Sunday Scaries Expanding Their Brand

Sunday Scaries: Expanding Their Brand

We spoke with Beau Schmitt about the implications of COVID-19 on the CBD industry, recent innovations of Sunday Scaries, and their expansion into the United Kingdom market.

Paul James Updated on May 10, 2022

At the start of the pandemic, it was being reported everywhere that cannabis sales were seeing a sharp increase. Two years later, there’s no denying that cannabidiol (CBD) specifically also saw growth in 2020 and 2021.

But much of this growth isn’t necessarily tied to the initial fears that plagued the world in the spring of 2020. Instead, it has to do with an ever-evolving industry that is changing primarily on new perspectives, inventive consumer demands, and an overall desire for natural wellness.

We spoke with Beau Schmitt, co-founder of Sunday Scaries, about these changes along with other adjustments his company made within the years to follow COVID-19. As a front-runner in this industry, Sunday Scaries has proven itself in both solidifying its brand on a unique marketing platform as well as adapting to new climates within this industry.

We invite you to follow along as Schmitt guides us through his insight.

The Impact of COVID-19 and Inflation

When COVID-19 first hit the world (along with its subsequential lockdowns), Sunday Scaries found an overall increase in sales. “It wasn’t a Zoom stock where it just skyrocketed and crashed afterward,” Schmitt said. “It was almost a normal, gradual, incremental increase.”

“We also saw the opposite effect where people were cutting expenses, cutting subscriptions, and really watching their spending. So, I would say they almost canceled each other out. We saw a spike in sales in March, April, and May of 2020, but it was pretty much normal growth after that.”

Sunday Scaries and COVID 19

Since COVID-19, there have been changes within the industry as well. Most notably, an increase in demand for other cannabinoids, such as cannabigerol (CBG) or cannabinol (CBN). Beyond these, many brands have been incorporating other all-natural supplements into their products as well, such as ashwagandha and camphor.


These changes don’t come as too much of a surprise as it seems fitting that many are looking beyond simply CBD for overall wellness. Yet, with recent inflation, many may be skeptical of a lack of supply as seen in other industries.

“We haven’t increased prices or seen any lack of supply yet,” Schmitt said. “In the CBD industry, there are too many other volcanos than inflation.”

Evolving the CBD Product

On the topic of incorporating other all-natural supplements, Sunday Scaries has also evolved its CBD products. Their most recent is their CBD Sleep Oil which has garnered much popularity due to its ability to promote a better night’s rest.

“[It’s] CBD and CBN oil that’s also induced with amino acids and vitamins,” Schmitt explained. “It’s our anti-melatonin product cause melatonin gives a lot of people hangovers and grogginess in the morning.”

Sunday Scaries CBD Sleep Oil


If you find melatonin isn’t doing you justice, Sunday Scaries CBD Sleep Oil provides you with natural relaxation without the morning daze.

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As we’ve reviewed plenty on CBDnerds, when it comes to using CBD for sleep, the majority of brands out there simply throw melatonin into the mix. In order to stand out amongst the competition (and to give consumers a unique option), Sunday Scaries has incorporated other sleep-promoting ingredients that seek to reduce morning fatigue from other products.

This kind of innovation is what’s currently driving this industry forward and we’re bound to see more of it in the years to come.

Sunday Scaries Expands to European Market

Beyond this, many American brands are also setting their sights on other countries as a means of expanding their reach. While this is easier said than done due to legal limitations, other countries have been embracing CBD legality and making it more feasible to expand into those marketplaces.

Sunday Scaries has recently expanded into the United Kingdom, but again, this has been easier said than done. “We’re actually still dealing with issues with that expansion,” Schmitt told us.

“There’s a lot of tax applications, entity implications, etc. It was a massive project. There were a lot of obstacles that we had to overcome. Eventually, we plan to expand to other international markets, but not in the next two or three quarters.”


And while expanding on foreign grounds certainly is a challenge, the payoff is the fact that it allows brands to focus more on innovative products. In turn, allowing this industry to continue evolving.

“It was a good expansion, but we’ve been focused on reinvesting in the U.S. market right now,” Schmitt informed while giving us hints that extra-strength CBD gummies were on the horizon.

Final Word

There’s no question there’s a lot going on with CBD. Yet, we really get insight into how this industry is changing when looking at the advancements of a single company.

Sunday Scaries has and continues to be a prime example of a CBD brand done right. And if you’re looking to start a CBD business, they’re the perfect example of how to garner your market within this expansive marketplace.

“We’re starting to see innovation within the industry and we’re excited to be a part of the momentum,” Schmitt said.

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