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Seedsman Overview

Since 2003, Seedsman has been proudly selling cannabis seeds online. With their esteem, they’re considered one of the most reliable and trustworthy online seedbanks in the entire world. Having evolved significantly over the last decade and a half, Seedsman has spread to over 65 seedbanks across the globe, with over 1500 strains stocked. Likewise, they carry and sell their own brand of cannabis seeds as well, offering versatility through and through. With discreet, worldwide shipping and express delivery service options, Seedsman is a seed bank tycoon that we had to review ourselves. Their customer service is top-notch, replying within less than a business day for most inquiries. In addition, finding the cannabis seeds we had in mind was incredibly easy with their comprehensive library.



While everything on their site looked good to go, we were ready to test the limits even further, diving into our own adventures in cannabis seeds. Let’s jump into our full review on Seedsman so we can touch on what makes them unique, the different products they have to offer, and the pros and cons about them as a brand. We also have a Seedsman discount code waiting for you at the end if you decide to try out Seedsman for yourself, so make sure you don’t miss it!



What's Unique About Seedsman?

  • Same-day responses on reviews and inquiries
  • UK-based seed bank with 16 years in the cannabis seed game
  • Over 40 free seed promotions at any given time, as well as many discounts and sales
  • Massive variety in cannabis seed strains


Seedsman Products

Because of the massive, sheer number of products Seedsman has to offer, there wasn’t an easy way to just pick and choose from each category. Instead, they have options for beginners, and then a plethora of cannabis seeds and medical seeds. Not only are their products narrowed down by the flowering type, variety, cultivation method, and much more, but you can also choose award winners from different years. The options seemed virtually unlimited, so we’re just reviewing some of the massive range offered by the seed bank.


Regular Cannabis Seeds

All-natural marijuana seeds that haven’t seen any chemical alterations, regular cannabis seeds haven’t been genetically modified in any way. Pure genetics, you can generally expect them to produce 50% male and 50% female. While feminized seeds are gaining popularity for their potency, regular seeds still have a special place in many breeder’s hearts. In fact, regular seeds often do a better job of retaining the best features from each parent plant – and usually at a lower price! There were classics like Afghan Kush and Northern Lights available, but we went with Amnesia, a potent strain in its own right.

Seedsman review


Feminized Cannabis Seeds

While regular seeds have their place, feminised cannabis seeds are what have helped the massive expansion of the cannabis market so quickly over the last couple of decades. Guaranteed to be 100% female, you don’t have to worry about weeding males out of your harvest or letting your crops be taken over by seeds. Feminized seeds are easily more potent than their regular counterparts. They are only female, meaning they only use their fuel source for growing rather than growing and reproducing. With only one job, feminized seeds can produce higher percentages of both THC and CBD, depending on the specific strain you’re after.

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Autoflowering Seeds

A more recent addition than the feminized or regular seeds, auto-flowering feminized seeds automatically switch to the flowering stage from the vegetative growth stage with age. This means you don’t have to be as concerned about the ratio of light to dark hours to pull off growing these types of cannabis strains. In fact, auto-flowering cannabis seeds can often thrive under most conditions, making them ideal for beginners and experts who don’t want any growing hassle alike. Seedsman offers a splendid variety of auto-flowering feminized cannabis seeds, from Dutch Passion to Alaskan Purple, with everything in between. Whether you’re looking for a Sativa, Indica, or balanced hybrid, you can find an auto-flower strain that takes less time to grow and flowers automatically without further maintenance on your part.

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds from Seedsman


Autoflowering Regular Seeds

Capable of being grown either inside or outdoors, makes it easy to grow by automatically switching to their flowering stages whenever they’ve aged appropriately autoflowering regular seeds usually take less than 10 weeks from seed to harvest. Rather than the systematic ratio of light exposure, auto-flowering regular seeds. Overall, there were some impressive regular auto-flower strains to choose from, including Russia Haze, the infamous Stardust, and even some classic Lemon Haze. Overall, you get potent seeds that come out more powerful than most regular seed strain varieties.

Autoflowering Regular Cannabis Seeds from Seedsman


The Variety of Seedsman Seeds

One aspect of Seedsman that's really unique is they offer an abundance of options for those looking to grow cannabis. On their website, you have the ability to pick through the following categories of cannabis strains:

  • Indica strains
  • Indica / Sativa Hybrid strains
  • Sativa strains
  • High THC
  • Low THC
  • High CBD

To take things further, Seedsman also offers information surrounding their seeds to better help you during the cultivation process. For example, if you're interested in outdoor growing rather than indoor, they'll guide you to some serious seeds that best cultivate in an outdoor harvest.

