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Vitagenne CBD Reviews + Coupon Code

Grown in the fertile, rich soils in Kentucky, Vitagenne’s hemp products are cultivated with care. Born out of a desire to offer something positive to people, health and wellness appear to be the central focus for their brand. We were eager to start our “Wellness Journey,” as the company calls it, and try out their various hemp-derived CBD products. Vitagenne is one of only 14 CBD brands in the USA certified by the US Hemp Authority. They offer a variety of full-spectrum and CBD isolate products (THC free) that are legal and ship right to your door.


Now, we’re excited to share with you the experience we had with their products, details about the company’s lab testing, products, how to get in touch, and much more. We also provide both the pros and cons of shopping with the brand to allow you to make your own informed decision. If you decide you want to try out Vitagenne for yourself, we’ll also have a coupon code waiting for you at the end – and we’ll show you how to use it on their web platform! Let’s dive into our full Vitagenne review.




What's Unique About Vitagenne?

  • Genuine 30-day money-back and satisfaction guarantee
  • Products are all US Hemp Authority Certified
  • High strengths for chronic pain and other ailments
  • Simplicity in products shows off what’s most effective
  • Third-party batch tested and grown in the USA


Vitagenne Products

This brand offers both isolate and full-spectrum options, allowing the user to have versatile options so that they can find what they’re truly looking for. Let’s dig into our experience with each of their products, as they only have 4 available at this time.

Hemp CBD Oil

Unflavored, the Vitagenne hemp CBD oil is great for mixing into your beverages or going right under the tongue. They offer three different strengths: 500mg, 1500mg, and 3,000mg, which we find to be a satisfying range we don’t get to see often enough. A serving is one mL, or one dropper full of oil, adding up to 30 servings per bottle. We found real fast-acting relief when applying the drops directly under our tongues, but found that placing a serving in our drinks didn’t provide the effects we were looking for, nor did they provide them fast enough. Vitagenne recommends holding the CBD oil under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing to optimize effects. 

vitagenne cbd oil



CBD Cooling Cream

A powerful topical, the CBD isolate cooling cream from Vitagenne provided a more soothing effect than we anticipated. With the bonus of moisturizing the skin, it cools and relieves in addition to reducing inflammation. You can apply as needed, though the skin does become sensitive if it’s applied too often. Likewise, it’s not best for sensitive skin, the face, or open wounds. 

vitagenne CBD Cream


Hemp Extract Capsules

In an easy to swallow form, Vitagenne’s hemp extract capsules were an easy way to take CBD and forget about it to move on with our day. Recommended for daily use in the mornings or throughout the day, it has a full-spectrum formula to provide an amplified entourage effect. Feel free to use our Vitagenne coupon code "CBDnerdsrox" to get 15% off any order.

hemp capsules


CBD Sleep Gel Capsules

To pair well with the hemp extract capsules, Vitagenne offers Pure Sleep Hemp CBD capsules for daily use in the evening. The formula for this version was crafted to help support and restore sleep patterns. Formulated with a CBD isolate, melatonin, and other natural supplements, it’s a perfect way to top off your day and get better, deeper sleep.




Vitagenne Lab Testing

More detailed than most brands we’ve reviewed, Vitagenne truly tries to set the new standard for the industry. They attach a QR code to every product label they sell. That QR code accesses the results from an independent, third-party lab and provides a full breakdown of the product’s profile. They also provide sample lab test results on the product pages of their website, allowing the community to see what the results will look similar to before they ever get the results for their own product’s batch.


Vitagenne Pros

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee for full satisfaction
  • Batch specific lab results available through QR code on every product
  • Certified by the US Hemp Authority
  • Phone and email support team for better customer service
  • Simple product list great for beginners, but potent enough for regular users
  • Vitagenne coupon codes available for online purchases


Vitagenne Cons

  • Money-Back Guarantee only applies to one product per customer



How to Redeem a Vitagenne Coupon Code

When you add something to your cart on the Vitagenne web platform, the only difference you might see is the addition of a little yellow circle over the bag icon in the top righthand side of the page. Whenever you’re ready to checkout, click on the bag to open the pop-up sidebar for your bag. Once you’ve reviewed everything in your order, hit Checkout to be taken to the checkout page.


You’ll be asked at the top of the page if you’re a returning customer, and if you are, you can click on the appropriate link to login. Below that, it’ll ask if you have a coupon, and to “click here to enter your code.” Once you click on the link, a pop-up where you can paste your coupon code "CBDNERDSROX" becomes visible. Paste your code, hit "Apply Coupon", and you’re good to go! The price will adjust automatically, visible directly below the billing and shipping information fields.


Contacting Vitagenne

There are various avenues you can take to get in touch with Vitagenne. They have a contact form on their contact page, but they also provide their support email, a support phone number, and their physical address. Alternatively, you can reach out to them through any of their social media platforms. Currently, they have social media communities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


If you want to call or email Vitagenne, you can use the following methods:
1-888-892-2023 or
Suite 407, 730 Arizona Street, Santa Monica, USA 90401


Disclaimer: The following reviews are made by consumers. Vitagenne has not reviewed and therefore doesn't endorse, support, or approve the reviews or recommendations left by consumers. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Vitagenne products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

4 Vitagenne Reviews

  1. Jesse

    I take the oils every night before bed and first thing in the morning. I sleep great and feel great all day! 2019-09-10 17:50:38

  2. RV

    I am using the 750mg pain cream almost every day for my back and neck issues. Recently, I also pulled my back badly when taking a long haul flight. After making my back worse going to the osteopath, I used the 750mg pain cream. The muscle inflammation decreased right away and my back felt a lot better. I love this product from Vitagenne and am a repeat customer. 2019-09-10 23:16:08

  3. Roger Martinsky

    This brand has great customer service. Very responsive support team. Thanks guys. 2019-09-30 03:15:38

  4. John

    Good products, good service, honest brand. 2019-12-13 05:27:15

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