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CBDNerds Staff Updated on October 5, 2021
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Green Gorilla is a certified USDA organic CBD company that produces a variety of full-spectrum and pure CBD products. If you’re looking for a versatile selection of tinctures, we definitely suggest checking Green Gorilla out.

Green Gorilla is the leader in USDA-certified Organic items and this authority is proven through their wide variety of high-quality CBD products. The company started back in 2013 when founders Steven Saxton and Katherine Guevara Saxton saw how CBD had a positive effect on a terminally ill dog.

Being as Steven previously worked in the entertainment industry, he was introduced to CBD through other celebrities. Katherine had worked as a nutritionist and was devoted to discovering alternative, all-natural medicines that can improve a person’s mentality, physicality, and spirituality, and work in tandem with our endocannabinoid systems. Through these passions, Steven and Katherine Guevara Saxton founded Green Gorilla and now share their passion with you – along with Green Gorilla coupon codes and discounts you can use to save when you order their CBD products.

Go Ape for Green Gorilla

  • A number of high-quality, USDA certified Organic products
  • Commitment to protecting the environment, preventing climate change, and creating a bio-diverse land to grow their hemp
  • All hemp is organically grown in the United States (Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon)
  • All products contain less than 0.3% THC – they won’t get you high
  • Website hosts a ton of information surrounding CBD for newcomers
  • Uses industry-standard CO2 extraction
  • Has a reward plan to help you save more on your total order
  • Wholesale options are available
  • Free shipping on all orders of $75.00 or more


  • Offers a variety of high-quality USDA-certified organic CBD products
  • Company holds a commitment to protecting the earth from climate change and other negative environmental impacts
  • Website has information about CBD for newcomers


  • No international shipping
  • Free shipping only for orders of $75 or more

Green Gorilla Products

All of Green Gorilla’s products are made using non-GMOs and meet USDA Organic certification. If you’re new to this industry and have been seeking out a company whose products you can trust, are safe, look no further than Green Gorilla CBD. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these products, use our Gorilla coupon code.

Green Gorilla Pure CBD Oil 150mg

USDA Certified Organic Pure CBD Oil

To start us off, we’re going to take a look at Green Gorilla’s most popular product, their pure CBD oil.

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Each tincture is made with two simple all-natural ingredients; hemp CBD oil extract and extra virgin olive oil. One drop of this on your tongue is bound to provide you with a number of therapeutic effects.

CBD oil is great for all sorts of ailments. Some people use it to relax their muscles, others use it to ease pain, and some find it helps alleviate anxiety. Being as research is so limited, it almost seems there are an infinite amount of things CBD oil can do to help you. If you’re new to this industry, we definitely suggest starting with one of Green Gorilla’s tinctures.

They come in a variety of strengths – from 150mg to a staggering 7,500mg. Not to mention, you have the option between a sweet lemon flavor or an unflavored bottle. The price of this product is determined by the strength you decide (the stronger the CBD, the more expensive it is). For example, a 150mg bottle of this pure CBD oil only costs $25.99 whereas 7,500mg will cost you $300.00.

Pure CBD Oil Single Serving Pack

Before diving into the vast world of CBD oil, it’s only natural to start in the shallow end of the pool.

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We suggest trying a sample to get a taste for cannabidiol’s therapeutic effects without downing all that money into a full bottle of CBD oil. If this is your situation, then Green Gorilla has the perfect solution for you with their Pure CBD Oil single-serving packs. Each of these only costs $5.99 and comes with two 15mg (30mg total) of CBD oil. These CBD oils are all the same as the one mentioned above but in a lesser quantity. They can help newcomers get a taste for these tinctures without spending a whole lot of money.

Green Gorilla Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Beyond their pure CBD oil, Green Gorilla also offers a full spectrum CBD oil for those who want all the benefits of hemp’s versatility in cannabinoids and terpenes.

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A full spectrum CBD oil works all the same as a pure CBD oil (or CBD isolate), the only real difference is what’s inside of it.