Then there's the endless amount of strains to choose from. As cannabis smokers, we all have our favorite strains. And the unfortunate truth is, the dispensary doesn't always have what we're looking for. Some days, we'd like a hit of some white widow. On others, maybe some auto lemon. To give you an idea of their variety, here's a selected list of some of the high quality seeds they offer.

Seed Bank Review

  • Candy cream
  • California orange
  • Early skunk
  • Jack herer
  • Ata tundra
  • Auto sour diesel haze
  • African buzz
  • Lowryder
  • Hindu kush

Regardless of your preference, Seedsman seeds offer such a variety of strains, it's going to be difficult to choose just one!


Seedsman Pros

  • Percentage of Seedsman profits goes to helping promote legal change around the globe and in the UK
  • Express, discreet, and safe delivery service
  • Accept returns up to 14 days of receipt for your order
  • Loyalty program to reward loyalty points to returning customers
  • Seedsman coupon codes available online
  • Sometimes they offer freebies
  • Welcoming and helpful customer support team
  • Variety of payment options including credit cards, bitcoin, and bank transfers


Seedsman Cons

  • Cannabis seeds are supplied from the UK – not from the US
  • Free shipping doesn’t appear to be available on all orders


Overall Thoughts on Seedsman

As gardening becomes a more popular habit amongst the younger generation, many have become curious when it comes to growing cannabis. A quick Google search will inform you that harvesting the perfect cannabis bud isn't as easy as, let's say, cultivating ripe tomatoes. And this difficulty has turned many people off.

However, with a online seed company like Seedsman, this process not only becomes easier but more personal. Seedsman is here to help you find the best cannabis seeds for your gardening situation. Growing indoor or outdoor? In need of green house seeds? Seedsman has you covered.

To take things further, Seedsman offers such a variety of cannabis seeds, the choices you have become more personal. Looking to yield more CBD than THC? Or a seed that's picked for the exact THC level you desire? Or are you just looking for something fruity? Seedsman has you covered.

We believe that with a company like Seedsman, a lot of people are going to become cannabis artisans over the next few years. We really get the vibe that playing around with different seeds can be both an enjoyable and rewarding experience many will find themselves addicted to.

And, with that, many will be coming back to Seedsman to give another shot at the perfect cannabis bud.


How to Use a Seedsman Discount Code

If you're interested in purchasing from Seedsman, we currently offer promo codes ranging from 10% to 25% off in the right-hand corner of this page. In order to use these, you'll first want to make a selection on their website. Once you're in your shopping basket, you'll find a section at the bottom center of the page to apply a discount code.

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Disclaimer: The following Seedsman Seeds reviews are made by consumers. Seedsman has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Seedsman products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

8 Seedsman Review + Discount Code Reviews

  1. Rebecca

    I'll be honest my first time growing I dont think I'm doing bad . I am doing hydroponic,I'm sure theres a learning curve and I'll get with every grow.Seeing it's only for personal use I guess I wont be doing on regular bases. But I'm very satisfied. Thank you! 2019-08-08 13:46:48

  2. Albert

    I planted three amnesia seeds all came up,they're about a month old and doing first time buying seeds from you and im happy with them,im a new grower this is my second grow outside.i have black sugar,blueberry&white og growing also going great. 2019-08-24 11:24:23

  3. John B.

    Really happy with Fastbuds420 seeds. Quick to pop into action,so far no duds. I’ve tried the Gorilla Glue @ BlackBerry @ both are definitely worth a grow. Gave em full strength dry amendments @ week 5. Get em while it’s their 10th anniversary, buy 5 get 5 same strain free.Pretty good deal in my book. 2019-09-12 12:09:57

  4. Ninja

    My very first order got to me quickly and had absolutely no problems with my seeds, my second order was a different story. It took a while to reach me, but love how they stayed in contact with me till the end. A few seeds grew out to be boys when i ordered feminized seeds but they were QUICKLY replaced my them and I was left happy!! 2019-09-21 12:10:28

  5. Rye

    Always had good success with their seeds and genetics. And no issues with shipping. Hardest part is picking which seeds you want. So many options. 2019-09-29 12:14:20

  6. Craig

    Recently made 2 purchases. Both arrived in Australia within 2 weeks of being sent. I haven't planted any yet so I cannot speak about sprouting percentages yet. Very happy with Seedsman service and as far as I know the only seedbank that guarantees delivery to Australia and to a PO Box.They are also very generous with their freebies. 2019-10-14 13:44:06

  7. Jorge

    Seedsman are amazing, this is my second order Fast and amazing shipping If you have any problems or inquiries they message you back straight away and are so helpful So many strains to choose from, and high Quality ?? 2019-12-20 06:49:18

  8. Sy

    Best seed bank in the world. Been using years mega free seeds deals excellent customer service why would u go anywhere else keep up the good work stay safe #peace. 2020-03-27 16:06:02

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