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Rachel Sims is a CBD and cannabis writer, as well as a huge proponent for cannabis legalization across the country. She stays in the know on relevant law changes, trends, and record-breaking moments to craft useful, well-researched content. Rachel dedicates her passion and writing skills to the hemp and marijuana industries to destigmatize cannabis and help spread awareness about the benefits the plant has to offer. She regularly writes for companies in the cannabis and CBD industries, as well as on her own website Hashingitout.com.

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[2019] 6 Best CBD Oils For Your Pet

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a powerful chemical compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. Studies have shown that CBD has multiple therapeutic properties. For humans, CBD has helped many people who suffer from nausea, pain, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, digestive issues, and plenty more. Unlike the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound, CBD doesn’t get the user “high,” but still provides just as much therapeutic benefit as THC.   Studies into CBD for pets and dogs are lacking, but there’s some evidence that suggests that CBD could be an effective treatment option for many illnesses in dogs. Pet owners across the world have turned to CBD when nothing else has helped their furry friend. CBD has shown to improve conditions like obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, motion sickness, pain, allergies, seizures, anxiety, and other common medical conditions for dogs.   Dog lovers get to choose from a wide selection of CBD products for dogs including tinctures, dog treats, capsules, and topicals like salves and balms. Many dog parents employ the use of CBD oils for dogs in order to improve their pet’s condition. CBD oil can be mixed into food and drinks, as well as applied under the tongue for a few seconds to get the maximum effect. For people interested in the best CBD oil for dogs, here’s a short list to keep you informed.   Honest Paws   Honest Paws was founded by pet owners who understand the struggle of watching the family dog age. Chronic diseases like heart problems and weak joints can prevent a dog from living their best life. That’s why Honest Paws makes CBD oil for dogs with a strong dedication to quality and safety. Every CBD oil for dogs made by Honest Paws contains natural ingredients that are soy-free, non-GMO, and lab-tested for potency and harmful contaminants.   Honest Paws has a 30-day money back guarantee to ensure every customer is happy with their order. Pet owners choose from 3 levels of CBD oils including Level 1 (125mg), Level 2 (250mg), and Level 3 (500mg) bottles. Level 1 is for dogs that weigh up to 25 pounds. Level 2 is for pets between 25 and 50 pounds. Level 3 CBD oil is for dogs over 50 pounds. All level CBD oils are made with 100% full spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil.   Customers that order more than $40 receive free shipping. Honest Paws has a rewards program that earns the customer one point for every dollar spent. Points are given just for signing up, liking their social media channels, and referring a friend. The more you buy, the more points you get. The Honest Paws CBD oil for dogs has helped multiple dogs with seizures, arthritis, appetite problems, skin problems, and more.   Prices:           Level 1 - $39.95 one-time purchase or $33.96 with a subscription (15% savings)                        Level 2 - $49.95 one-time purchase or $42.46 with a subscription                        Level 3 $79.95 one-time purchase or $67.96 with a subscription Potency:       125mg, 250mg, 500mg full spectrum CBD Ingredients: 100% full spectrum CBD and MCT oil     Nuleaf Naturals   Nuleaf Naturals offers full-spectrum CBD for pets that are safe, legal, and of course non-psychoactive. Most online review sites and testimonials rate them among the best CBD oil products available. Nuleaf Naturals was founded in 2014 in Colorado, offering organic, non-GMO CBD oil for both pets and people. We've bought and tested their CBD oil which is lab tested for quality and consistency. The main difference between their pet CBD oil is that there's a lower concentration for pets based on their size. Feel free to use the coupon code "CBDNerds" to save 20% on these.    