CBD And Yoga | Does It Work?

CBD has been found to be a great therapeutic alternative alongside other healthy habits. Many have found yoga and CBD to be the perfect combination.

CBDNerds Staff Updated on March 29, 2022

CBD Yoga – for generations the world has been obsessed with the serenity of yoga but with recent advancements in cannabis legalization, weed and yoga might soon see the light of day. The advent of legal cannabis has provided us with the luxury of studying the plant under scrutinous clinical trials, helping us realize the full potential of medical utility found within the herb.

Known as the nonpsychoactive miracle cannabinoid of marijuana, CBD has earned a high flying reputation for being able to curb anxiety and provide a vast array of therapeutic effects.

With CBD’s therapeutic effects and yoga’s ability to promote physical and mental wellbeing, it is plain to see that the two were meant to cross paths at one point or another.

Although CBD yoga may just seem like a bunch of hearsay, you can rest assured, the two enjoy a mutually synergistic relationship with one another. If you are curious about what CBD yoga has to offer, stay tuned!

Why CBD Yoga?

So many of us experience a degree of constant stress as we progress through our lives. From chasing career goals to maintaining personal relationships, the pressure can weigh heavily on our shoulders.

Not only does this constant pressure siphon our happiness away from the present moment, but it can also hamper productivity and efficiency. It can be hard to keep the pressure at bay, which is why so many yoga enthusiasts are now leaning towards combining CBD Oil Canada and yoga.

For many who are new to cannabis, CBD and yoga may not seem like the best dup.  In fact, the word “cannabis” may reintroduce some memories of those not-so-great tasting brownies that got you feeling funny.

CBD with Yoga

Well, you can rest assured as CBD Oil Canada is one of the compounds of marijuana that won’t get you high. Much like cannabis, the western world is gradually catching onto the benefits of yoga. Concrete evidence showing the advantages of yoga is slowly starting to form, and with it, the embrace of many newcomers.


Yoga in itself is valued for the various health benefits and the physical conditioning it provides. Those benefits could be anything from achieving lower blood pressure, reduced stress, improved coordination, flexibility, to even enhanced concentration and sleep. All of those benefits associated with yoga coupled with the strong therapeutic effects of CBD are a force to be reckoned with. As the saying goes, some things are just better together.

CBD Yoga – Health Benefits

Combining CBD Oil Canada with yoga can provide a plethora of unrealized benefits. These advantages are also not only exclusive to physical health but also emotional and mental health. If you’re aren’t aware of what CBD is, it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, meaning it does not provide any mind-altering effects.

As of late, CBD has been the subject of attention for many in the wellness community. Taking the spotlight away from many pharmaceuticals, hundreds of thousands of people are using CBD to help alleviate anxiety disorders, chronic pain, and even symptoms of depression.

CBD can be used to stabilize and regulate mood and emotion as well.  These claims are also not just hearsay from an over-zealous pothead. CBD’s prowess in curing the incurable has been well documented and confirmed by several clinical trials for FDA-approved medications.

CBD Yoga – Physical Health Advantages

Praised for its ability to meld physical and mental disciplines harmoniously, yoga aims toward achieving a healthy mind in a healthy body. As a matter of fact, the inception of yoga was to attain a state of elevated levels of self-awareness, enlightenment, and mental acuity. However, modern specialists have since realized the ancient Indian practice’s value of also honing physical strength and enhancing flexibility.

Cannabis may not have the best reputation in the world of health and fitness, but various studies have confirmed that regular cannabis users tend to have lower body mass indexes, smaller waistlines, and a reduced risk of diabetes and obesity.


The studies also tell us the rates are approximately one-third lower in cannabis users. Not only that, but CBD has the ability to increase levels of the pain regulating compound anandamide by suppressing the enzyme responsible for breaking it down. This translates to a reduction in the amount of pain felt in your body.


With yoga’s ability to alleviate aches, and CBD’s ability to reduce pain, the two can be stacked together for enhanced physical relief.

CBD and Yoga

Emotional health – How CBD Works

Aside from alleviating chronic pain, CBD provides the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, minus the psychoactive effects. As mentioned before, CBD has the ability to prevent the breakdown of anandamide, which also happens to be the neurotransmitter our brain releases when we experience a state of bliss.  Coupled with yoga, a discipline that helps to control an individual’s mind, body, and soul, the combination may further enhance your body and mind’s capability to reach a state of harmony and bliss.

CBD Yoga and Mental Health

Endocannabinoids are said to be the bridge where the mind and body meet. CBD combined with yoga may be the practice we all need to regulate our emotions, subdue our anxiety, and stave off any influences of depression. With anxiety being a major detractor of our joy from the present moment, the anxiety-reducing effects of CBD coupled with the calm nature of yoga can lead to some fruitful results for the mind.

CBD has been established as an effective anti-depressant for its ability to substantially lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. As psychological distress is a prevailing issue in the western world, CBD used in tandem with yoga may be able to help those who are suffering to take a step in the right direction. When used in tandem with yoga, a practice that is innately therapeutic, the mind-calming effects of CBD can help its users achieve a calm and clear state of mind.

DISCLAIMER: This is in no way intended to be professional medical advice. If you are suffering from any form of psychological distress, it is prudent to seek a trained medical professional or therapist as CBD yoga is not a replacement for professional help.


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How to use CBD for yoga

As with anything new, it is always better to err on the safe side of caution.  Play around with your dosages, pay attention to when you start to feel its effects and find your sweet spot.

Like any other supplement, it is essential to assess how the CBD affects your system before you enter your yoga session. Prior testing will help you figure out how your system handles CBD, allowing you to tweak your dosage to perform at peak capacity.

You can try experimenting with some CBD tinctures or gummies beforehand that are widely available at an Online Dispensary Canada. Doing so will provide you with the benefit of enhanced calmness and a higher pain threshold during your session.

Once you have completed your yoga for the day, try ending the working with some CBD-infused creams and salves as they will help relieve you of any delayed onset muscle soreness, ensuring that you are adequately recovered for the next session.

Key Takeaways on CBD Yoga

For good reason, yoga has been widely practiced around the world for generations. The fact that thousands of people use it as a method to help induce weight loss, stress relief, and strength gain speaks volumes of its effectiveness. Coupled with the concrete evidence of CBD’s proficiency at handling a vast array of issues, in many ways CBD yoga offers us a way to kill two birds with one stone.