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Marijuana Seeds (MSNL) Discount Code + Reviews

Since 1999, Marijuana Seeds has been providing the public with some of the highest quality cannabis seeds available. It began with two friends who had traveled across Europe and Australia, collecting a number of different strains - some of which were still foreign to America. Within three years of starting the company, the founders had already curated a number of their own strains and designs.


With cannabis legalization sweeping the nation, they now offer the opportunity of growing cannabis to you. Whether you're looking for something with high psychoactive effects or you'd prefer a plant rich in CBD, Marijuana Seeds has you covered. And regardless of your choice, the company guarantees you'll receive some of the best yielding seeds currently available to the public.


Marijuana Seeds understands the current climate when it comes to the cannabis market. If you're in the business of cannabis and want to remain discreet, they have you covered. Everything from shipping to billing will remain under the radar. Their ultimate goal as a company is purely to provide the world with some of the best cannabis nature has to offer. And they'll make sure to get this to you as efficiently as possible.


What's Unique About Marijuana Seeds NL?

  • Strains come in a variety - whether you're looking for something high in THC or CBD
  • High-quality seeds
  • Discreet shipping and billing
  • They accept a variety of payment methods including bank transfers, debit cards, and Bitcoin
  • They ship worldwide
  • No sign-up required to order


Marijuana Seeds NL Products

Marijuana Seeds has a variety of different options for those looking to grow their own cannabis plants. Within the following, you have options for indoor and outdoor plants, sativa and indica, and more. The purpose of this variety is to help you find the perfect cannabis for your needs.



If you're an experienced cannabis grower, you'll want to take a look through the dozens of regular seeds has to offer. A regular marijuana strain means it has a 50% chance of being male or female - depending on the growing conditions. Expert growers know how to yield in only feminized plants (the ones that get you high). However, the benefit of having male plants is they will produce pollen. When pollen comes into contact with a female cannabis plant, it produces seeds.


So, ultimately, it's up to preference. If you're a cultivator who's looking to harvest cannabis on a large scale, you'll want to seek out regular marijuana seeds. However, if you're an at-home enthusiast just looking for a new hobby, you may want to check out feminized marijuana seeds instead.

Marijuana Seeds ICE



A feminized cannabis seed will only yield in female plants when cultivated. These are the plants responsible for the numerous effects cannabis is hailed for - including the high of THC and the medical benefits of CBD. If you're new to growing cannabis and are looking to experiment around, you'll definitely want to start with a feminized plant. Especially if you're growing indoors as you'll have full control of a variety of important factors.

Marijuana Seeds Auto Blue Dream Feminized



To put it simply, auto-flowering cannabis seeds will sprout much quicker than other seeds. You can expect a full harvest within about 10 weeks from initial planting. Again, this is another great option for newcomers and Marijuana Seeds makes sure to guide you towards auto-flowering seeds if that's your interest. Similarly to both the regular and feminized seeds they offer, you have the option to purchase seeds optimal for indoor and outdoor growth as well as indica and sativa. Some popular strains include blue dream and white widow.

Marijuana Seeds Auto AK47 Feminized


High CBD

For those of you looking to grow flower that yields in a lot of CBD, Marijuana Seeds also offers a selection of seeds in this regard. However, it should be forewarned, THESE ARE NOT HEMP PLANTS. In order to be hemp, cannabis must contain THC levels of 0.3% or less. The lowest amount of THC within this selection of plants is the Cannatonic which still has around 8%. High CBD means out of all the cannabinoids within the cannabis plants, these selections will yield in the most CBD.


NOTE: Cannabis containing more than 0.3% THC is still illegal on a federal level within the United States and cannabis containing more than 0.3% THC is only legal in states where medical and recreational cannabis is legalized. We suggest researching your local laws before purchasing.

Marijuana Seeds Cannatonic Feminized


Pros About Marijuana Seeds NL

  • Been in the cannabis industry for over twenty years
  • Shares a lot of knowledge and information about growing through their website
  • Large variety of strains creating a versatile selection for customers
  • 5 free seeds for every order
  • Sealth shipping and billing worldwide
  • MMSNL coupon codes available


Cons About Marijuana Seeds NL

  • No hemp options
  • Fairly small social media following, smaller business


Overall Thoughts on Marijuana Seeds NL

For the amount of high-quality options Marijuana Seeds offers, it's hard to find a company that can top it. Whether you're looking to grow Green Crack, purple kush, OG kush, or Girl Scout Cookies, there's truly something for everyone here.


The fact that these weed seeds also come from award-winning growers only strengthens our thoughts on MSNL seed bank. If you're new to growing cannabis or simply a long-time grower in need of guaranteed stealth, we promise you've now found your cannabis seed bank.


The people who began Marijuana Seeds NL truly had the people in mind when they came up with this business. Beyond everything the company offers, the two founders are simply marijuana enthusiasts just like you and me. Trying to help offer everyone the opportunity to grow cannabis. If you're interested in this offer, we invite you to use one of our Marijuana Seeds NL discount codes.


How to Use a Marijuana Seeds NL Discount Code

At the right-hand side of this page, you'll find a number of different promo codes at your disposal for any of your cannabis strain purchases through Marijuana Seeds NL. In order to use one of these discount codes, you must first make a selection from their website. Once you're in your shopping basket, you'll find have the option to type in a coupon code in the lower left-hand corner, under your selected product(s). Simply type in our promo code, hit apply, and you'll see your savings instantly!



Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Marijuana Seeds has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Marijuana Seeds products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

3 (MSNL) Marijuana Seeds Reviews

  1. Theodore

    I recommend their auto feminized of kush. It’s great and the thc is great as well. 2019-11-17 23:58:13

  2. Michael

    These guys have been super strong from tap root to current day 6 of flower. This genetic is super easy to manifold and really takes off. So far 100% success rate with seedlings popping up have 4 left to play with all in all great plant! 2019-11-29 02:27:46

  3. Sour Diesel

    One of the Best I Ever Grown in this life-time of mine young @21 years of Age. A++++ Plant Equity Flower Seamstress :) Stone is Amazing! As a Fruity House Flower, the scene of the home or indoor area is bubblegum. My Friends Named me as The Black Willie Wonka :Bubblegum Machine Designer. Thanks to bubblegum engineering cannabis seed refinery group. Excellent Strain! 2020-02-06 00:12:10

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