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Mana Botanics Coupon + Reviews

Rarely do we get to see the beautiful formulas that can be crafted from the islands of Hawaii. In their own tropical paradise, Mana Botanics strives to be Hawaii’s premium, premier wellness-driven hemp company. Their drive focuses on pure Hawaiian botanicals infused with artisanal, whole-plant hemp extracts for a powerful formula that’s effective. We were excited to see what Mana Botanics had to offer, so we dug into their products as soon as we could. They take a farm-to-body approach, so they only source from local farmers that cultivate pure, organic ingredients. Tested at multiple lab facilities once it’s been extracted through one of the two ways they use, they can guarantee their products are all under 0.3% THC.


Let’s dive into our Mana Botanics review to show you what our shopping experience was like, including what we thought of each product we got to try, their customer service team and friendliness, and the benefits as well as potential downsides to shopping with them over another CBD brand. If you decide to shop with Mana Botanics once you’ve read our experience, we’re happy to provide you with an online coupon code so you can save off your first order.



What's Unique About Mana Botanics?

  • Farm-to-body cultivation and manufacturing all in Hawaii
  • Incorporate Hawaii’s artisanal botanicals to craft full-spectrum, powerful products
  • Easy to get in touch with their team through different platforms and methods
  • Every batch is lab-tested, readily visible on their web store platform
  • Unique products like their CBD honey offer something different to the mainstream



Mana Botanics Products

CBD Topicals

There’s a specific goal in mind when it comes to each of Mana Botanics’ products. For their hemp balm, infused with plantain and comfrey, they formulated it with targeted external support in mind. Localized discomfort, inflammation, soreness, and other types of pain can be mitigated with this kind of topical, which was packed with 150mg of phytocannabinoids. There are unscented options available for those that are sensitive, but the scented formula has an uplifting fragrance of lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oils.

Mana Botanics Hawaiian Hemp Balm


CBD Oils

Speaking of oil, that leads us to our next product: their high-quality hemp oil. We went for the Hemp Oil 3X, which is infused with turmeric and vanilla into rich, organic MCT coconut oil or Hawaiian macadamia nut oil. The high potency of the 3X meant there were 900mg of phytocannabinoids. However, we did notice that they don’t specify what percentage of those phytocannabinoids is pure CBD, just that it contains a higher CBD concentration.

Mana Botanics Hawaiian Hemp Oil 3X


CBD Honey

Using an organic, raw Hawaiian honey blend that’s sustainably sourced, Mana Botanics infuses it with a phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract for a powerful treat that’s just as sweet. Perfect in hot or cold drinks, it’s a great way to get your serving of CBD for the day without having to worry about the pungent hemp flavor. Alternatively, it could be added to your routine as part of a facial mask or in another product. Its multiple uses make it versatile and convenient to have when you’ve added CBD into your daily routine.

Mana Botanics Hawaiian Hemp Honey Lehua and Wilelaiki 300mg cannabinoids


Hemp Pet Drops

Described as “organic anti-inflammatory pet support,” the hemp pet drops from Mana Botanics are infused with a synergistic blend of turmeric and CBD. With these drops, your pet could experience the same kind of relief you get from CBD hemp oils. They can be added into your pup’s favorite food or treats for a great start or end to their day.

Mana Botanics Hemp Pet Drops with Turmeric


Mana Botanics Pros

  • Hawaiian roots show through with everything from their products to their mindset
  • Detailed explanation of their background, the farmers that cultivate their hemp, and more
  • Variety of natural, high-quality products makes it easy to find something for anyone’s needs
  • They provide their own DIY recipes on their web platform for CBD treats
  • Mana Botanics coupon codes available online


Mana Botanics Cons

  • Free shipping only for domestic orders over $150
  • 30-day return policy only extends to unused products in their original packaging


How to Redeem a Mana Botanics Coupon Code

Every time you add something to your cart, you’re taken to a Cart page where you can choose to continue shopping or proceed to checkout. Whenever you’re on this page, you’ll see a summary of the products already in your cart, with the price, quantity, and total beside it. Below your item summary, you’ll see a spot to past a Coupon code. Enter in the online coupon code you have, hit APPLY COUPON, and you’re good to go! The price should change automatically.


If you proceed to checkout and forget to enter in your coupon code, you can still past the code on the next page! At the top of the checkout page, there will be two green bars of white text. The top will ask if you’re a returning customer, and to click on the appropriate link to log in if you are. Below that, it’ll show, “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code”. The information field will slide down so you can paste your code and hit APPLY COUPON.

Mana Botanics coupon code


Contacting Mana Botanics

This CBD brand makes it easy to get in touch with them no matter what your concern or need may be. Whether you’re interested in being a wholesaler or distributor, or you have comments or questions about their products, they have a Contact form on their website, as well as a support email address to get in touch with them with. Likewise, they have active social media accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, so if you need to get in touch with them even faster, you can reach out to them through one of those options.

If you do need to email them, reach out to them with the email below:
Mana Artisan Botanics
75-5665 Kuakini Hwy,
Suite 3 Kailua-Kona,
HI 96740


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Mana Botanics has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Mana Botanics products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

4 Mana Botanics Reviews

  1. Adam

    Delicious blend of oils that has become my new favorite CBD product. These products are beautifully made - try the honey ! So good - this stuff helped my inflammation and is great before bed. A+ 5 Stars 2019-09-28 05:23:19

  2. Jolene

    My pup, Roxy, was having hip and leg pain to the point of having a hard time getting around, and just a couple of days on the pet drops, she was running around like a young pup! A complete transformation! Buster, her brother, likes the taste so much he gets a drop a day too. I was a bit slow in ordering my 2nd bottle so picked one up while traveling in CO, the dogs tolerated it but it wasn’t even close in quality or results! Won’t go without it again! Also, I use the hemp balm myself for stiff achy joints and it’s a wonderful relief!! Thanks for the Mana Botanics coupon code too! 2019-11-20 14:01:17

  3. Amber

    Absolutely the most delicious, clean, trustworthy hemp products I've ever experienced. 2020-02-10 11:48:41

  4. Walsh

    What I love about your products is that the ingredients are pure, natural, organic and NO CHEMICALS, and it's local. Your customer service is wonderful. I have recommended your products to friends, colleagues, and family members. 2020-04-03 15:01:52

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