIP Rewards membership when you sign up, which lets you earn points for every purchase, share, like, and follow to “enjoy exclusive rewards, perks, and promos.”


Disclaimer: The following Ignite CBD reviews are made by consumers. Ignite CBD has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Ignite CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

5 Ignite CBD Reviews

  1. Oscar

    Well so far it’s been good like it make feel relaxed been helping pain in wrist and back! It’s only been a week but already feel the difference! Thank you Ignite CBD. 2019-10-26 04:32:19

  2. Daisy

    I bought these drops for my mom, she has MS. So she has trouble with pain and falling asleep/staying asleep. But now, she's feeling so much better and sleeping like a baby. She's in love with these drops. I'm glad I bought 2 lol. Also I'm using them as well, there helping me with my headaches and my sleep as well!!! Love them!!! :) 2019-11-20 13:30:50

  3. Jerry

    The whole experience from ordering, to super fast shipping, to the product it self. Excellent support, excellent product! 2019-12-01 11:05:59

  4. Zach

    Hands down the best disposable vape on the market. 2020-02-10 02:20:16

  5. Angela

    I have terrible pain in my knees . The Cbd takes the edge off my aches. It must be applied a couple of times during the day. You can feel it bringing better circulation to the area. 2020-04-03 13:43:56

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