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Natural Stacks CBD Review

The bigger brand, Natural Stacks, is a health and wellness company known for providing their optimal performance supplements. Today, we’ll be touching on their own line of CBD-rich hemp capsules – Natural Stacks Plus. There’s a lot to love about the brand as a whole, including the stellar CBD softgels they offer on their Natural Stacks Plus web platform (separate from their own). The Natural Stacks Plus platform provides a thorough, comprehensive breakdown of exactly what’s in their products. Since they specialize in just two CBD capsule formulas and no other product, they can give you the details you may not have even thought to ask about.


For example, they use only one carefully-selected, meticulously cultivated hemp strains for each formula: Berry Blossom and Cherry Wine. They boldly present the genetics, characteristics, key terpenes, and harvest period for each strain, so they can stay as transparent as possible throughout their entire formulation process. We’ve never seen a brand go through the lengths Natural Stacks has to ensure you know about how their capsules were made, but we’re excited to see them raising the bar. Their comprehensive candor is what helps set the stage for more brands to follow suit, because it’s the rigorous steps we want to see to know that the brand genuinely cares.


Before we could be sold on Natural Stacks’ products, though, we of course had to try them ourselves. Let’s dive into our Natural Stacks Plus review to share our experience with each of their capsules, what really stood out for us with the company, and more. Once you’ve read through the review and if you decide you want to try something from the brand, we’ll also have a handy coupon code ready for you.


What's Unique About Natural Stacks?

  • Brutal transparency with each formula – even down to what hemp strain they use
  • Natural Stacks Plus donates 100% of their profits to Alzheimer’s research
  • Third-party COA results are directly on their landing page as well as their product pages
  • CBD-rich hemp is Artisan Grown in Colorado and CO2 extracted
  • One of the most cost-effective full-spectrum CBD brands on the market


Natural Stacks Products

OMEGA, and DREAM – these are the two CBD capsule formulations from Natural Stacks Plus. You can purchase them separately, though they also come in an even more affordable bundle 2-pack because the brand recommends taking them in a routine with each other. The Omega is geared towards daytime, and the Dream is – as you can guess – designed for evening use, no more than 1 to 2 hours before you try to sleep.


OMEGA CBD Capsules

We loved to see the precise, exact serving size for each capsule – 11.7mg cannabinoids. Their 300mg formula uses Omega-3 oil from algae with a full-spectrum hemp extract that tests positive for a guaranteed 10 cannabinoids, and it’s especially rich in CBD. Not only is it easy to just take the capsule and forget as you move on about your day, but the effects are noticed much sooner with these supplements than many other full-spectrum formulas we’ve tried.

Natural Stacks Plus OMEGA CBD Full Spectrum CBD Capsules


DREAM CBD Capsules

Same as the Omega formula, the DREAM capsules contain an exact 17.14mg cannabinoids per softgel and tests positive for 10 different cannabinoids. The difference is in the strength of hemp extract and the rest of the ingredients used. Instead of Omega-3 oils, they blend their hemp extract with a gentle dose of 0.5mg melatonin and a terpene-rich lavender olive oil.

Natural Stacks Plus DREAM CBD Full Spectrum CBD Capsules


Natural Stacks Lab Testing

A brief lab report is visible on each product page and the Natural Stacks Plus landing page, but you can also look at their detailed third-party COAs when you click a link. What you get is a rigorously tested, fully comprehensive cannabinoid profile, terpenoid profile, and pesticide analysis. They don’t skimp on letting you know anything there is to know about the testing for each product batch.


Natural Stacks Pros

  • Free items automatically came with our order – Serotonin Brain Food and a sleep mask!
  • You can see exactly what’s in the product before it ever even ships to you
  • Two products that work together for daily use make it easy to choose for the indecisive
  • Natural Stacks coupon codes available online


Natural Stacks Cons

  • Free shipping not offered to Canada ($9.95)
  • They’re hard to find on social media – easier to contact from their website


Funding Alzheimer’s Research

Founded in 2013, Natural Stacks has been dedicated to sharing the true benefits CBD and other compounds in hemp have to offer to the world – but they have a bigger mission in mind, too. They caught our attention because of their philanthropic side; they support the Cure Alzheimer’s Fund with everything they do. Every purchase made on Natural Stacks Plus goes directly to the Fund – every dime. Likewise, 100% of donations go directly into research to end Alzheimer’s Disease. We were moved by their willingness to give.


How to Redeem a Natural Stacks Coupon Code

When you add something to your cart, a slide-out shopping cart will appear on the right side of the screen. When you hit Check Out, you’ll be taken to an Information page. On the left you’ll see all the Contact Information and Shipping address fields, and on the right, just below a summary of the items you’re getting, you’ll see a Discount Code box. Paste your coupon in this field, hit Apply, and the price should be recalculated automatically.

Natural Stacks Plus coupon


Contacting Natural Stacks

It’s not the easiest to track down Natural Stacks through their social media, but they do have a contact form right on their website under the Get Help tab. Alternatively, you can email them or give them a call through their phone support with business hours (Mon-Fri, 9A-4P PST).

If you want to email or call them, you can reach out to them through the methods below: or (855) 678-2257




Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Natural Stacks has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Natural Stacks products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Wendy

    The transparency and the quality of ingredients provided by Natural Stacks is what keeps bringing me back. I love Ciltep + Smart Caffeine in the morning! It's better than coffee. 2019-09-06 05:13:41

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