How to Choose CBD Companies to Buy From

We rank the best CBD companies for buying CBD oil online including individual company ratings based off product offerings, quality, and prices.

CBDNerds Staff Updated on June 17, 2022

CBD is a booming industry, which means there are a ton of options when it comes to shopping. Although, trying to determine which CBD companies are the best can seem daunting. The reality is every single brand claims to be the best CBD company with the best products. But how do you choose which one you should buy from?

There’s an age-old saying “you get what you pay for” — organically produced hemp is not the cheapest option, but it’s 100% recommended if you want results. The most efficient CBD oils contain nothing, but pure CBD extracts without fillers, pesticides, or unnecessary additives. All CBD enterprises are aware of the non-psychoactive components of CBD and its effects, but most of them fail to remove dangerous chemicals such as Propylene Glycol (PG). Always research the brand and check the ingredients to make sure they are natural.

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CBDNerds to the Rescue

We’re here to give you a breakdown of what to look for before purchasing from a brand. We’ve also reviewed some of the best CBD companies to purchase from online (and in general).

This is what you should look for in a CBD Company:

Online CBD Customer Reviews

If you are in doubt about which CBD oil to purchase, review the brand’s products, ingredients, and customer reviews. Start by looking at the company’s website and check other trusted sites to find out their history and if they are reputable. You can find out what other users have to say about the products’ benefits through sites like this one. From there you will gain a clearer sense of which CBD oil brand is right for you.

Customer Support

Check out the company’s website and see if they have customer support available. Typically, companies selling products with good customer service are reputable. CBD companies with the best customer support tend to have options like live chat to help answer any questions or concerns.

Are they GMP certified? Good Manufacturing Practice is a system that ensures products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. This is an important part of the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, and another way to assure the product has the strength, identity, and purity that appears on its label.

Additionally, some CBD companies like Lazarus Naturals, go above and beyond when it comes to quality customer service. Lazarus offers assistance programs for those with low income, veterans, and people with long-term disabilities.

Seed to Shelf

Check to see if the entire production process of the oil is facilitated by the CBD oil company. From cultivation, extraction, to laboratory testing, and sales, CBD companies can be links in the chain of CBD production. Many CBD manufacturers, distributors, and companies buy their plants from other growers or they buy the oil in bulk, repackage it and sell it as their own. This can be dangerous for the consumer because companies can’t guarantee the whole manufacturing process.

Hemp farm

Organically Grown CBD

Industry experts know that purchasing cheap hemp from other countries delivers profit, but lacks quality. When cheap hemp is used, seed strains are unknown, and pesticides are infused, therefore inconsistency in quality is produced. Besides inconsistency, harmful ingredients create unnatural effects. Organically grown CBD uses third-party lab-tested accreditation to confirm great quality. Examples of brands that sell organically grown products include Fab CBD and Nuleaf Naturals.

Independent Lab Tests

Are the company’s lab analysis reports published online? Good lab analysts look for pesticides and other unsafe chemicals. Users are entitled to know exactly what they are consuming and lab results check for impure organisms such as bacteria, fungus, mold, and heavy metals. Lab test verifiability helps identify impurities and provides transparency.

CBD Reviews: From Low THC to Impeccable Brand Ratings

Now that you know what to look for, you can choose a CBD brand to try. The following five brands cover all the bases – which is why we recommend them:

cbdMD Overview

One of the largest CBD companies on the market, cbdMD is committed to providing the highest quality products and this is evident in their award-winning CBD oils and topicals.

They maintain high standards throughout the manufacturing process, all hemp is sourced in the USA, THC-free, non-GMO, and vegan. The same level of quality extends through the extraction process, where they use a low temp Co2 extraction method to preserve cannabinoids. Third-party lab testing is also performed to ensure the safety and effectiveness of every batch.

The best CBD companies offer a variety of safe, convenient, and reasonably priced products and cbdMD does not disappoint. Offerings include oil tinctures, capsules, topicals, gummies, bath bombs, and a pet line called paw cbd.

cbdMD oil tinctures are broad-spectrum, available in doses ranging from 300mg-7500mg, and come in a variety of flavors: natural, berry, orange, and mint. They’re also very cost-effective, prices range from $29.99 for a 300mg (30ml) bottle, up to $339.99 for a 7500mg (30ml) bottle – keep in mind 7500mg is a very high concentration of CBD.

If you’re looking to enhance your sleep, their CBD PM for Sleep received the award for best sleep aid of the year 2020 – it was voted number one by consumers. This mint flavored tincture combines CBD, melatonin, and a proprietary blend of herbs (including chamomile and valerian root) to promote relaxation.

cbdMD topicals are another fan favorite available in many forms, including lotions, lip balm, body balm, and roll-ons. The CBD Freeze roll-on is available in 4 strengths (ranging from 300mg-3000mg) and combines cooling menthol with CBD to provide soothing pain relief. This roll-on is also an award winner, it was the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation’s 2020 CBD Topical of the Year.

Lastly, all cbdMD products are backed with a 60-day guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your order they offer a full refund upon return of the items.

Medterra Overview

Medterra is climbing the ranks as one of the best CBD companies because their “true seed to sale products” are made in the United States and contain premium quality CBD. The Southern California-based company was founded by a group of passionate individuals who believed in the benefits of CBD and wanted to make it affordable and accessible to all.