Prices: 240mg ($38.50), 725mg ($99), 1450mg ($179) Potency: 240mg CBD, 725mg CBD, 1450mg CBD - Full Spectrum Ingredients: 100% organic, cold pressed, full-spectrum CBD oil     Directions for use: 2-3 drops per 20lbs Pet Weight                                              Usage Up to 25lbs/11kg                     2 drops – 1-2 times daily 25 – 50lb/11 – 23kg                 4 drops – 1-2 times daily 50 – 75lb/23 – 34kg                 6 drops – 1-2 times daily over 75lb/34kg                        8+ drops – 1-2 times daily                Holistapet From Venica, CA, Holistapet makes full-spectrum CBD oil, dog treats, and capsules. Their CBD oil for dogs is made from organic, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients to ensure that dogs get the safest and most effective product as possible. Holistapet regularly tests their products by a third-party laboratory. Even better, they have a 30-day money back guarantee for all of their products. For a discount, use this 20% off coupon.   Holistapet offers a 150mg, 300mg, 600mg pet tincture without additive and preservatives. They’re made with hempseed oil and CBD oil to aid with anxiety, skin issues, arthritis, pain, and more common medical conditions that affect dogs. For frequent buyers, a reward program gives frequent discounts.   Prices: 150mg ($23.95), 300mg ($33.95), 600mg ($43.85) Potency: 150mg, 300mg, 600mg full spectrum CBD Ingredients: 100% full spectrum CBD oil and hempseed oil       Thoughtcloud For Pets   Thoughtcloud makes organic Colorado-grown CBD hemp oil made with CBD and hemp oil made from seed and stalks. For maximum safety, products are lab tested twice after processing through crude and formulation stages. Cannabis goes through a winterization process that removes wax and fats. Made from cold-pressed hemp, their CBD oil for dogs is gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. No pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers are used.   Founded in 2017, Thoughtcloud makes their full-spectrum CBD using a CO2 extraction process using sustainable and virtually waste-free operations. Choose between 200mg, 400mg, and 800mg varieties. Every 200mg is approximately 300 drops total. Get 10% off with a discount code and free shipping on their website. Like many other CBD oil for dogs brands, Thoughtcloud offers a 30-day money back guarantee.   Prices: 200mg ($25.99), 400mg ($46.99), 800mg ($83.17) Potency: 200mg, 400mg, 800mg full-spectrum CBD Ingredients: 100% CBD and hemp oil     CBDfx Pet CBD Oil CBDfx carries vape juice, capsules, and CBD oil for dogs. Dog owners can get 150mg, 300mg, or 600mg CBD tinctures with lab reports available online. Every CBD oil for dogs contains CBD and a coconut oil base. CBDfx offers customers military and first responder discounts, free shipping, and a 30-day return policy. Frequent shoppers can enjoy their rewards loyalty program. Get a 15 percent off discount by using the coupon "CBDNERDS".   Prices: 150mg ($39.99), 300mg ($59.99), 600mg ($89.99) Potency: 150mg, 300mg, and 600mg CBD Ingredients: CO2 extracted hemp, CBD, and coconut oil     Select CBD For Pets Select CBD is prized for its 100% plant-based formula and beloved flavors. For pets, they make a line of CBD drops in many flavors including unflavored, chicken, bacon, and peanut butter. Every hemp tincture bottle contains 750mg of hemp-derived organic and vegan CBD oil. Dog owners can simply add drops on top of food, water, or under the tongue. Select CBD products are solvent and pesticide-free and only contain natural essences for flavor.   They offer free shipping on orders over $99 and 20% discounts for life for military personnel and veterans. Customers can get a 30% off coupon for their next purchase when they use code “CBDNERDS.” All products come with a standard 30-day refund guarantee.   Prices: 750mg ($50) Potency: 750mg CBD Ingredients: 100% hemp-derived CBD extract, fractionated coconut oil, and all-natural herbs and spices   There are many reputable CBD oil brands for dogs suffering from a host of illnesses from digestive disorders to aggressive behavior. CBD has been known to be a potent anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic, antiemetic, neuroprotective, and anticonvulsant compound. CBD oil for dogs can be a powerful tool that can provide pain, phobia, and inflammatory relief. These CBD oils for dogs are tried and true formulas that can help small and large dogs and everything in between.

