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CBDNerds Staff Updated on March 29, 2022
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Review Summary

Mission Farms takes CBD to a new level by mixing terpenes and essential oils into its tincture blends to create extremely effective products. Whether you’re in need of pain relief, relaxing, or getting a better night’s rest, Mission Farms CBD has something for you.

A farm-to-family CBD brand, Mission Farms CBD is proud to grow their own hemp in volcanic soil and natural sunlight in Central Oregon. One of the pioneers to farming hemp, the brand is known for growing some of the best – if not, the best – hemp in the country. We were excited when we learned this information and knew we had to try out their hemp-derived products.

One thing we find especially interesting about Mission Farms CBD is that they infuse more terpenes and essential oils into cannabidiol-rich hemp extract to make it more powerful. It’s supposed to, in theory, provide a stronger Entourage Effect compared to comparable CBD brands – and we just had to try it out.

We look forward to trying more of their products in the future, but for now, we hope you can use our experience to help you better decide if this is the brand you’ve been looking for. Let’s dive into our full Mission Farms CBD review to share our experience with their products, info on how to redeem any handy online coupon codes, and much more!

Mission Farms

Hemp is the Operation from Mission Farms CBD

  • Own and manage their own hemp farms to cultivate the highest quality hemp plants
  • Hemp is grown in the volcanic, nutrient-rich soil of Oregon
  • Genuine money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your product
  • Family-friendly CBD brand on a mission to help heal


  • Fully-integrated company - controls everything from seed-to-sale
  • CBD products come in numerous formulas that incorporate different terpenes and essential oils for further effectiveness
  • Subscription service available


  • No international shipping
  • No free shipping

Mission Farms CBD Products

There are 4 different solutions in the Missions Farms CBD line: Rest, Relieve, Relax, and Pure. Rest is designed to help deepen sleep, Relieve is meant to ease discomfort, Relax is for calming stress, and Pure is the one we tried – ideal for promoting general wellness and enhancing your wellbeing.

Mission Farms Relieve CBD Oil


CBD Oils

There is only one strength of oil through Mission Farms CBD; there are two bottles that show different strengths, but the 250mg is a quarter the size of the 1,000mg. The Pure formula comes in a delightful Vanilla Mint flavor that almost entirely hid the natural hemp taste. Overall, we enjoyed how potent the oil seemed to be; non-psychoactive, it allowed us to feel better focused throughout the day while still easing stress and anxiety.

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Mission Farms Relax CBD Cream


CBD Creams

Sticking with the Pure formula to best review the brand, the best CBD cream from Missions Farm CBD is made with pure CBD goat milk cream. It’s meant to help treat sensitive skin, as well as promote general wellness by enhancing your wellbeing. While we’ll be testing it for longer to see more results, it does seem to perform an excellent job at stimulating the elastin and collagen in certain areas of the body. It doesn’t just hydrate; it exfoliates without an abrasive material. This might help someone who has inflammation across their skin hit those target areas where it counts.

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Mission Farms Rest CBD Goat Milk Soap


CBD Soaps

We’ve seen CBD bath products and plenty of topicals in our time, but we rarely get the chance to see goat milk soap like the CBD soap from Mission Farms CBD. The Pure formula contains 200mg CBD; a chemical-free, all-natural way to feel good and deal with problem skin at the same time. While it’s designed around being used in the bath, it is also gentle enough to be used for the face, eliminating dry skin and exfoliating without being too abrasive on the skin.

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Buyer’s Guide

Mission Farms CBD Dosage Guide

Missions Farms doesn’t appear to have a recommended dosage guide for their products, but they do have informative instructions that can help you better gauge your preferred serving size. For their oil, which is their only consumable product, they recommend starting with a half-dose and increase as needed if you’re new to CBD. A serving size, or dose, is .75ml – since the oil came with a graduated dropper, it’s easy to measure out an accurate dose. Place up to two doses a few times a day under your tongue for 90 seconds before you swallow.

Mission Farms CBD Lab Testing

We were happy to see the comprehensive third-party testing Mission Farms CBD has performed by Juniper Analytics. You can view any product’s certificate of analysis on their web platform. There, you can see the full potency analysis, including the cannabinoid content levels and the cannabinoid distribution across that product. A full-spectrum CBD company, there are rich levels of cannabidiol, as well as CBG, CBN, CBC, and more.

How to Redeem a Mission Farms CBD Coupon Code

When you add something to your cart on the Missions Farm CBD web platform, it immediately redirects you to a check-out page where you can either checkout or hit the Continue Shopping button on the right side of the page.

If you are ready to check out and have an online coupon code, you can apply it in the coupon code field located on the left under the items you’re buying. Once you paste your coupon code, you’ll hit Apply coupon and it should adjust the price automatically.

Contacting Mission Farms CBD

We were surprised to see that Mission Farms CBD doesn’t have a customer support chat option on their web platform, but that doesn’t limit the ways there are to contact them. They have an account on a plethora of social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and even LinkedIn.

Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM PST, you can also email their customer support at:


Mission Farms CBD

1465 SW Knoll Ave, Suite 102

Bend, Oregon 97702

Frequently Asked Questions

Most orders process and ship within 2 business days.

6 User Reviews

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Great product

December 16, 2019 by Ella

Great Product! I have Restless leg syndrome, and this helps immediately!

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Love it

October 27, 2019 by Deloura

I’ve tried the gel and cream. It has helped with the pain I’ve been experiencing in my leg. Love it!

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Truly impressed

October 12, 2019 by Lynn

I was truly impressed with the ease of ordering, the rapidity of receipt and the quality(awesome packaging too!) of this product - I will order again...and thanks for sample sizes - it's nice to be able to try the different types! A very professional outfit!

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Great for PMS

September 29, 2019 by Desirae

I use this every month for my period symptoms. Awesome for my pain, cramps, stiffness, discomfort and headaches.

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Outstanding products

September 06, 2019 by Lorri

My husband and I absolutely love the CBD creams with goat milk in them! I buy many products from Bend soap company and that's how I learned about Mission Farms! I believe they have outstanding products and I will continue buying them because they WORK!!

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star


August 23, 2019 by Sara Dazey Miller

I ordered the trial kit of all 3 versions for my husband for Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised to find a sample of the bath soak as well. As a back-pain sufferer, I often take steamy Epsom salt and essential oil baths at night to relieve pain, so in trying the bath shreds, it was lovely...soft skin, gentle scent, relaxing experience - which led to a wonderful night's sleep. My teen son is also using the Relieve oil for some recurring tooth pain and has found it helpful. Reordering now and grateful for a natural method to treat the ailments within our family. Thank you!!

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