All Medterra products are made with industrial hemp that is organically grown in Kentucky and certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority. They use hemp instead of cannabis because the hemp plant contains high levels of CBD but less than 0.3 THC, making it easier to extract CBD that is THC-free. Additionally, all extracts are third-party tested to guarantee they are free of pesticides, contaminates, and THC.

If you like a little variety, Medterra offers gel capsules, gummies, topicals, and most notably, an array of tinctures. Their broad-spectrum CBD tincture is rated one of the best THC-Free oils around. It contains additional beneficial cannabinoids (like CBG), and at $59.99 for 1000mg (300ml) the price is competitive. This tincture is also available in three flavors including citrus, strawberry mint, and natural.

The CBD Immune Boost tincture is another great option, it’s designed to support the immune system by combining CBD with echinacea, ashwagandha, vitamin C, and other natural ingredients.

However, Medterra’s most popular product is their standard CBD oil tincture. It’s composed of 99% CBD and MCT oil, it’s affordable $34.99 for 500mg (30ml), and is available in 3 strengths (500mg,1000mg,3000mg).

Medterra also offers a complete line of CBD products for pets that we highly recommend if you have four-legged friends.

Joy Organics Overview

Joy Organics believes if you want to be the best CBD company “excellence must be priority at every stage”. The family-owned company, partners with the best growers, manufactures, and distributors to ensure all hemp used in their natural CBD products is of superior quality.

The CBD company’s 7-step process starts with organically farmed hemp (grown in the United States), that is then dried and milled into a coarse powder. Next, they use a proprietary extraction method that preserves the hemp’s many benefits while producing oil. The oil is then distilled, refined, and the THC is removed. Each batch is then tested by third-party labs, Joy Organics performs some of the most comprehensive testing in the industry and their lab results are accessible to costumers.

The final step is what truly sets Joy Organics apart from other top CBD companies. To increase the bioavailability of their softgels they use a proprietary process that transforms the raw hemp oil into nano-sized emulsions. This boosts its efficiency so you can get the same benefits with a smaller dose of CBD.

Their Premium CBD Softgels are a great place to start if you’re new to CBD. The easy-to-swallow gels allow for easy dosing and are available in 10mg or 25mg, starting at just $39.95 (for a bottle of 30). They also offer two additional softgel formulas: one is enriched with melatonin to enhance sleep; the other includes Curcumin to support joint health.

Joy Organics offers a variety of other premium CBD products including energy drinks, gummies, tinctures, and of course pet CBD. All orders come with free shipping and a money-back guarantee.

Endoca Overview

Endoca has a reputation for producing some of the best quality hemp products, which is not surprising considering founder Henry Vincenty’s family has been farming hemp in Denmark for generations. As one of the best international CBD companies, Endoca maintains quality control by testing at each stage of production.

Not only does Endoca provide superior quality raw hemp extract, but they also have one of the most extensive product lineups which includes oil tinctures, capsules, creams, salves, balms, and even suppositories. Additionally, all products are organic and GMO-free.

Their raw full-spectrum CBD oils are a great option if you are looking for high potency CBD, since the oil is not heated or refined it contains additional omegas, vitamins, and minerals. The 1500mg tincture is priced reasonably at $129, however if you are new to CBD or looking for a lower dose, they also offer a 300mg tincture (at $31).

If you suffer from severe symptoms their extracts might be your best option, the paste-like substance comes in a syringe designed to deliver ½ gram or 1-gram doses. It comes in two variations raw hemp oil or regular hemp oil extract; prices range from $199 – $286. The regular version has 2000mg of CBD as well as low concentrations of (CBC, CBG, CBN) and is priced at $199.

Endoca is worth trying if you are looking for high-quality full-spectrum CBD options, they are one of the best seed to shelf CBD companies. They also offer worldwide delivery and free shipping on US orders over $74.

Charlotte’s Web Overview

Charlotte’s Web was created on the premise of bettering the planet and the people who inhabit it. Founded by the Stanley brothers, the family-run business prioritizes the quality, safety, and consistency of their CBD.

Additionally, they are one of the most philanthropic CBD companies. When they first started they gave away their CBD extract to those who they thought would benefit. They have since expanded and partnered with many charitable organizations motivated by the belief that they’re here to “improve lives, naturally”.

All hemp used is farmed on the Stanley Brothers’ hemp farms in Colorado, so they remain in control of the quality of their products from seed to sale. Charlotte’s Web offers a large array of products including gummies, capsules, topicals, tinctures, CBD for dogs, and CBD isolate.  They also offer discounts if you buy any of their products in bulk.

Their CBD oil tinctures are carefully crafted in small batches, because of this the price points are a little on the higher side, but so is the quality. Their “original formula” starter size is 50mg (10ml) for $49.99. They offer a variety of other tinctures ranging in dose and price.

If you are a fan of gummies, we highly recommend Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies. They are made with real fruits and veggies and come in three different varieties, each infused with botanicals to support different functions – including sleep, recovery, and calm. Each bottle comes with 60 gummies (5mg each) and is priced reasonably at $44.99.

All products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Receive free shipping on all orders over $74 or subscribe to their auto-ship program for free 2-day shipping.

Honorable Mentions

Some other CBD companies we highly recommend include:

Frequently Asked Questions

The best CBD companies offer transparency about their practices including farming, extraction, and manufacturing. It’s important to choose a company that prioritizes quality ingredients (i.e. organic, non-GMO) and uses extraction methods that preserve the cannabinoids. You also want to make sure they perform 3rd party testing and have lab results readily available to customers.