Our Mission

At CBDnerds, our goal is to provide you with honest and valuable reviews of CBD products to help you find the best options for you. We are made up of a team of CBD experts who are deeply passionate about the science behind cannabidiol and the best deals currently on the market. With so much misinformation within this industry, we aim to provide you only with a knowledge base that has research to back it up.

Health Guides

Many publications claim that CBD can be used for a variety of health conditions. While there is some weight to these statements, we’re only in the preliminary stages of research when it comes to using CBD as a medicine. Not to mention, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to approve CBD for medicinal use, with the exception of Epidiolex (a pharmaceutical used for rare seizure disorders).

However, we understand many out there seek out CBD to be used in the treatment of various health conditions. With that in mind, we only want to present you with the facts. Our health guides are thoroughly researched and concern all the latest studies involving CBD and a wide variety of health conditions. We never make any claims surrounding cannabinoids and we only inform you of what we know at this time.

CBD does have a lot of promise to be used as a therapeutic remedy. But it’s vital for us to ensure we don’t spread misinformation and only have discussions about what science has discovered.

CBDnerds Our Process

Brands and Best CBD Products

There are A LOT of CBD brands out there. Being as this market is unregulated, many of them are getting away with selling low-quality products that aren’t tested to ensure safety and purity. At CBDnerds, we make it our effort to not only find premium CBD brands but to further discuss what each brand offers and how it may help you.

When looking for brands to discuss on our website, there are a few things we keep in mind to ensure we’re only advertising the best of the best:

  • Certificate of Analysis – Many companies run their products through third-party lab tests to ensure that their products are safe for consumption and high-quality. Reputable brands will be transparent about their CoA and provide updated batches on their website.
  • Brand Ethics – CBD is a unique space because many leaders within the industry believe in all-natural healing and bring people and plants together. Brands that understand the organic therapy CBD can provide often have other ethical practices to ensure their customers are helping the planet, from environmentally-friendly packaging to making a commitment to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Manufacturing Process – Many brands openly discuss how they devise products from seed to sale. We take everything into consideration from hemp source to extract process to how a product is packaged.
  • Prices and Discounts – CBD is expensive! While we definitely believe it’s worth the price, we understand not everyone can afford these products. With that in mind, we dive deep into a company’s initial pricing and how users can save on products, from assistant programs to subscription services, you can guarantee we’ll inform you of any way you can get the most for your money. Furthermore, we offer coupon codes for a number of brands to help you save even more on your total order!


Alongside our brand reviews, we also discuss the best CBD products currently on the market. You can find these in various categories, from the best CBD oils to the best CBD gummies. In our due diligence, we want to make sure you’re finding products specific to your needs and comfortability. That’s why we test every single brand we review and make sure you’re only receiving authentic, first-hand information surrounding their products.

Products and brands have ratings attached to them that we run through our own specialized system. This checks for quality, pricing, and variety.

How We Make Money

Many of the brands featured on our website are direct partners with CBDnerds. They provide us with specialized links (known as affiliate links) that track when users click on them. If you decide to purchase a product or service, we will receive a finder’s fee for directing you to their website.

By purchasing products through CBDnerds, we ensure that this will not cost you anything more than what the provider is currently advertising. In fact, it’s often cheaper to purchase through us because providers will grant us special deals for our readers.

Being as we are paid for many of these reviews, it may be questioned how unbiased CBDnerds is. For our reader’s sake, we don’t just partner with anyone. In fact, we do vigorous research into a brand before partnering with them to ensure that they’re only providing high-quality products. Furthermore, if we believe a brand isn’t keeping up with its previous standards, we go out of our way to criticize.

How to Contact Us

If you’d like to learn more about CBDnerds, we invite you to contact us via our contact page. We’re more than happy to further discuss our website and the information we provide!