Hemp is made up of a variety of different phytocannabinoids beyond CBD. Each of these cannabinoids has been found to have its own therapeutic benefit. So, with that said, a full-spectrum oil is for those looking to get everything this whole plant has to offer.

Pricing varies depending on the strength of CBD. Green Gorilla currently offers its full spectrum blends in 1,200mg, 2,400mg, and 3,000mg with prices varying from $44.99 to $99.99.

Green Gorilla CBD Gorilla Gummies

Organic CBD Gorilla Gummies

CBD gummies have become one of the most popular ways to consume CBD and for good reason.

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Green Gorilla has produced one of the highest-quality CBD gummies we’ve come across. Each of these is packed to the brim with pure CBD and provides your mouth with a delicious berry flavor.

Each of these 100% vegan gummies is crafted only using all-organic ingredients. A package of 60 gummies will provide you with 300mg of CBD (5mg each) and cost you $59.99. However, if you’re looking to simply give these gummies a try, you can always purchase Green Gorilla’s Travel Size CBD gummies which comes with 4 CBD gummies at 5mg each for only $5.99.

Green Gorilla Organic Botanical CBD Balm 1200mg

Botanical CBD Balm

By combining pure CBD extract with Arnica, eucalyptus, and lavender oil, Green Gorilla has developed a CBD topical that’s bound to help you with a variety of different pain reliefs.

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For example, if you struggle with muscle or joint pain, a CBD topical is ideal as it allows you to target specific areas of the body. Green Gorilla’s Certified Organic Botanical CBD Balm comes in either 300mg of CBD ($49.99) or 750mg of CBD ($99.99).

Green Gorilla CBD Lip Balm 20mg

CBD Lip Balm

Do you struggle with dry lips? Or, are you simply looking for a Chapstick-like product that’ll provide you with better, longer-lasting effects?

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A CBD lip balm may just help you out. One of the therapeutic benefits of CBD is it moisturizes the skin when applied to the surface. This makes Green Gorilla’s CBD lip balm ideal for those whose lips are constantly drying out. Each stick of their CBD lip balm costs $7.99 and comes with 20mg of pure CBD.

CBD For Pets

After quickly scrolling through the Green Gorilla website, you’re going to notice they have a lot of options for our furry friends. We can tell the company genuinely cares about pet health and wants to provide your pet with the best therapy options available.

CBD products work all the same in pets as they do in humans. Generally speaking, there are usually only two main differences between pet CBD products and human CBD products. The first is that the strength will vary depending on the pet. This is because CBD’s effects on us are highly determined by body weight – as you’ll find out below. With that said, pets generally need less CBD than humans do. The second difference is flavoring. CBD pet products are designed to cater to your furry friend. Although, we would definitely be interested in a bacon-flavored CBD product for humans…

Pure CBD Oil for Dogs & Pets

Though dogs are the general market Green Gorilla is going for when it comes to their pure CBD oil, you can administer these tinctures on just about any pet you have without having to worry about consequences.

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However, we do recommend giving very small doses to very small animals. Green Gorilla’s CBD oil for pets isn’t too different from their standard CBD oil. For one, all strengths cost about the same – 150mg will still cost you $25.99. However, the dropper provided with each oil is smaller and will only administer about 2mg of CBD per dose.

Freeze-Dried CBD Dog Treats

If you’d prefer not to give your dog a CBD oil and would rather simply toss him/her a treat whenever they’re acting up, Green Gorilla offers Freeze-Dried CBD Dog Treats.

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These come in two different sizes, a standard 180mg package and a travel-size 15mg package. Each treat is made using lamb, extra virgin olive oil, and 3mg of hemp extract. The standard package will cost you $32.99 whereas the travel-size is only $5.99.

Organic CBD Balm for Dogs & Pets

If your pet struggles with physical pain – for example, joint pain caused by arthritis – a CBD balm is the perfect way to help him/her relieve this discomfort.

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Green Gorilla’s Organic CBD Balm for Dogs & Pets works all the same as it does for humans, using a number of different herbs (lavender and sunflower oil) along with other essential oils. Each 300mg jar of this balm costs $49.99.

