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Standing strong behind two missions, SEABEDEE is a cannabidiol (CBD) company that truly takes pride in the products they craft. Their first mission is to never stop proudly supporting our veterans, partnering with American Legions all throughout the nation to provide veterans with a remarkable discount. Whether active duty or a veteran, it’s a lifetime discount they’re happy to honor. The next mission close to their heart is their fight for cancer research. A personal mission, they’re one of the millions of families affected by cancer every year. Dedicated to furthering research and finding a cure, SEABEDEE donates 3% of all their sales each year to the American Cancer Society.


Moved by their powerful missions, we got the urge to try out some of SEABEDEE’s supposed premium CBD products. Lab-tested for purity with the lab results directly on their web platform, we were eager to try out some of the full spectrum formulas they’ve been perfecting. Now, we’re going to uncover our experience with SEABEDEE’s CBD products, as well as touch on what we found unique about the company and the pros and cons you might consider before shopping with them. If you decide you want to give SEABEDEE a try once you’ve read our experience, we’ll also have a coupon code waiting for you.  


What's Unique About SEABEDEE?

  • Affiliate program offered for consumers to make 25% commission off referral sales
  • Veteran and active duty service members guaranteed a lifetime discount
  • 3% of all sales from SEABEDEE gets donated to the American Cancer Society every year
  • Detailed education section helps people understand CBD for specific symptoms or uses
  • A unique combination of bundles and packages for consumers to save money
  • Free 1 to 3-day shipping in the US – guaranteed



What we found most interesting about the SEABEDEE line was not the variety of their products, but the types of bundles they offered. Focusing primarily on general wellness and relieving anxiety, inflammation, or sleep problems, they focus each of their products around one of these four aspects. For example, there’s a muscle and joint pain relief cream, a 500mg CBD inflammation blend tincture, and they offer those products separate or in a packed-tight inflammation bundle for you to save money and get the most out of your inflammatory and pain relief.


SEABEDEE Multi-Relief Bundle

We decided the best way to get a fair idea of SEABEDEE’s products was to try their Multi-Relief Bundle, which provides 3 tincture blends for inflammation relief, anxiety relief, and sleep relief. These bottles certainly worked well for their purposes, but we’re eager to next time try the more general but more potent 1500mg full spectrum CBD oil tincture from the brand. While the blends for individual symptoms were effective, such as the anxiety blend, we have a higher tolerance to CBD, so we found ourselves using more oil per serving than initially anticipated – an easy fix just by upping the overall strength in each bottle. We highly suggest the sleep blend as we found it most effective. You can save 15% with our SEABEDEE discount code.

SEABEDEE CBD Multi Relief Bundle Kit


CBD-Infused Peach Rings

We’re used to high-quality CBD gummies closer to the SEABEDEE Sour Neon CBD Gummies they offer, but their CBD-infused peach rings were a new experience entirely. Chewy in a different way than your standard gummy, they had a refreshing burst of fresh peach with a powerfully pleasant peachy aftertaste that sat refreshingly on the palate. At 10mg per ring, this would be ideal for someone new to CBD or sensitive to cannabinoids that still want to get their daily serving of general wellness and relief.

SEABEDEE CBD Infused Peach Rings


Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

The 750mg full spectrum premium CBD capsules were 25mg each, with 30 capsules in each bottle. They are available by themselves or in the Extra Strength Bundle that also comes with the 1500mg full spectrum CBD oil tincture – something we’ll keep a note of for next time! Just testing the capsules this time around, these potent supplements would be ideal for someone who wants their daily intake of CBD who has moderate to severe symptoms or conditions. Easy to take and forget about, SEABEDEE takes it a step further by drying the CBD extract and MCT oil to make it easier to digest. Our SEABEDEE coupon code applies to these.


Muscle and Joint Relief Cream

Finally, SEABEDEE's 400mg CBD topical adds a new variety to their selection. If you're struggling with pains on specific areas of your body, look no further than their Muscle & Joint Relief cream. Immediately upon application, we noticed a cooling sensation that provided instant relief. This was soon followed by a powerful alleviation brought upon by the CBD. SEABEDEE's Muscle & Joint Relief cream is an ideal choice for those looking for pain relief in specific areas of the body.

Seabedee's Muscle and Joint Relief Cream


SEABEDEE's Dosage Recommendation

It's difficult for us to recommend your dosage as there are two important factors to consider:


  • Bodyweight
  • Amount of relief you desire

Similar to other substances, CBD will have more of an effect on someone the less they weigh. In order to curb this, some people purchase stronger CBD (between 750mg to 1,500mg). Luckily, SEABEDEE offers a variety of strengths to better fit your personal preference.


Furthermore, you need to consider how much relief you're looking for. If you're experiencing severe pain, you're going to want more of a stronger CBD. If you're experiencing mild pain, a less potent dose may be the trick. One way to find the right dosage for you is to start small and working your way up. This gives you room to experiment a bit with your CBD product and figure out when the effects are most suitable.


Third-Party Lab-Tested

When you look at SEABEDEE’s web platform, they offer their most recent 3rd-party, independent lab results for each individual CBD product. The results touch on the potency analysis of the product, the residual solvent analysis, and in some products, a full terpene profile.


The potency analysis lists how many milligrams per gram and how much percent by weight each cannabinoid is in the product. In the certificate of analysis for the full spectrum extra strength CBD oil, for example, the potency analysis shows there are no detectable levels of THC, THC-A, THC-V, and CBD-A. It shows an 87% concentration of CBD, with residual concentrations of CBG, CBN, and CBC. This properly demonstrates the correct potency for an effective, full spectrum formula. You'll find these test results for all the CBD blends.


The residual solvent analysis is what confirms that the hemp and CBD by-product is free of all solvents, heavy metals, pollutants, contaminants, herbicides, pesticides, and more. These sometimes make their way into the CBD through CO2 extraction methods. Furthermore, they test rigorously for a variety of butanes, hexanes, xylenes, pentanes, and other solvents that lessen or damage the quality of a CBD product. It is interesting to note that not all the products on SEABEDEE’S web platform have lab results available for view. The CBD-infused sour gummy bears, for example, have no link to lab reports, though it is stated that they are third-party tested for potency and purity.



  • Fast and free 1-3 day shipping for US orders
  • They support our veterans with a lifetime veteran discount
  • Comprehensive FAQ section helpful for those new to CBD
  • Affiliate program application available on web platform
  • SEABEDEE coupon codes available online



  • Free shipping not available for outside the US
  • 30-day return policy, but only for completely unused items – and you pay return shipping


How to Redeem a SEABEDEE Coupon

SEABEDEE offers coupon codes ranging between 10% to 15% off. You can redeem a coupon code when taking a look at your cart (as shown below) or when you're in checkout. Once you've pasted the code in, you'll immediately notice the price difference!



Contacting SEABEDEE

You can contact SEABEDEE by either reaching out on their contact page or calling the number 866-304-5974.


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. SEABEDEE has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. SEABEDEE products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

4 SEABEDEE Reviews


    The CBD anxiety blend has been a life changer for me. I'd recommend their products to anyone! 2019-08-07 05:57:14

  2. Ralph

    I have been feeling pain in my arms for several months now and nothing seemed to work. When I tried seabedee's inflammation cbd blend I was skeptical. I'm happy to announce that after the first two weeks, the pain in my arms subsided substantially. Thank you so much. 2019-08-09 14:25:44

  3. Will

    Amazing quality products. They actually work. 2019-09-03 05:15:11

  4. Dite

    I just purchased SEABEDEE gummies and they're really good. Highly recommended. 2019-09-17 13:57:44

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