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Spensry works with doctors and certified product testing facilities to curate a suite of natural, wellness-focused products for you, your pets, and your loved ones. They offer a wide range of products from various big-name brands that produce quality, safe and tested products such as CBD oil, edibles, products for pets and more.


Many of Spensry customers are said to find daily relief for pain, anxiety, and unrest from their hand-picked selection of products, and many have even reduced or eliminated their use of opiates and other pharmaceuticals as a result of the products available online delivered by Spensry.


Delivering nationwide and with free delivery on orders over $49, they pride themselves on high quality of customer support and supplying natural, THC free, 3rd-party certified products. Education on products available on their store and wellness topics, in general, is very important to Spensry and they use their blog to educate site visitors on a variety of wellness topics and information related to products that they have for sale.


This one-stop store for all your wellness products also offers a rewards scheme so that you can earn points for spreading the word about Spensry to friends and family, by reviewing products and sharing on your socials!


What's Unique About Spensry?

  • Work with doctors and certified product testing facilities to curate a suite of natural, wellness-focused products

  • Reward scheme so you can earn points towards purchases for reviewing products purchased via Spensry and sharing on your socials etc

  • Hand-picked products ensuring quality and safety is at the heart of everything they do and stand for

  • Big focus on customer support and educating on products and wellness in general

  • Offer top products from a variety of the best CBD brands



Spensry Products


Spensry offers a wide range of CBD oil from various different brands, with different flavors and in different strengths. If you prefer CBD oil over other methods such as vaping or edibles then you’re in the right place.


Each CBD oil product sold by Spensry comes with a very useful guide including the product description, ingredients list, storage recommendations, usage and effect meter-indicators and more information on the brand that produced the CBD oil. 


spensry CBD oilSpensry Bloom Farms CBD Oilfreed CBD Oil


CBD Capsules & Pills

There is a decent selection of soft gels, capsules, and pills available in the Spensry online store. This selection includes CBD oil soft gels, CBD gel caps, CBD capsules all designed and produced to help with different areas of wellbeing. 


A range of different strengths and servings sizes are available across different brands. Similar to the other products available from Spensry, there is a detailed description available including suggested use, active ingredients list and further information about each brand. 


freed CBD soft gelsecocaps


CBD Edibles

You’ll find a good selection of edibles within the Spensry store, including gummies, roasted walnuts, CBD beverages and more! Each product is displayed alongside very useful information on usage and recommendations plus more information on the brand. 


Different flavors and various quantities of edibles are available to purchase. 


hemp oil gummies     spensry gummies      spensry review


CBD Vape & Smoke
If you prefer vaping to the likes of edibles or CBD oil methods, then Spensry has got you covered with a good choice of vape pens, cartridges, flavors, and vape batteries. 


They sell these in different strengths and sizes so you can pick what suits you best whilst stocking some of the biggest brands in wellness products like KOI CBD, Social CBD, and ECODRIP. 


Spensry CBDKoi CBD Vape


CBD For Pets

Spensry has CBD treats for your beloved pets stocked and ready to go, everything from soft chews, sprays, drops and more. Give your furry friend what they deserve with their CBD-infused pet treats to help with issues relating to anxiety, pain relief, and appetite and nausea.

Similar to other products stocked by Spensry, they have many selections on flavor, strengths and servings sizes available to purchase. 


koi dog treats   spensry cbd for pets  spensry ecopets


Spensry Dosage Guide

Spensry offers hundreds of products from many different wellness brands. Be sure to check out the advice on each product for dosage recommendations and for further advice, contact Spensry themselves or the product brand/supplier directly for any other questions or concerns. 


Spensry Lab Testing

Spensry offers hundreds of products in their store and all are tested independently for purity as well as by their expert in-house team. Each brand available will also have its own testing in place which should be readily available, including COA’s.


Spensry Pros

  • All products, oils, and isolates derived from CBD-only hemp (<0.3% THC)
  • Hundreds of products tested independently for purity
  • A second layer of product analysis completed by an expert team to ensure safety
  • Free shipping nationwide on orders over $49
  • 30-day easy-money back guarantee on all orders
  • Customer support Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm PST
  • Spensry coupon codes available online
  • Wide range of products from various brands available


Spensry Cons

  • No shipping outside of the US
  • Not FDA approved


How To Redeem A Spensry Coupon Code

In order to redeem the offers, you'll want to click "Get Coupon" at the top of this page for whatever current discount you see above. Copy the code and a new window pops up where you can shop Spensry products. After choosing your CBD items, you'll go to your cart and see a "Apply a discount code" link, click this and a box will appear as a pop-up window as shown below.


spensry discount code


Contacting Spensry

There are a few ways to contact the Spensry support team. They offer a live chat service as well as support via email and phone using the details below:


Phone: 1 833 SPENSRY (773-6779)

Email: hello@spensry.com


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Spensry has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Spensry products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Cyrus

    Great customer service and offers really good quality CBD oil brands! 2019-12-24 16:16:45

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