Green Gorilla Organic CBD Oil for Horses

Certified Organic Pure CBD Oil for Horses

The last pet product Green Gorilla offers is a CBD tincture for horses. The big catch here is each bottle comes with a staggering 7,500mg of pure CBD.

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This is to correlate with the size of a horse in comparison to other pets. You can get yourself a bottle of CBD oil for Horses for $599.99. Green Gorilla also offers this tincture in full spectrum. And no, it won’t make your horse talk like Mister Ed, but it may relax them and provide a soothing feeling to help them wind down.

Buyer’s Guide

Green Gorilla Dosage Recommendation

Since CBD isn’t currently approved by the Federal Food & Drug Administration (FDA), there currently are no standards when it comes to dosage recommendation. With that said, a lot of newcomers to this industry have been forced to experiment around first in order to figure out the right dosage for them.

On all of Green Gorilla’s products, you’re going to find a suggested serving size. If you are new to CBD, we encourage you to base your dosage on their suggestion as it most likely works for most people.

If you find that this serving size isn’t sufficient for your needs, we suggest upping your dosage in small increments. This will allow you to get a sense of how CBD affects you and how much you’ll need in order to meet your desires.

When it comes to CBD dosing, there are a few things that play an important role in how much you should take. These include:

  • Ailment – The reason you’re taking CBD plays a major role in how much you should take. For example, someone who’s struggling with moderate discomfort will naturally need less CBD than someone struggling with chronic back pain.
  • Body Weight – As we’ve said, your weight also plays a major role in CBD dosage recommendation. The more you weigh, the more CBD you’ll need to take. One rule of thumb is to take 1 to 6mg of CBD (depending on your ailment) for every 10 pounds you weigh.
  • Strength – How strong is your CBD? Green Gorilla offers a variety of strengths when it comes to their CBD oils and you may need to take more or less depending on this strength. The higher the milligram-count (mg-count) of CBD you purchase, the less you’ll need to take.
  • Tolerance – Have you been taking CBD for some time now? Our bodies naturally develop a tolerance for CBD. So, you may need to take more now or in the future in order to feel the initial effects.


If you are currently on a medication, we highly advise you to consult a doctor before taking CBD. Though it’s rare, CBD has been known to negatively interact with some medications and create side effects.

Green Gorilla Certificate of Analysis

When you shop for CBD online, it’s important to make sure the company is transparent about its certificate of analysis. These are third-party lab tests that reveal a number of aspects about the CBD, including its purity, it’s cannabinoid and terpene count, and whether or not it contains any contaminants, such as heavy metals or pesticides.

Green Gorilla is very transparent when it comes to their lab results. At the bottom of their webpages, under the section “CBD 101,” you’ll find a link entitled “Certificate of Analysis.” By clicking this, you’ll find each of their products with a corresponding spreadsheet. This divides each batch number and offers a lab report on each of these batches. Check your product for a batch number in order to find the certificate of analysis for the CBD in your hand.

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey CBD with Green Gorilla

Using organic hemp and olive oil, Green Gorilla has devised some highest-quality products within the cannabis industry. Founder Steven Saxton and Katherine Guevara knew of the power of active cannabidiol and have been the leading manufacturers and master growers in this space since.

Though it’s hard to claim what the best CBD is, considering there are so many great ones out there, we can safely say Green Gorilla is one of the top CBD brands currently on the market. Whether you’re looking for a pure CBD tincture for yourself or some CBD for horses, Green Gorilla has you covered and we can’t suggest them more.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the products mentioned throughout this article, we suggest you use one of our Green Gorilla coupon codes for major savings.

How to Use a  Green Gorilla Coupon Code

In order to use one of our Green Gorilla coupon codes, pick from the variety of products on their website. From there, you’ll want to head on over to your shopping cart. There, under the price of your selected product(s) in the lower left-hand corner, you’ll find the option to type in a coupon code. Simply type in one of our codes, hit apply and you’ll see your savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Green Gorilla sources its hemp from organic farms in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon.

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