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Vessel Brand is one of the only signature design pen companies strictly for hemp oil and other aromatherapy oils. Seeing a quick-growing market in both vaporizers and aromatherapy, Vessel also saw how challenging it’s become for a consumer to find the most enjoyable experience. Beyond enjoyable, it can be overwhelming trying to find products that are genuinely safe. Vessel works to set new industry standards and set the bar for other brands to follow – something that got our attention immediately.


We were excited to see what Vessel had compared to other aromatherapy and pen brands we’ve tried in the past like monq. And while the experience we got with other cartridges out of the Vessel we tried was otherworldly, we are disappointed that the aromatherapy proprietary blends straight from Vessel were out of stock at the time of this review. We look forward to a future review where we can also cover their Creativity, Energy, Focus, Intimacy, and Relax aromatherapy blends, along with any other formulations they release until then.


For now, let’s dive into our review on the Vessel Pen – a CBD vaporizer with a signature character we won’t soon forget.


What's Unique About Vessel Brand?

  • Variety of different styled and colored vape pens with the same base
  • Launched in 2018 to start setting the bar and lead industry standards
  • Free shipping on all products across the store
  • Brand focused on design and characterization of their products, ensuring the utmost quality


Vessel Brand Products

As we mentioned, we only got to try out one product for the purpose of this review – since it was the tool their brand is named after, though, we didn’t see that as too big of an issue. We are excited to try their aromatherapy blends in the future, but their Vessel is compatible with any 510 thread cartridges on the market as long as the diameter is less than 10.88mm.


The Vessel Pen

Slick, incredibly light, and as convenient as it looks, the Vessel took us on a journey we weren’t expecting – a true vaping game-changer for any type of 510 oil cartridges you’ve vaped before. The Vessel battery life is surprisingly good, using magnetic charging, it can be charged to 100% power in no time at all. Simply hooking the base charging unit up to the charging dock and letting it sit for 15mins - 30mins could easily last someone over a week after if fully charged (depending on how many cartridges you go through!). 

Vessel Brand aromatherapy and hemp pen coupon

While it looks chic and stylish, the Vessel also has a simple enough interface and function to make it easy for those new to the vape game. Whether you’re just looking for something that looks good or you’re into ease of use, the Vessel hits the right target points for both needs. Better than how simple it is to use or how well the vape battery lasts, though, each puff is smooth; never harsh or tough on the lungs.

Vessel Brand aromatherapy review

Overall, we’re excited to see now what the aromatherapy blends directly from Vessel will be like when in the Vessel itself, especially with how well other cartridges seemed to work in it. We’ll be sure to be back again, maybe even for a design that was out of stock this time around. Be sure to use one of our Vessel Brand coupon codes if you decide to purchase!

Vessel Brand aromatherapy and hemp pen


Vessel Gives Back

A lot of the companies we’ve reviewed in the past like to give back to their community – and Vessel Brand is no different. For every Vessel purchased, they see it as their mission to give back by promoting and fighting for a variety of causes that promote better wellbeing in our communities.


Likewise, they vow that they volunteer their leadership, energy, and time through helping education, helping the environment, and providing real innovation to the planet. A daunting endeavor, we were moved by Vessel’s comradery. 


Vessel Partner Program

Vessel also has a partner program for any newer brand looking to take the plunge and join a fast-growing industry. They understand that they’re leading the charge as a brand that’s focused on product design, so they want to extend that knowledge and care for their community to other brands, as well.


The Vessel Partner Program is for anyone looking to get access to cutting edge product design with joint marketing, development help, and so much more. They strive to be the best, which is why they strive to help other brands be the best, too – so the community can keep receiving the quality that matters.


How to Redeem a Vessel Brand Coupon Code

One of the biggest advantages of shopping for products online anywhere, including Vessel, is the ability to use coupon codes during checkout. Through the Vessel web platform, you can save anywhere from 15% to 30% off your order depending on what time of year it is and the sales they have going at the time. Vessel is always circulating bigger and better deals – and signing up for their member rewards program just helps you save even more!


To redeem one of our highly recommended coupon codes on the Vessel platform, click “Get Coupon” at the top of this review for whichever offer you’re seeing for this brand. A new window will pop up where you can select your preferred Vessel products. When you select the ones you’re looking for, you can go to your cart to checkout. There, you’ll see a “coupon code” box where you can paste your code in to see your price drop automatically.


Or, if you already have a product in the shopping cart, you can also apply a discount code upon check out as shown in the picture below.

Vessel Coupon Code


Vessel Brand Pros

  • Part of a plethora of social media communities
  • Free shipping, sitewide
  • Exclusive perks and rewards when you become a member (AKA part of the Vessel Crew)
  • Vessel Brand coupon codes available online
  • High quality CBD and THC vapes


Vessel Brand Cons

  • No satisfaction guarantee – you can return unused products within only 10 days of purchase
  • Limited selection of products that weren’t out of stock, at least during the time of this review


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Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Vessel Brand has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Vessel Brand products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

8 Vessel Brand Review Reviews

  1. Anthony

    Oh my God!! I can’t say enough about this pen! It is absolutely “THE BEST” pen out there on the market! The customer service is way beyond anything I ever imagine! 2019-08-07 06:34:46

  2. John

    Best company on the market! wouldn't trade my 2 vessels for anything ! absolutely stunning look! amazing battery life! and the best service from a company that I have ever received! thank you vessel!! 2019-08-09 14:44:59

  3. Mike Duran

    Great product and A+++ Customer Support. They stand behind their product and treat their customers like gold! 2019-08-23 08:29:31

  4. Scott

    Great customer service is hard to come by now days, but these guys are on top of it. No doubt one of the best looking and operating batteries on the market. Doesn't draw too much attention in any environment. Just wish there was a bigger version lol but this battery lasts long enough. 2019-09-06 05:44:28

  5. Donald

    I've got a $15 cheapie, in case i run my battery down----but when you see feel and use the Vessel---you know you have the finest smoking device made. No matter what the oil, Vessel has the 3 temperature setting so, you are prepared. BTW--if you do have trouble (which I did) Vessel stands 100% behind their products---I got a new one in a couple days after my letter. 2019-09-29 07:04:22

  6. Erik

    Amazing airflow hits so smooth best 510 vape pen ive seen yet. I bought 3 Vessels, Expedition red+black, Expedition silver+black, and Aubergine. I was very skeptical at first but have to say not only the luxury design but the airflow and the hit is so smooth and drop resistant and magnetic charger a plus! Amazing hands down best pen I have tried this far and I have tried alot!! Cannot wait to try new products from this company, flower and oil new devices! Only gripe would be a better case for travel, again I have tried many pens and this one as the reviews in dab connection say you get what you pay for this is very true for the Vessel!! 2019-10-12 02:30:25

  7. Mike

    I bought the expedition about a year ago and two days after it showed up I ordered the slate/walnut. Both performed flawlessly and after a year of use they both work just as well as the day I took them out off the box. A charge lasts me a week or so. Outstanding customer service as well. Carl was quick to help me out with a couple special requests. I absolutely love both pens. The only issue I would mention is that the indicator lights are basically impossible to see outdoors. I would definitely purchase again without hesitation. 2019-10-27 07:59:48

  8. Michael

    Works well...this is is my fifth (5th) purchase and continue to be completely satisfied! Great product functionally and cosmetically. Purchase here and you will not be dissatisfied! 2019-12-16 13:07:54

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