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Some pet owners find that CBD dog treats are easier to administer to their pups in comparison to CBD oil. But what are the best CBD dog treats currently on the market?

According to the Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University, a dog treat should account for 10% of its daily calorie intake. As most pet owners already know, a dog treat is a great way to reward your pup in order to keep them motivated. However, considering these treats account for a good chunk of their daily food, it’s important for dog owners to ensure their furry friends receive high-quality treats.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a great supplement to mix into these little rewards as it may help dogs struggling with medical conditions. While more research is necessary, CBD may potentially reduce anxiety, inflammation, pain, and promote sleep in your pup.

Knowing this, you may be curious as to what the best CBD pet products are. You have a lot of options, from tinctures to topicals to capsules. However, many dog owners find treats to be the most effective as they’re the easiest to administer to dogs.

But what are the best CBD dogs treats and how do you find them? Throughout this article, we’re going to review top-quality brands while providing you with more information on how CBD may help your dog.

What are CBD Dog Treats?

Put simply, CBD treats are dog treats that are infused with cannabidiol (CBD). The cannabis plant is made up of over 100 cannabinoids (chemical compounds), each of which will provide humans and animals with varying effects. The two most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis are CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What are CBD Dog Treats

In order to obtain CBD, it’s extracted from the hemp plant – a form of cannabis that contains less than 0.3% THC. This is such a small amount of THC, that you can ensure all federally-legal CBD products will not cause psychoactivity (a “high”) onto your pet.


From there, a manufacturer will infuse it into an already-crafted dog treat in order to provide these effects to your pup. What these treats contain depends on the manufacturer. However, most are developed with other beneficial ingredients and nutrients to promote your dog’s health.


Since the CBD industry remains unregulated, a number of CBD dog treats have hit store shelves – many of which are low-quality in comparison to others. For this reason, we’ve put together our list of the best CBD dog treats in order to help you find the perfect reward for your pup.

Top 5 Best CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats are a great option for new-time CBD pup users as they often come in a variety of delicious flavors.

CBD Dog Treats Health Benefits

While research is limited, CBD is believed to have profound effects on dogs. This is thanks to the fact that they too have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Put simply, the ECS is responsible for a variety of day-to-day regulations, including appetite, mood, memory, sleep, and reproduction cycle.

When a dog consumes CBD, it’s believed to help balance out the ECS – returning it to a state of homeostasis. It’s due to this effect that CBD is able to have so many potential health benefits. Some of these effects include:



Still, most of these effects have only been observed in humans. Therefore, it’s unclear how much of an effect CBD has on said conditions in regard to dogs and other animals.

CBD for Dogs Health Benefits

Best CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, the best CBD dog treats incorporate other all-natural supplements to help calm the mind and body. CBDistillery is a good example of a brand that incorporates this – their Cognition Bites Soft Chews also contains ashwagandha and lion’s mane. Both of these have been found to help ease stress while also promoting focus.

If you plan on purchasing a CBD dog treat for anxiety, we recommend looking into the other ingredients offered. While CBD in and of itself may help alleviate fears in pups, a product will always work better when it’s crafted with other supplements.

Best CBD Dog Treats for Seizures

As of this time, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has only approved one CBD product for use – Epidiolex. Doctors may prescribe this product for rare cases of epilepsy. With that said, many consumers with dogs who struggle with seizures wonder whether or not CBD holds the potential to relieve symptoms.

Unfortunately, as of this time, we only have so anecdotal evidence concerning CBD for dogs with seizures. However, the good news is the AKC Canine Health Foundation (AKCCHF) has recently announced a major clinical trial concerning this topic. So, we’ll hopefully have more information to provide in the future.

In the meantime, CBD products may help dogs with seizures similar to how they do with humans. More particularly, we recommend a CBD product that doesn’t contain too many other all-natural supplements – this will ensure the CBD in your product holds prominence over other ingredients. Furthermore, we’d recommend an oil over a dog treat as this is likely to provide your pet with more CBD bioavailability.

LolaHemp Hemp Oil for Pets


If you’re looking for a high-quality CBD oil for dogs, LolaHemp offers a few options in different potencies.


Furthermore, their full-spectrum oil incorporates a cannabigerol (CBG) isolate which may help reduce inflammation.

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If you have a dog that’s currently on medication for seizures, we highly recommend consulting your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD. While it’s rare, some medication has been found to have negative interactions with CBD.

CBD Dog Treats for Seizures

CBD Dog Treats Dosage Recommendation

CBD dosage is largely based on your dog’s weight. In other words, smaller dogs require less CBD than larger dogs. Here’s a chart to help you identify how much CBD you should give your pup:

Dog Weight CBD Dosage
X-Small (5 lbs to 10 lbs) 1mg - 2mg
Small (15 lbs to 25 lbs) 3mg - 5mg
Medium (30 lbs to 50 lbs) 6mg - 10mg
Large (60 lbs - 80 lbs) 12mg - 16mg
Giant (100 lbs - 150 lbs) 20mg - 30mg

You should never dose your dog more than once in a 6-hour period. Most recommend only dosing your dog once or twice a day, depending on their health condition. Furthermore, if you exceed the doses recommended here, your dog may experience side effects.

CBD Dog Treats Safety & Side Effects

CBD by itself is generally regarded as safe for dogs to take. When given the right amount, most dogs don’t experience any side effects at all. However, some dogs are prone to experiencing mild side effects, such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased tremors
  • Itchiness
  • Lethargy
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting


As mentioned, if your dog is currently on medication, you should consult your vet before giving them CBD. Furthermore, if your dog is currently pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid CBD altogether.

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Most people find that CBD dog treats are effective in their dogs. However, some owners also find they aren’t effective. In the latter case, pet owners should make sure their dog is receiving the right dosage and high-quality CBD.