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TimTam Coupon, Discount Code & Reviews

Looking for the latest TimTam coupon codes? We've got you covered. TimTam offers power massagers that are designed to help you recover quickly from injuries by power massaging muscles. Their products reduce lactic acid buildup in muscles helping lower soreness after workouts. Improve your performance with regular deep massages. In addition to discount codes, TimTam offers free shipping on US orders over $400. Our TimTam.tech discount codes are verified daily. If you have your own code you'd like to submit please leave a comment below. 



What's Awesome About TimTam.tech?

  • They offer one of the best power massagers
  • Backed and sponsored by professional athletes
  • Offer timtam.tech discount codes up to 20% off
  • Wide range of recovery products
  • Can be used alongside various CBD products, such as CBD capsules


TimTam's Superb Customer Experience

There's a number of brilliant ways that TimTam connect with its customers and audience, including the following:


  • Use of a well-written blog showcasing products and packed full of advice
  • Gift card program so friends and family can get involved and try TimTam
  • Newsletter is available for the latest news and offers, giving value to subscribers
  • Track order tool - who doesn't love to track orders?!


TimTam Products

One of the perks about TimTam products is they can become essential relaxation tools alongside CBD products. For example, you can take a CBD gummy in order to relax the body and follow it up with a TimTam massage. For extra relaxation, we definitely suggest you consider CBD massage oils.


TimTam Power Massagers

Currently, TimTam offers a variety of massagers including the new Power Massager 4 which retails for $499.95. This product comes with a free pulse massager for a limited time with purchase. It's their newest product and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The main difference is that it drives heat into your muscles, has 2x battery life, and a one-touch trigger. The price tag is pretty steep for a power massager but you can use our TimTam coupon code to save on these. You may also want to check out the TimTam Power Massager v1.5.

TimTam power massager review


TimTam Pulse Massager

TimTam's Pulse Massager is designed to provide you with pain relief of a variety of intensities for both when you're working out or simply on the go. The TimTam massager is linked to an application (known as the companion app) which can be used to increase or decrease the intensity of your massage therapy. This handheld massager helps improve blood flow and increase muscle recovery during work out. With our TimTam discount code, you can experience this revolutionary relief as soon as possible!

TimTam Pulse Massager


TimTam Vibrating Foam Roller

TimTam's Vibrating Foam Roller is designed to be your go-to sports massage whenever you're in need of muscle soreness relief. The device comes with four different settings to provide you with a variety of relief, optimal for your upper and lower back, knees, IT Bands, quads, handsprings, and much more. People use the Vibrating Foam Roller both before and after a big workout and is convenient enough to travel anywhere you go. With our TimTam promo codes, you'll have the ability to gain one of TimTam's best sellers at a discounted price!

TimTam Vibrating Foam Roller


TimTam Therapy Gel

TimTam's therapy gels are designed to provide you an extra bit of relief with your massager accessories. These gels come in three different options; warming, gliding, and cooling. These three options are for you to decide the best relief possible for your specific pain necessity. With our TimTam promo, you'll be able to gain savings on this relief with just a few clicks!

TimTam Therapy Gel

Which TimTam Discount Code Suits You?

Whichever TimTam coupon code on the right side of this page looks right for you, we have a few different codes on offer to explore. Whether you're after a straight-up 15% off TimTam coupon or the free shipping on $400+ orders, we have you covered!


How To Use Our TimTam Promo Code

In order to redeem one of the TimTam discount codes, simply click "Get Coupon" on the right-hand side of this page. You'll see a popup with a promo code which you can copy to get code. Once you've done this a new window pops up. Shop for your products and when you're at the checkout you'll see a "Gift Card Or Discount Code" box. Simply paste your code there and boom! It's also worthy to note TimTam offers military personnel sitewide discounts along with their promotional codes.

timtam discount code


Find TimTam On Socials

Find TimTam on various social channels, they are producing great content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Vimeo. Check out the latest news and videos on their social media.


How To Contact TimTam

You can contact TimTam by filling in their contact form or using their office address below:

TT Therapeutics
9119 Highway 6 South Suite 230 Box 186
Missouri City, TX 77459

8 TimTam Reviews

  1. jeff

    Thanks for the coupon code I saved 15%! 2019-05-06 17:55:32

  2. Cindy Tran

    I love my new massager! It's not the cheapest one out there but it does wonders for my muscle relief after crossfit! Thanks for the TimTam coupon code! 2019-08-05 01:01:24

  3. Andres M.

    Worth every penny. Highly recommend Tim tam to anyone who is an athlete. Thanks for the TimTam coupon code! 2019-09-04 16:01:24

  4. Artie

    An amazing product, that works even better then you may think it would, and an even More Amazing customer service department, specifically Jenny! I ordered a new model on Amazon, and had concerns about the product and contacted customer service (Jenny), they advised me to send it to them for repairs (prepaid by them). My replacement unit was refurbished so I contacted customer service again and expressed my concern for receiving a refurbished unit, at which time Jenny immediately shipped out my Brand New unit which I received in 3 days, across the country (west coast to CT). Jenny has not only shopped me a brand new unit, but the upgraded V2.0 unit with larger battery and new features like auto lock trigger. They responded to every email I sent within 24 hours, and were extremely pleasant to converse with. I will recommend TimTam to everyone I meet who suffers from muscle pain/tension and has had little success in long term relief. This machine, which is like Recipricatong saw with a massage tip, has relieved every muscle pain and knot my wife and I have had since owning it. Fantastic product. 2019-09-26 14:02:02

  5. Scott

    From right when I started using my new Power Massager Pro, I knew I made the right choice in purchasing it. My tense muscles relaxed very quickly, the pain from working out was minimized, I had an increased range of motion, and the unit was pretty quiet next to my ears when I massages my shoulders. Great buy. Worth every penny! 2019-10-06 05:19:44

  6. Evan

    I absolutely love my Tim Tam! It helps so much with my recovery from hard workouts. 2019-11-05 10:28:40

  7. Pines

    I researched the TheraGun and Tim Tam massagers. I looked at the items on Amazon for features and benefits and reviews. I watched comparison videos on YouTube. I have a friend who has a Theragun and loves it, but after seeing my Tim Tam he said the Tim Tam was significantly quieter. The Theragun is definitely more expensive than the Tim Tam, but it comes with more accessories. They will both give you the same results. I bought the Tim Tam. I like that it is quieter, but it isn't silent. I like that I can put the massage head in two positions, but Theragun can be in three positions. Not a big deal. The one thing I wish was that Tim Tam had a way to give a softer massage, because in some areas it is too strong. I think that is coming on their next version that they are taking pre-orders on. I don't want to wait, so I'll keep what I have. BTW, I have had sciatica in the past and have always had to deal with my legs, hips and lower back getting too tight, so that is what I use the Tim Tam on. 2020-01-02 13:34:47

  8. Carol

    I can’t say enough about the butterfly massager for sore muscles. Its a lifesaver. We use ours constantly. It relieves pain in overused muscles. 2020-02-22 14:33:42

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