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Best CBD Oil Veteran + Affordability Programs

Many veterans have been turning to CBD for it’s potential to increase their quality of life safely and naturally. Studies show that CBD can be a therapeutic alternative for those who suffer from PTSD which is characterized by poor adaptation to a traumatic experience. Even though CBD has shown to be tremendously beneficial to thousands of users in the United States, not everyone can afford the expensive costs of these hemp extracts. Many CBD brands realize this and offer affordability programs to help individuals who need financial assistance. These CBD companies truly care about making a difference in people’s lives with CBD, not just to reap money from the Green Rush. If you or someone you know could benefit from the multiple therapeutic effects of CBD, check out these "Best CBD affordability programs".     cbdMD  cbdMD offers top quality US grown and made CBD products and is proud to support our service men and women. Veterans and active duty military personnel receive a 30% discount and free shipping by contacting support@cbdmd.com and going through a verification process. With a wide variety of products from CBD oils, capsules, gummies, topicals and more cbdMD has something for everyone! cbdMD products are a unique broad spectrum that contain a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes, excluding THC meaning you will not get high.      NuLeaf Naturals NuLeaf Naturals provides CBD consumers with CO2 extracted and lab tested full-spectrum oils. NuLeaf goes above and beyond deliver safe CBD products by offering a variety of CBD affordability programs for veterans, police, firefighters, EMT, low-income individuals, those receiving disability benefits. Just send a copy of identification or documents proving you qualify for assistance. NuLeaf also provides assistance to nonprofit groups like animal shelters, homeless centers, and other community organizations. Contact them by phone or email to inquire about receiving discounted CBD oil products. Send all required documents to contact@nuleafnaturals.com. It may take a couple of days to process the request.   Hemp Bombs Hemp Bombs is a proud maker of CBD gummies, oils, capsules, syrups, e-liquids, and topicals for pain. Hemp Bombs has a couple of discount programs for seniors and veterans. Discounts For Seniors Seniors are able to get 15% off of their order. People over 55 years old can fill out a form with their name, email, and phone number. Applicants must also provide proof of photo identification. Discounts For Veterans Veterans and active duty military personnel are also able to save 15% off of their orders. Members of the military must fill out a form and provide a valid photo ID.   Green Roads Green Roads is partnered with Mission Zero, an organization dedicated to ending veteran suicide. Their commitment to the military-led them to create a military discount program. Military members can create an account to sign up to receive 50% off their order. Just follow the instructions to verify that you are in the military and send proof. These CBD affordability programs offer people CBD oil at discounted rates. Maintaining a CBD regimen can be expensive for some, especially those with high medical bills or mental health issues. These CBD brands are paving the way for a more socially conscious approach to spreading the benefits of CBD across the world.   Bluebird Botanicals Bluebird Botanicals accepts applications for assistance for low-income individuals, veterans, and those on long-term disability programs. Qualified individuals can get 25% to 40% on their orders. Send all the required information to assistance@bluebird-botanicals.com or fax them documents to 720.302.2616. Requests are processed within 10 business days. If approved, people will receive a coupon code via email. Low-Income Program Bluebird Botanicals offers financial assistance to “those who fall at or under the federal poverty level.” Prospective applicants must send a copy of a receipt of their low-income benefits (SNAP, SSI award letters, LEAP, etc). Applicants can block out their social security number before sending copies of their document. They do not accept Medicaid. Long-Term Disability Program People that receive disability benefits by the government can submit a document like an SSDI form for proof. Medicaid is not accepted. Veterans Program U.S. military veterans get a special discount as a thank you for serving their country. Send a photo, fax, or copy of military identification, veteran’s card, or driver’s license with a VA endorsement, or the DD214 form. Cover any sensitive information.

