How CBD Oil is Revolutionizing Pain Care in Florida

Since cannabidiol (CBD) may be able to help with a variety of health conditions, Florida has been utilizing it for optimal pain care.

CBDNerds Staff Updated on October 12, 2021

Since November 2017, qualified patients in Florida can work with a state-certified medical marijuana doctor on a cannabis-based treatment plan for many conditions. Florida law generously allows those suffering from pain, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and many more conditions to become approved for a medical marijuana card. In just one short year, more than 200,000 patients are now approved and taking marijuana-derived products for their symptoms.

In Florida, CBD oil is legal to buy in state-approved dispensaries by patients already approved by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use.  Now, since the Hemp Farm Bill became law, anyone can buy CBD oil anywhere, not just in a dispensary, and without being an approved patient.

Why CBD Oil Can Help in the Treatment of Opioid Abuse

One of the largest advancements for patients in Florida comes by way of using CBD oil as a replacement medication for treating opioid abuse. The Sunshine State was hit particularly hard by the opioid epidemic and was even dubbed, “the pill mill state” in the mid-2000s. Statistically, Florida has one of the largest overdose rates in the nation.  Addicts, their families, local communities, and the state government are dealing with the backlash of lax pharmaceutical regulations, which have sadly led to prescription pill abuse.

CBD oil has proven to work well as an alternative to opioid medications. It works to reduce the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with opioids, like pain, anxiety, and depression. Moreover, it helps maintain regular sleep patterns which contribute to positive overall health.  Additionally, it can balance many systems in the body to help regulate important functions and, it does all of this without intoxication or risk for addiction.

CBD Oil for Parkinson’s Disease

According to leading neurologists in Florida who specialize in Parkinson’s disease treatments, CBD oil is helping patients in many ways. Cannabinoids offer some neuroprotective properties and antioxidant benefits that contribute to reduced symptoms, over time. CBD’s work in the endocannabinoid system where they interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors, which help regulate many systems in the body. The neuroprotective benefits from CBD’s significantly affect the areas of the brain associated with Parkinson’s and seem to reduce the violent shakes considerably, in many cases.

CBD Oil for Arthritis

A more common use for CBD oil is for joint pain from inflammation due to arthritis. Cannabinoids (CBD) are an anti-inflammatory compound naturally and significantly helps reduce swelling. But, a more interesting component of CBD is how it regulates the body’s systems that cause the automatic response of swelling in the first place. When CBD oil is introduced externally, it provides a rapid regulatory effect that can dissipate swelling within days, if not hours.

Topical CBD oil works especially well for arthritis because it can be applied directly to the affected areas. This way, cannabidiol can be absorbed trans-dermally and enter the bloodstream more rapidly near the affected areas. Medical marijuana doctors in Florida recommend that patients with arthritis see a physician before using CBD oil since each patient’s symptoms are different and require specific dosages or products to effectively reduce their swelling.

CBD oil for arthritis

CBD Oil for Multiple Sclerosis

Many people who suffer from MS are prone to debilitating pain and weakness, along with muscle spasms that can last hours. Multiple sclerosis is a demyelinating disease where the myelin sheath, which is the covering of the brain and spinal cord, gets damaged. This damage disrupts the ability of parts of the nervous system to effectively communicate, which manifests in many symptoms.

Using CBD oil for MS symptoms is not mainstream yet; however, the fact that cannabinoids interact with and regulate systems responsible for brain functions is important to treating multiple sclerosis. More research is being conducted in 2019, specifically on how MS is affected by cannabinoids (CBD).

For now, physicians are incorporating CBD into their patients’ treatment plans to reduce and relieve their symptoms. Patients certainly benefit from CBD oil regulating their body’s functions and providing essential antioxidant compounds.


There are many health benefits that cannabinoids (CBD) offer to patients suffering from illness. But, you don’t need to be diagnosed with a medical condition to get useful and measurable health gains with regular CBD dosing. Even someone in good health can have better sleep, less fatigue, more energy, and better overall health, by taking CBD oil. There is no risk for addiction and very little, if any, side effects from cannabidiol.

The best way to begin taking CBD’s is while under the supervision of a certified physician that has your specific health needs in mind. This way, you can optimize the best CBD oil products to fit the specific healthcare plan, set by a doctor, and monitored from the start.