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Receptra Naturals Coupon + Reviews

If you’re an active person looking for CBD related products that help muscle pain or joint pain, Receptra Naturals is a recommended choice. They actually started sponsoring MMA athletes as their products are 100% legal, safe, and effective. Their two main products are the body butter and their Receptra Naturals Pure Hemp CBD Oils. You can directly rub the body butter on muscles/joints for relief or take the CBD oil orally to receive the same benefits. Receptra Naturals recently added natural and safe pet CBD products to help with their relief as well.  We’ve had many readers give us feedback that their CBD Oil helps with general muscle pain, arthritis, and even mental strength. We’ll give you the breakdown on Receptra Naturals coupons and products to help you make an educated decision on whether or not this brand is for you. 


Receptra Naturals Benefits

  • Reduced Pain and Inflammation
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Inhibiting Cancerous Growth
  • Nausea Relief
  • Increases in Cardiovascular Health


Receptra Products/Recommendations

The CBD Prime is an oil tincture with a 20mg dosage. If you are brand new to CBD you’ll likely want to try this as the dosage is smaller. The instructions are very easy to understand. You just fill the provided dropper and squeeze the oil under your tongue, then swallow after 20 seconds. I would try a half dropper to start. If you feel the benefits then just leave it at that dosage to help prolong the tincture. Keep in mind everyone is different and will need different dosages. We recommend starting with less than what they recommend and move up in dosage if needed. If you’re like me you’ll need a full dropper to start feeling the benefits. It comes in 3 different sizes:



  • 15mL $39.95
  • 30mL $74.95
  • 60mL $134.95


The CBD Plus is their more concentrated product with a 40mg dosage. Again, it’s easy to apply as you just squeeze the oil under your tongue. It’s just a more concentrated form of the supplement and still very safe.


  • 30mL $134.95
  • 60mL $199.95              


The Receptra Active Lifestyle has added ingredients like Turmeric and MCT oil which is supposed to increase your body’s ability to burn fat. Most users don’t have anything special to report in terms of boosted cognitive ability but it’s still very helpful with muscle soreness and joint pain. Like it’s counterpart it comes organically from a family owned farm in Colorado. Claim one of the Receptra coupons listed in order to recieve your discount today. 



Active (15mg CBD per dropper)

  • 15mL: $24.95
  • 30mL: $44.95
  • 60mL: $79.95

Elite (30mg CBD per dropper)

  • 30mL: $79.95
  • 60mL: $149.95

Pro (60mg CBD per dropper)

  • 30mL: $149.95
  • 60mL: $249.95


Receptra Targeted Topical

This product is intended to alleviate muscle pain and joint irritation. It’s used by professional athletes who suffer injury and is extremely effective. I used this product for a rotator cuff injury and the pain relief is immediate. It rubs on smoothly and has a pleasant smell to it. It does feel oily after rubbing it on but it’s great for massaging your injury.

400mg 1.25oz: $39.95

800mg 2.5oz: $69.95

As you can see, if you purchase the 2.5oz you’re getting a $10 price break on the 2nd 1.25oz. In addition, you can apply a Receptra Naturals coupon code which works for this product.


Receptra's CBD Quality

Receptra Naturals’ products are 3rd party lab tested to ensure quality and authenticity. Their website allows you to find the Certificate of  Analysis under their “Testing” tab. Whether you purchase from Receptra Naturals or not, you’ll want to make sure your CBD products are both lab tested and the results are posted on their website. The photo below shows you their approved results.



Receptra Naturals Pros

  • 100% Organic hemp grown on a farm in Colorado                              
  • Verified 3rd party lab reports   
  • Variety of Receptra Coupon Discounts                                                               
  • International shipping (rare to find)
  • Supported by professional athletes in the MMA community
  • Offers Receptra Naturals Coupon Codes
  • Doesn’t taste bad
  • One of the industry’s most respected/transparent 


Receptra Naturals Cons

  • Limited Product selections
  • No Free Shipping

2 Receptra Naturals Reviews

  1. Sam

    I've bought the topical from probably 5 other companies and the one I bought from Repectra is my favorite. It not only smells good but you don't need to rub a lot on to feel the effects. It is pretty oily once you rub it on like the review says but it's great to massage this stuff into your muscles. CBD really is a miracle with pain relief. 2018-06-29 03:41:34

  2. Kate

    I just finished my Receptra Pro oil tincture. I can't wait for my next shipment! I use this twice a day and it's been a huge relief on my stress levels and workout recovery! Thanks for the coupon this stuff is not cheap! 2018-09-06 02:34:02

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