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Authored: Feb 24, 2021
Updated: Apr 6, 2021
Best CBD Soaps

Soothe the Skin You’re In | Top 5 Best CBD Soaps of‌ ‌2021

These days, cannabidiol (CBD) is more popular than ever and is found in everything from oils and concentrates to capsules to edibles. Topical CBD - including CBD lotions, salves, scrubs, and even CBD soap - is one of the fastest-growing methods of taking it.


Like the other cannabinoids found in cannabis, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is versatile, offering numerous ways for users to indulge in its potential benefits. Being as our skin is our largest organ and is jammed with cannabinoid receptors, absorbing CBD via the skin is a highly efficient way to get what you need quickly.


While topicals like CBD lotions, balms, and salves have become quite common, consumers are less familiar with CBD soap. As more offerings hit the market, users are starting to see CBD skincare benefits through soap, which may reduce inflammation, encourage healthier skin, and could even improve your mood.


So, for those looking to give CBD soap a try, we've rounded up 5 of the best CBD soaps on the market and some guidance on how to pick these products. And it’s none too soon because, despite the nearly 20 years since Oil of Olay launched its “Love the skin you’re in” campaign, we still need a little help when it comes to embracing skin-based wellness.  


For many of us, CBD is the skincare ingredient we’ve been missing all those years.


Top-Ranking CBD Soap

1.) Harmony Hemp

Harmony Hemp Hempbath Lavender Oats Soap

Rating 5/ 5

Extract Type: Full-spectrum

Total CBD Range: 35mg

Potency Range: Not available

Price Range: $13.99

Value ($/mg): $0.40 per mg

THC Content: <0.3%

Lab Report: See Here

Scent Variations: 1

Potency Variations1


Harmony Hemp Pros:

  • Full refund with 7-days (of product receipt)
  • Made from USA-grown, 100% organic hemp
  • Lab results available online


Harmony Hemp Cons:

  • Low concentration (only 35mg CBD per bar of soap)
  • No international shipping


Harmony Hemp offers a broad selection of 100% organic, full-spectrum, terpene-rich CBD topicals, tinctures, and personal care products for US-based customers. However, they eventually hope to grow beyond US borders.


Harmony’s CBD soap offering is part of their Hempbath personal care line, alongside lotion, bath bombs, bath salts, and massage oil. The scrub bar, infused with calming lavender, skin-balancing oats, and 35mg CBD, cleanses the skin and replaces moisture. A combination of shea butter and coconut oil adds to the skin-nourishing power of this CBD soap bar.


Harmony also offers unique menthol-infused topicals in their Flexible CBD line and pain-relieving topicals with added lidocaine called NeuroComfort CBD.


2.) CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman Soap

Rating 4.5/ 5

Extract Type: Full-spectrum

Total CBD Range: 75mg

Potency Range: Not available

Price Range: $19.99

Value ($/mg): $0.26 per mg

THC Content: <0.3%

Lab Report: See Here

Scent Variations: 3

Potency Variations1


CBD American Shaman Pros:

  • All products are 100% organic, non-GMO, and mostly gluten-free
  • Compassionate care program for those in need, low income, and veterans
  • The website has accessibility options
  • 45-day return policy (if purchased direct)


CBD American Shaman Cons:

  • Sample soap lab reports not available online
  • US shipping only


Dedicated to providing wellness through a versatile selection of products crafted from super-concentrated, terpene-rich CBD oil, CBD American Shaman's CBD extract is derived from high-quality, USA-grown organic hemp. And it is both GMO and (mostly) gluten-free. American Shaman uses nanotechnology, allowing its products to be absorbed more efficiently by the body.


American Shaman’s CBD soap is available in three varieties; Sweet Almond, Deep Spicy Wood, and Fresh Mint, with 75mg of CBD in each 5-ounce bar. Suitable for all skin types (including allergy-prone, sensitive skin), these soaps offer moisture and hydration for thirsty skin.


3.) Just CBD

Just CBD Hemp Soap

Rating 4/ 5

Extract Type: Full-spectrum

Total CBD Range: Not available

Potency Range: Not available

Price Range: $4.99

Value ($/mg): N/A

THC Content: <0.3%

Lab Report: See Here

Scent Variations: 11

Potency Variations1


Just CBD Pros:

  • Most variety of different scents on our list
  • Using nourishing, hydrating hemp oil
  • Cheapest product on our list (based on overall price)


Just CBD Cons:

  • Doesn't use CBD extract


Just CBD's hemp soap is a bit unique compared to the other CBD soaps mentioned on our list. Rather than using a traditional CBD extract, Just CBD opts to use pure hemp oil along with other all-natural ingredients. The idea behind this is that hemp oil is much more nourishing and hydrating for the skin compared to a CBD extract.


This product also incorporates organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and Just CBD's proprietary formula in order to further moisturization. It's unlikely you're going to feel pain-relieving effects from this product like you may with other CBD topicals. However, being this concoction of ingredients, this may just be the answer to dry and flaky skin.


The only downside to Just CBD's product is there's no way of measuring out the potency of this body bar. In turn, if you were looking to intake a specific milligram (mg) count from CBD soaps, you're out of luck here. However, being as this product uses hemp oil rather than CBD extract, you may find it more beneficial for moisturizing your skin health.


