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Pet Releaf Coupon + Reviews

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The CBD brand known as Pet Releaf was co-founded by a couple, Steve and Alina Smith. The Smiths had a beloved cat, Shadow, and collie mix, Mattie. Wanting their favorite furry friends to live the happiest, longest, and healthiest lives possible, they began a search for healthy food choices. Through their search, they instead discovered most “healthy” food choice brands still pack their meals with the same chemicals and fillers that standard brands do – they just cover it with more clever packaging.


Then, when Mattie had to be prescribed with opioid prescriptions because of her arthritic pain, they finally made the call that would set everything else into motion. In search of a natural, effective alternative that brought their beloved Mattie back from an opioid haze, they made the decision to create that alternative themselves.


Today, we look at how far Pet Releaf has come since then. We are going to dive into a full review on the CBD brand and touch on what’s unique about them as well as the pros and cons we discovered. With our furry friend’s help, we’ll also uncover the personal experiences pets can have with these CBD products.


What's Unique About Pet Releaf?

  • CBD brand only sells products formulated for pets
  • 30-day satisfaction guaranteed
  • Hemp is 100% grown in eastern Colorado; the largest certified USDA organic hemp farm in the US
  • The brand can track everything from seed to sale to ensure purity, quality, and efficacy


Pet Releaf Products

The products from Pet Releaf are separated by their focus towards cats or dogs. There are more dog products available, though it appears the hemp oil is the same bottle for both types of animals. There’s a focus on cats and dogs, but Pet Releaf does also recommend their products to other animals. There’s a usage calculator to help determine the dosage for each animal, from a rodent to a horse.


Hemp Oil

The Pet Releaf Hemp Oil 330 is formulated for both dogs and cats, but the rest of their hemp oils are only designed for dogs. They appeared to have higher CBD strengths, which would make them more effective for heavier dog breeds. An award-winning hemp oil from Pet Releaf is specifically their Liposome Hemp Oil line, including the Liposome Hemp Oil 330 and the 1000. Mixed with Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, it’s a water-soluble option that can be administered directly on food for your pooch.

Pet Releaf Hemp Oil


Hemp Oil Capsules

Ideal for large dog breeds, the hemp oil capsules are ideal for severe injuries or illness. The capsules contain organic coconut oil and full-spectrum hemp extract with naturally occurring active CBD. The formula is cased in a vegan capsule to make it safe for your furry friend’s consumption. Each bottle contains 2500mg full-spectrum hemp extract, with 450mg of that from active CBD.

Pet Releaf Hemp Oil Capsules


Canna Care Topical

Another award-winning product, the Canna Care Topical treatment for dogs is a 100% vegan, plant-based product. Intended for dogs that need a higher potency on a target area, simply rub it into their skin until it’s fully absorbed. The formula was developed to offer an all-natural skin application for all realms of external irritations.

Pet Releaf Canna Care Topical treatment for dogs


Hemp Oil Edibites

Finally, there are only Edibites available for dogs right now, but a cat formula appears to be coming soon. The dog edibles come in two different flavors: peanut butter banana and blueberry cranberry. Offering options for both regular/small breeds and large dog breeds, they’re a crunchy treat to help your furry friend with their daily routine.

Pet Releaf Edibites peanut butter and banana for large dog breeds


Pet Releaf Pros

  • Convenient usage calculator available on website to get a product recommendation
  • Each batch of product tested by a third party, independent lab
  • Award-winning CBD pet brand recognized by Reader’s Choice, Shape Magazine and many more
  • Pet Releaf coupon codes available online


Pet Releaf Cons

  • Free shipping only on orders over $200
  • Focus on cats and dogs could leave pet owners of other animals on the fence about these CBD products


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Pet Releaf has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Pet Releaf products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

6 Pet Releaf Reviews

  1. Bonnie

    Pef Releaf edibites I got for Barney last time we were in have helped him so much....I need to come in and get some more and try their other products as well! 2019-09-28 05:33:48

  2. Buffie

    I found these at a store at the beach and spoke with the owner of the store. He sold me on them when he talked about how they helped his own dog. I tried them for my 8 year old pittie mix who tore her ACL when she was 2. I didn't notice much at first. Then we ran out, she suddenly turned 100. It had been helping her so much I didn't realize until she was no longer taking them. Now I am ordering from the website since the pet store is 2 hours away. Definitely worth it. 2019-10-23 10:13:58

  3. Zooey

    I began using Pet Releaf products after meeting representatives at a dog surfing competition in San Diego. My friend Lindsay uses them for her pup and has had nothing but wonderful things to say. I give my pup one sushi Edibite when I have to leave her in her kennel for longer than a few hours. I know that she loves them and the CBD helps her to not cry while I’m gone. Thank you! 2019-11-20 13:44:58

  4. Sam

    Coop has been loving the extra boost his Pet Releaf boom bars give him out on the trails! I had about 3 seconds to snag this shot before he chomped half the bar right out of my hands! These bars are filled with natural energy boosters and stress relievers.. doesn’t get much better than that. 2019-12-01 11:18:17

  5. Pat

    I’ve been giving the CBD oil 770 to my 15 year old fur baby for a couple years with fantastic results. Highly recommend! 2020-02-10 11:42:13

  6. Teresa

    Thank you so much for the price drop!! Very generous!! My pup, Beso, benefits from joint pain 'releaf' daily!! 2020-04-03 14:46:00

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