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6 Best CBD Bath Bombs For Relaxing

As the CBD industry continues to heat up, CBD bath bombs are quickly becoming a popular way to give your skin some cannabidiol refreshment while you relax and unwind. But what’s got everyone using CBD bath bombs so suddenly? The answer is more than just the legalization of hemp products from the 2018 Farm Bill. Today, we wanted to look at what CBD bath bombs have to offer as well as brands we recommend and trust if you decide to buy them to try for yourself.   What’s a CBD Bath Bomb? Bath bombs are usually made with baking soil and a combination of essential oils. CBD bath bombs just include the infusion of CBD with the rest of their formula, packing a powerful and effective full-body punch that’s similar to that of a CBD topical treatment like a lotion or a balm. CBD bath bombs for relaxing are designed for more than just relaxation, too. Since CBD can act as an aid to soothe sore muscles, reduce inflammation, ease nausea, stimulate appetite, relieve pain, and much more, the bath bomb acts as a potent product for one of the most relaxing baths you’ve ever experienced.     Benefits of CBD Bath Bombs There is a complex mixture of benefits happening as a result of a CBD bath bomb. Firstly, studies have long since suggested the benefits that a hot bath has on the skin and mind. In fact, repeated exposure to passive heat, like that of a bath, helped reduce inflammation from one study and burned the equivalent calories of a 30-minute walk while doing it.   Likewise, other studies suggest positive effects on inflammation and pain alike in people with arthritis when CBD is topically applied to the body. The additional skin-soothing ingredients added into a CBD bath bomb only enhance its effects intensifies how long it will last, and improves the skin further.   What Are The Best CBD Bath Bombs? Now, let’s look at our comprehensive list of CBD bath bombs, knowing ahead of time that not all of them are created equal. In fact, it took a lot of narrowing down on the correct bath bombs before we decided on these six. Let’s dive into our top recommendations when buying CBD bath bombs and which brands are the most reliable to choose from.   1) cbdMD Price: $9.99 CBD: 100mg 15% Coupon: CBDNERDS15   Offering a wide variety of bath bombs for different purposes, cbdMD’s bath bombs each contain 100mg of pharmaceutical-grade, full-spectrum cannabidiol consistently. Though each bath bomb contains different essential oils for various purposes, like lavender for relaxation, they all have the added benefit of being luxurious for the skin. This brand recommends setting aside a minimum of 30 minutes for your CBD bath if you pair it with cbdMD’s bath bombs. When researching where to buy CBD bath bombs you'll want to pay attention to the CBDmg. cbdMD Bath Bombs come with 100mg of CBD making them one of the strongest and most effective products we've tried.   In addition to creating amazing CBD products, cbdMD makes the top of our list for having some of the best prices for CBD products as well as excellent customer service. You can reach out to them on their website via live chat to ask about CBD benefits or any of their products. You can also check out these cbdMD reviews to see what others say about their products and what else they offer.      2) Thoughtcloud   Price: $8.99 CBD: 70mg 10% Coupon: CBDNERDS   Containing 70mg of full-spectrum CBD in a variety of fun scents, Thoughtcloud offers an effective CBD bath bomb. You can choose an essential oil that feels right to you (all organic) between Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, or Sweet Orange. Made from non-GMO, raw hemp plants grown on select farms in Colorado, the brand lab tests every bath for purity. To imbue even more confidence, Thoughtcloud proudly offers fast and free shipping across the US, as well as a guarantee that the product is free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.   One of the reasons Thoughtcloud makes this list is that they offer full-spectrum CBD products that help you achieve the entourage effect. You can learn more about what's in their CBD bath bombs by checking out this Thoughtcloud review. These CBD bath bombs will do wonders for helping you relax.   3) Blue Ridge Hemp Price: $15 CBD: 60mg 20% Coupon: clarissamae The CBD used in the Blue Ride Hemp CBD bath bomb is extracted from industrial hemp, then further refined to achieve pharmaceutical purity with a clean energy processing technology. That’s just fancy for saying that they use a 99.7% pure CBD isolate, however. Combined with Pacific sea salt, baking soda, and a combination of essential oils, it’s an effective night time bath bomb after a hard day of work or stress.   