Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

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Authored: Jun 11, 2018
Updated: Oct 30, 2020
Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs | CBD for Pets | CBDNerds

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound that is found in a cannabis plant and is the non-psychoactive stimulus of the marijuana plant. Cannabis can serve as an alternative medicine to help alleviate symptoms in humans and pets. Dog owners know that the best way to ensure the longevity of their dog requires attention, love, care, and to treat them as part of the family which brings up the question, is CBD oil good for dogs


Benefits Of CBD Oil for Dogs

The advantages of giving CBD oil to your dog can be life-changing for you and your canine companion. A dog that doesn’t bark during a thunderstorm? Imagine that! CBD companies, with the help of scientists, have created a way for organic chemicals to change by using natural remedies to treat their pets. Behavior issues, stress, anxiety, and pain relief are just a few issues that can be relieved by a small dose of cannabidiol.


What Can CBD Be Used for and Is It Safe?

Is CBD oil safe for dogs? You bet. Many dogs, such as Pomeranians, experience bouts of seizures, and epilepsy. Depending on the weight of your dog, small controlled levels of CBD can be used to create a calming effect. The relief receptors in CBD nourish your dog and over time, the seizures begin to decrease and may disappear altogether.

Dogs develop arthritis in their joints just like us and CBD provides an organic way to help with the inflammation. The inflammation of joints that cause aching, pain, and other degenerative illnesses are uneasy to cope with and can cause a great deal of distress on your pet then they should have to endure.

Dogs may suffer a loss of appetite for a variety of reasons, one of them being nausea. We find that as humans we address our digestive illnesses with pills to experience some sort of reprieve. In return, CBD can do this to the same effect for your pet and help them find a balanced appetite.

Anxiety disorders are the most common illnesses in the U.S. (and maybe even the world). Those that have experienced some form of anxiety understand the highly treatable ways to reduce the illness. Dogs also suffer from anxiety and have been treated with depression and anxiety in certain situations. This behavior can be mild to severe and result in destructive conduct from your pet. This is where CBD can provide a relaxing stimulant to the body.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs and is a devastating disease that can cripple the lifespan of your pet. The warning signs of cancer are similar to humans thus allowing it to be easier to detect early symptoms of abnormality. Although some dogs are genetically predisposed to develop cancer over others, CBD can create relief in any dog with the right dosage.

CBD as a daily substitution that can restrict the growth of cancer by:

•    Helping the immune system to kill cancer cells

•    Blocking the cancer cells’ ability to produce energy

•    Contains anti-tumor properties


Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs? Yes!

Dogs can develop a variety of diseases and as a dog parent, it is essential to know how to recognize the signs and seek help. Once you find out how to recognize the pain your pet may be suffering, you will better understand how to manage their condition. CBD is an all-around stimulant that can help your dog relax and alleviate pain.

CBD potentially (not confirmed by the FDA) helps with diseases such as:

•    Inflammatory Bowel Disease

•    Autoimmune Disease

•    Neurodegenerative Disease

•    Cardiovascular Disease


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best CBD oil for dogs?

With so many natural supplements on market for pets, it’s normal to not know where to start.  CBD oil can help with a wide range of health benefits, but not all oils are made equally. Please read the product label and double-check for full spectrum CBD because it contains all the essential cannabidiols necessary to fight your pup’s ailments. We recommend Holistapet because they are organic, lab-tested, and vet approved.

  1. How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

Each bottle of CBD oil, no matter the brand, has a recommended dosage. If your doggo has never had CBD, start with an amount lower than suggested, and gradually administer more. In order to find that happy medium, keep an eye on your pet’s calm behavior. A basic rule of thumb is 1-3mg per 10lbs of weight for dogs.

  1. Where can I buy CBD oil for dogs?

CBD is federally legal as long as it doesn't contain more than 0.3 percent of THC. With the exception of some state’s laws, CBD products are easily purchasable online. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of our favorite CBD oils for dogs.


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