NextEvo The Daily CBD 3-Pack

NextEvo: CBD Products Backed By Science

NextEvo's CBD products incorporate SmartSorb™ technology which allows for more bioavailability. In turn, their selection provides more of a kick than you'd find from standard capsules, gummies, and other edibles.

Paul James Updated on April 21, 2022

NextEvo Naturals is taking cannabidiol (CBD) to the next level. With experience at companies such as Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline, NextEvo puts its team of scientists and medical advisors first when it comes to developing its products. Through this, the brand has developed what they call SmartSorb™ technology – a combination of extraction, emulsion, and formulation that allows for 4x more bioavailability.

In other words, these products allow your body to absorb more CBD in comparison to others on the market. Furthermore, they’ll provide you with quicker effects.

It’s this technology that really makes NextEvo stand out from the competition. If you’ve found other CBD products simply aren’t doing you justice, we highly recommend giving these products a try. Beyond the fact that they allow for more bioavailability, NextEvo has ensured that each remains at an affordable price for everyone to enjoy!

Daily Wellness

Starting us off is NextEvo’s line of Daily Wellness CBD products. The spotlight here goes to their Premium Pure CBD capsules which incorporate the SmartSorb™ technology along with vegan-friendly and zero-calorie ingredients.

The primary purpose of these capsules is to help you maintain homeostasis on a day-to-day basis. By taking these capsules regularly, you’re likely to also experience an improved mood, better sleep, and stronger immune function.

NextEvo Premium Pure CBD Travel Pack

Their standard premium capsules are made using 10mg of THC-free CBD extract. However, thanks to the SmartSorb™ technology, you’re actually receiving 4x the potency (comparable to 40mg CBD). They also offer these capsules in extra-strength at 15mg per capsule (comparable to 60mg CBD). Furthermore, if you’re new to NextEvo and simply want to give them a try, you can opt for their extra strength travel pack CBD capsules which come with 6 capsules for only $15.00.

We found these capsules to be an ideal solution for our daily CBD intake. They provided us with just enough effects to ease day-to-day stress and anxiety while not overwhelming us with relaxation. In fact, we really enjoyed taking these alongside our morning coffee to give us a caffeine boost without the extra jitters.

NextEvo Premium Pure CBD Capsules

FEATURED PRODUCT: Premium Pure CBD Capsules

If you’re looking for a high-quality NextEvo product to start off with, their Premium Pure CBD capsules are a great option. Each container comes with 30 capsules and costs $44.00.

CBD for Sleep

It’s no secret that many are turning to CBD for sleep thanks to its ability to relieve nighttime anxieties and stresses. Under this line of products, NextEvo offers a CBD sleep capsule that is quite unique compared to others on the market.

Each capsule contains 5mg of CBD (comparable to 20mg thanks to the SmartSorb™ technology). However, these capsules also incorporate 2mg of immediate-release melatonin and 5mg of controlled-release melatonin.

Melatonin is a natural hormone found within each of us that controls our sleep cycles. NextEvo incorporates two types of melatonin in order for us to have better control over this cycle. The immediate-release melatonin will initially cause you to grow tired and want to lay your head down. Within an hour or so, the controlled-release melatonin will make its way through your body, allowing your brain to ease into a better night’s rest.

NextEvo The Nightly CBD Sleep 3-Pack

In comparison to other CBD sleep products, we found NextEvo’s to be extremely effective. Whether you struggle with a sleep disorder, such as insomnia, or are simply trying to re-work your sleep schedule, we cannot recommend NextEvo’s Triple Action CBD Sleep Capsules enough!

NextEvo Triple Action CBD Sleep Capsules

FEATURED PRODUCT: Triple Action CBD Sleep Capsules

Each purchase comes with 30 capsules and costs $34.00. However, if you find you’re a fan of these capsules, you can also purchase a 3-pack for $92.00.

CBD for Stress

One of the many reasons people turn to CBD is to help relieve stress and anxiety. Research shows CBD has a lot of potential in this regard and you ideally want a product that comes with more of a kick to it.

NextEvo’s selection of CBD for Stress products includes their Premium Pure CBD Capsules (as discussed above) alongside two other unique products: their CBD gummies and mints.

NextEvo Extra Strength CBD Chewable Mints

We found the Extra Strength CBD Chewable Mints to be an ideal solution for those who have trouble swallowing capsules. These have the same potency as NextEvo’s extra-strength capsules but come in a chewable form. The only downside is these mints aren’t vegan-friendly whereas the capsules are. Still, we consider these a great option – especially for on-the-go CBD use.

Still, the spotlight of this category has to be NextEvo’s CBD gummies. These come in a berry or citrus flavor and incorporate the same SmartSorb™ technology as NextEvo’s other product. Each gummy comes with 10mg of CBD (comparable to 40mg CBD) and are made using vegan-friendly ingredients.

NextEvo Premium Pure CBD Gummies Berry Mix

FEATURED PRODUCT: Premium Pure CBD Gummies Berry Mix

These THC-free gummies can be purchased for $30.00 for a container of 30 gummies. However, you can always opt for a bundle pack if you’re looking to save while also purchasing in bulk.

CBD for Focus

The last product category NextEvo offers is their CBD for Focus line. This contains a similar assortment of capsules, gummies, and mints to their previous line, but with more of a focus on the bundle packs they offer.

Most people find CBD works best when they take it over a period of time. For such cases, a bundle pack is ideal as it allows you to buy in bulk while also saving on your total order. NextEvo offers a variety of bundles for their capsules and gummies – we highly recommend checking out their website to get a better idea of your options. Furthermore, you can also opt for NextEvo’s subscription service (which comes with 25% savings) if you’re looking to receive any of their products on a monthly basis.

NextEvo Premium Pure CBD Gummies Combo Pack

However, when it comes to using CBD for focus, we found their Day to Night CBD Pack the most ideal. This comes with their Premium Pure CBD Capsules, their Extra Strength Premium Pure CBD Capsules, and their Triple Action CBD Sleep Capsules. In total, we were taking 3 capsules a day with this bundle – one standard capsule in the morning, an extra-strength capsule in the evening, and a sleep capsule at night.

Beyond providing us with relief throughout the day, we also found this combo to be ideal for getting a better night’s rest. And as you already know, getting the right amount of sleep is extremely important for mental focus throughout the day.

If you do opt for this combo, we definitely recommend you experiment around with the different combinations to see which is best for you.

NextEvo Day to Night CBD Pack


An ideal solution for those looking for daytime and nighttime CBD relief. Each bundle costs $124.00.

Final Word

If you’ve found your previous experiences with CBD just weren’t doing it or are simply looking for something new, we can’t recommend NextEvo enough. Their SmartSorb™ technology is unlike anything else currently out there and ensures you’re getting the most CBD out of these products.

For those looking to shop with NextEvo, they offer a variety of ways to save on their products. Most notably, their bundle packages are a great way to purchase multiple products at once. However, you can also opt for their subscription service or rewards program. All products come with free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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