One thing to note about a CBD isolate product is that it may not carry the same properties as that of a full-spectrum CBD product, like most of the other bath bombs on our list. A full-spectrum product is not as guaranteed to be THC-free, but it also contains the 100+ other cannabinoids found in hemp plants that enhance and intensify the effects of both CBD and THC. While this doesn’t necessarily mean a CBD isolate product won’t be as effective, as is the case for the Blue Ridge Hemp bath bomb, unfortunately, most of the time CBD isolate products just don’t pack the same punch.   4) Kush Queen Price: $12.99 CBD: 25mg 20% Coupon: 20off   Kush Queen offers a variety of different bath bombs for a range of purposes, including relaxation, energy, passion, mood, pain, rest, and even better health. Each of their bath bombs contains 25mg of pure CBD, 0mg of THC, and a unique combination of essential oils that enhances the benefits of the product further. Kush Queen is most known for its diverse line of CBD bath bombs. They offer bath bombs designed for sleep, energy,    The Relax CBD Bath Bomb from Kush Queen provides maximum relaxation, stabilizing mood, relieving stress, and assisting in relief of anxiety and inflammation. Meanwhile, it also works to give your immune system the health boost it needs, making you feel like you’re a brand-new person by the time you’re out of the bath.   5) Discover CBD Price: $9 CBD: 40mg 10% Coupon: BioHacks   The THC-free bath bombs from Discover CBD contain 40mg of CBD each, made with natural herbs to lift the spirit as well as the mind. Available in 3 scents, they’re all meant to provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience at the same time. Lemon and Eucalyptus are perfect for calming the mood, peppermint is ideal for energy, and lavender is great for inducing sleep or ultimate relaxation on a long day.   The Discover CBD Bath Bombs make our list of top places to buy bath bombs for creating good quality CBD products and amazing prices. They make the 5th spot, however, because these bath bombs only have 40mg of CBD which is a very low dosage for this method of ingesting CBD oil.      6) Just CBD Price: $21.99 CBD: 25mg 25% Coupon: Slyng25   Let fizz take control when you drop one of Just CBD’s bath bombs into the tub after a long, hard day to melt your worries away and relieve some stress. A bestselling bath bomb brand, Just CBD offers their bath bombs in 6 different scent varieties. For a THC-free experience that induces relaxation after a soak in the bath, each of the bath bombs is fragrant enough to leave a scent that lingers on you even after you’ve jumped out. Safe for even those with allergies or sensitive skin, Just CBD landed on our list easily by just using their quality 25mg hemp isolate product in every bath bomb.      How Does CBD work?   How to Use CBD Bath Bombs For Pain If you're someone who's new to CBD and want to try using CBD or cannabis bath bombs for pain it's actually really easy. All you do is fill your tub with hot water about 1/4 of the way then drop your bath bomb in there.  You can watch it start bubbling and the water will change colors as the tub fills. You'll also notice a fizz or bubble effect take place. Once your tub is about 3/4 full you can jump in. Be careful not to stay in your tub for too long.   Do CBD Bath Bombs Get You High? Because the CBD is derived from Hemp, you won't have to worry about getting high. CBD Bath bombs permeate your skin but because there's no THC in them then you can't get high. Even with a full-spectrum product, the amount of THC is too little to have any psychoactive effects.         

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The 7 Best CBD Vape Pens Of 2019 | Buying Guide

CBD has garnered a tremendous reputation for its anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. All this while being a non-psychoactive compound, unlike its counterpart THC. There are many forms of ingesting or using CBD but vaping CBD, in particular, is arguably one of the best. And if you’re new to CBD, disposable vape pens are a wonderful easy to use option to get started. Our staff has bought and tested several CBD vape pens and have come up with a list of the "Best CBD Vape Pens"!     1) Select CBD Vape Pen Select CBD Reviews Battery Life: 7 hours Approximate Puff Count: 150 puffs Heat-Up Time: 1 second Flavor Varieties: Peppermint, Spearmint, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lavender, or Cinnamon     Pros All-in-one disposable pen is fully self-contained, so it requires no loading or charging Focus, Relax, and Revive formulas available to gain specific enhanced benefits 0.5ml CBD oil formulated with MCT oil instead of PG/VG for a purer taste and effect     Cons If the battery dies before you use up all the oil, you can’t charge it to vape the excess     2) cbdFX Vape Pen cbdFX Reviews Battery Life: 8 hours Approximate Puff Count: 300 puffs Heat-Up Time: 1 second Flavor Varieties: Strawberry Lemonade, Fresh Mint, Blue Raspberry, or Tropic Breeze     Pros Lightweight, disposable CBD pen comes ready to use 30mg CBD oil so users decide how much they want to vape at one time Disposable CBD Vape Pen has no buttons, comes ready to use right out of the box No recharge needed – comes in a pack of 