4.) Mission Farms

Mission Farms Rest CBD Goat Milk Soap

Rating 4/ 5

Extract Type: Full-spectrum

Total CBD Range: 200mg

Potency Range: Not available

Price Range: $20.00

Value ($/mg): $0.10 per mg

THC Content: <0.3%

Lab Report: See Here

Scent Variations: 4

Potency Variations1


Mission Farms Pros:

  • Seed-to-sale oversight
  • Buy two soap, get one free
  • Made with luxurious goat’s milk
  • Has the highest concentration of CBD per bar


Mission Farms Cons:

  • Free shipping only available on orders of $99 or more
  • No international shipping


Headquartered in the rich farmland surrounding Bend, Oregon, Mission Farms bills itself as a farm-to-family CBD brand that boasts seed-to-sale oversight of its many CBD products. A pioneer in hemp cultivation, Mission grows its top-quality hemp in the basalt-based volcanic soil and natural sunlight of central Oregon. Planted, tended, and harvested by hand, Mission Farms is committed to cultivating the happiest hemp possible and delivering its benefits to as many people as they can.


When it comes to CBD Soap, Mission isn’t playing - their bars offer the most potent concentration of CBD we’ve found (200mg per 4.5-ounce bar). And, combined with goat milk’s healing properties, Mission’s CBD soaps offer tremendous value - whether you’re giving the lavender blossom, honey grapefruit, spearmint eucalyptus, or oatmeal and honey soap a try. All these essential oils only optimize for further CBD skin health.


5.) CBD Living

CBD Living CBD Soap

Rating 3.5/ 5

Extract Type: Broad-spectrum

Total CBD Range: 100mg

Potency Range: Not available

Price Range: $14.00

Value ($/mg): $0.14 per mg

THC Content: 0.0%

Lab Report: None

Scent Variations: 4

Potency Variations1


CBD Living Pros:

  • Organically Grown in Colorado
  • Vegan, non-GMO, THC-free (made with 100% natural ingredients)
  • Discounts for military, first responders, teachers, students, and seniors


CBD Living Cons:

  • Lab results not available for every variety of soap.
  • No international shipping


In 2013 a group of science, business, and thought leaders came together in Corona, California, to form CBD Living. Using their proprietary technologies for water solubility, skin retention, and other unique effects, CBD Living creates more than 100 top-notch CBD products for customers anywhere in the US.


Available in amber bergamot, lavender, eucalyptus, and coconut lime, each 4.5-ounce bar of CBD Living’s CBD soap holds 100mg of broad-spectrum nano hemp extract CBD. Nano CBD is CBD that has been broken down into nano-droplets to increase absorption, which not only speeds up time between dosing and effect but can lessen the amount of CBD needed.


Whether you’re looking to elevate your mood, get a good night’s sleep, refresh the senses, or soothe dry, sensitive skin, CBD Living likely has soap for your needs.


What is CBD Soap?

Very simply, CBD soap is a soap infused with CBD oil extract. CBD-infused soap works in two ways; as a natural soap and a CBD topical.


CBD absorbs quickly and easily through the skin, binding with receptors in the skin’s endocannabinoid system, delivering its benefits rapidly and efficiently. Topical application of CBD has shown promise with easing joint, muscle, and even neuropathic pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties may help relieve skin conditions like eczema or acne and protect skin from sun damage. Some consumers also report that topical CBD results in better sleep, more manageable moods, reduced inflammation, and lower anxiety—making CBD soap a great way to deliver wellness in your daily shower.


What Benefit Does CBD & Hemp Offer the Skin?

CBD is an all-natural compound that binds to receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid systems, providing potential benefits like reduced stress and increased wellness. Since there are endocannabinoid receptors all over your skin, this is a great way to reap CBD’s benefits.


Hemp seed oil itself is a powerful antioxidant. Its rich, omega-6 fatty acids help control inflammation and encourage new skin cell growth, offering potential relief for acne and psoriasis conditions. Additionally, CBD’s antibacterial properties help kill bacteria while being gentle on the skin.


Rich in oleic and linoleic acids, hemp seed oil naturally and gently targets fine lines and wrinkles, reducing their appearance and even preventing their development. It’s no wonder people have been using hemp seed oil on their skin for years, since long before we began extracting CBD from hemp.


How to Choose the Best CBD Soap for Your Needs?

Admittedly, choosing a CBD soap is a lot about personal preference, but there are some guidelines you can follow to find the best soap for you:


  • CBD’s immense popularity means that there are poorly made and even fake products out there. Always research before you buy. This includes other products, such as CBD oils.
  • You should only buy CBD soap, or any CBD product, from brands that make it easy to check third-party lab results. This lets you prove that the product is as strong as advertised and that it’s free from toxins and impurities.
  • Who will be using the soap? Why are they using it? Those looking to relax may want a calming scent like lavender, while others may prefer uplifting citrus or a caffeine jolt.
  • Is this special-occasion soap, or one you’ll be using every day? Soaps can range in price from under $10 to more than $20 per bar. How often it gets used to affect your budget?
  • Always check for other ingredients, especially if you may have allergies to fragrances, preservatives, or oils.
  • Full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate? If you’re looking to benefit from the entourage effect, you’ll want to choose a soap made from full-spectrum oil. If you’d prefer to give a soap with 0% THC a-go, you’ll need to look for broad-spectrum or isolate-based bars.

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