12 pens     Cons Cut with VG and PG to make vapor production in the vaporizer better     3) Vape Bright Vape Bright Reviews And Coupons Battery Life: About 6 hours Approximate Puff Count: Over 100 inhalations Heat-Up Time: None – just inhale Flavor Varieties: Natural hemp flavor only     Pros Convenient starter packs come with a Vape Bright battery, charger, case, and CBD vape cartridge Recharge in only 30 minutes with any USB port Vape even while vaporizer is on the charger Keep vape for future use – you only need to buy disposable vape cartridges going forward     Cons: No variety in flavor available – only natural hemp flavor     4) Elixinol X-Pen Elixinol Reviews This cannabis brand brought an airless delivery system to the table, which we didn’t even know was possible. Offering precise serving sizes guaranteed, you get 15mg of CBD hemp extract with every click. Battery Life: Serving Count: 66 servings (3- to 4-week supply) Heat-Up Time: N/A Flavor Varieties: None     Pros Called the X-Pen, there are third-party lab test results available to view online Secure twist-lock mechanism prevents unwanted spills or dispenses Extract vacuum-sealed in a hermetic cartridge, protected from bacteria and even air Tip is removable and washable so multiple users can hygienically use the X-Pen at the same time     Cons: Doesn’t provide the same oral fixation that vaping can     5) Hemp Bombs Disposable CBD Vape Pen Hemp Bombs Reviews Battery Life: Until it runs out of product Approximate Puff Count: Over 150 puffs Heat-Up Time: None – ready to use Flavor Varieties: Bangin’ Fruity Bedrock, Exotic Watermelon Kush, or Wild Blueberry Jam     Pros Comes ready to use with no charger or battery required – just start inhaling Non-nicotine, non-THC disposable vape pen with a variety of flavors Ingredients include VG and PG, which provide more satisfying vape hits Tested by independent, third-party labs     Cons 70/30 VG/PG split means CBD’s efficacy will not be as pure or potent     6) Foria Wellness Flow Pen Foria Reviews and Coupons The Foria Wellness Flow Pen comes ready for you to inhale as soon as you screw the cartridge onto the battery. Made for efficiency and pure ease, Foria provides detailed tips and tricks on how to avoid coughing, use the vaporizer more effectively and safely, and much more. As everyone is different, many find their Flow pen lasts a few weeks depending on how often you puff on it each day.   Heat-Up Time: None – breath-activated Flavor Varieties: Only one multi-botanical formula     Pros Purity and potency third-party lab results available to see online THC-free and free of cutting agents like PG and VG Includes a 340mAh Li-ion battery and USB charger Reusable, all-ceramic core and premium glass cartridge hardware     Cons Replacement cartridges are not yet available but coming soon!     7) Pure Spectrum Battery Vape Pen Pure Spectrum Coupons And Reviews Battery Life: Varies, but comes with charger Approximate Puff Count: 530 puffs Heat-Up Time: Varies, 3 adjustable heat settings Flavor Varieties: No Flavor, Bubble Gum, Tangerine Haze, or Sour Diesel     Pros All batches of each CBD cartridge tests under 0.3% THC with 25.5%+ CBD extract and 6.56% other cannabinoids like CBC, CBN, and CBG Hemp oil concentrate contains no PG or VG for a CBD-rich experience Become familiar with the different settings and learn your reusable vaporizer over time Pure Spectrum offers detailed pen instructions and tips on the web platform     Cons Cannot use while the CBD vape is charging, but it’s also recommended that you wait to charge it until its battery is low     What is the Best CBD Vape Pen for Anxiety? Among the top-quality CBD vape pens on our list, the Select CBD Vape Pens have been shown to be some of the best for anxiety. Disposable pens, they are focused around Focus, Relax, or Revive depending on the one you get. They each have the added benefit of mitigating or relieving symptoms of anxiety. With a one-second heat-up time and a 7-hour battery life, you can carry the Select pen everywhere with you and not worry about running out of juice.   What are Best Vape Practices for Beginners? There are some important things to keep in mind if you’re new to vaping. The first thing to remember: it won’t seem like you’re taking as big of a hit as you are, so always start small. Take a one-second puff from whatever vaporizer you’re trying out and work your way up from there.     Taking a one-second puff will allow you to better gauge how big the vapor clouds can get. Once you are comfortable with one- and two-second hits, work your way up to longer, harder draws on your vaporizer until you discover what feels right. It can take some time learning each new vaporizer, so go at your own pace and stay comfortable while you explore your limits.   CBD Vape Pens: Convenient and Easy to Use Research and study after study continue to indicate that vaping is less harmful than combustion. By vaping your CBD, you are performing less harm to your lungs than standard smoking might cause. Vaping is a convenient, easy-to-use method for getting your daily dose of CBD. As more start to enjoy what vaporizing has to offer, we’re eager to see how the vape market grows over these next few years.   What Are Disposable CBD Vape Pens? Disposable CBD vape pens are pen-shaped vaporizers that allow users to dose their CBD both quickly and discreetly. With a traditional vaporizer, you would need to fill it with CBD vape juice and refill it once it’s out. With a disposable CBD vape pen, you don’t have to do anything because the juice comes filled in the pen for you and once you’re done you just throw it away. They come with a battery, atomizer, and pre-filled juice. Vaping CBD from these products is among the quickest ways to realize the benefits of CBD with really zero maintenance.   What are Refillable CBD Vape Pens? A refillable CBD vape pen is really any type of pen that can be filled with CBD vape juice. Keep in mind that CBD vape juice is designed to be vaped so you wouldn’t want to just fill your pen with CBD oil since CBD oil is typically infused with MCT oil or other oils to help with ingestion. A refillable vape pen can come in various styles but most of them are designed to be small and sleek. They come with a tank and are attached to a rechargeable stick battery. The battery usually lasts very long but once it runs out you just connect it to a USB outlet for a quick charge. These do require a little more maintenance than a disposable pen but they’re still very easy and user-friendly.   How to use a Disposable CBD Vape Pen The beauty of these products is that they are extremely easy to use. Because they come with a battery and atomizer that automatically heats the CBD oil, all you need to do is take a drag from the pen and within a second or two you’ll start drawing CBD vapor from the pen. You’ll get roughly around 150 puffs from the pen before having to throw it away. Most brands recommend puffing for 6 seconds before exhaling but I would recommend 3 seconds as some of these can be harsh on your lungs. Once the pen is out you can’t reuse or refill it. You’ll need to buy a new one.   How to use a Refillable CBD Vape Pen To Begin, you’ll want to detach the mouthpiece from the actual body of the pen. Most of the time you can gently pull them apart. You’ll then see there’s a refillable pod where you fill it with your desired CBD Vape juice. Then reattach the pod and make sure to let your pen for about an hour before use. In order to use, all you need to do is take a drag and the pen will heat the oil immediately turning it into vape for you to inhale. To begin, just inhale for 2-3 seconds and see how that feels. You should visibly see some vapor when you breathe out.   The Advantages and Disadvantages of Refillable Vape Pens Now that we know the difference between the two, is it best to buy a disposable CBD vape pen or refillable one?   If you decide on a refillable CBD vape pen, you’ll have to buy both the pen and the CBD vape juice separately. Even though you are buying 2 separate products, in the long run, it’s usually cheaper to go with refillable ones since the CBD vape juice is inexpensive. Some benefits include having many more options in terms of pens and flavors. Many have adjustable settings to help optimize your vaping experience. This allows you to control how thick or large the cloud of vape is when you exhale.   Advantages Long term lower costs More versatility with vaping styles Sleek in size Easy to set up and easy to use More environmentally friendly Can produce different cloud sizes   Disadvantages More maintenance required Not as discreet as disposable pens You have to purchase both the pen and the juice Small learning curve     The Advantages and Disadvantages of Disposable Vape Pens Disposable CBD vape pens are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to have CBD enter your system. The pen is ready to go as soon as you take it out of the package. Initially, it’ll be less expensive than a refillable pen since you don’t have to buy separate products and no many brands are coming out with different varieties of flavors. Not only are brands coming out with different flavors for these pens, but many are engineered for specific desired moods like relaxing or if you want an energy boost.   One of the downsides is that they typically contain very little CBD so you have to take at times 15-30 puffs to get a dosage. There are of course some health concerns with vaping in general so having to take so many puffs can correlate with that concern. If you vape a lot, these might not be the best option since you continuously have to throw them out and buy new ones.   Advantages Easiest CBD product to use Zero maintenance required Great flavors and mood options Full-spectrum pens offered Slim, discreet, and lighter weight   Disadvantages Long term these can cost more than Refillables Not as many CBD vape juice options’ Not as versatile with airflow Only one cloud option    

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