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Vaping CBD?  Read This First...

The popularity of CBD is growing by leaps and bounds, as this cannabis compound offers exceptional medical benefits without any of the psychoactive high that’s associated with typical marijuana use. CBD is available to consume in a wide range of options, including edibles, tinctures, lotions, and more, but one of the more popular methods on the market is using a vaporizer. This is because vaping CBD is one of the fastest ways to feel it's benefits.


If you’re new to vaping and are wondering how you can use CBD in this method, there are a few elements for you to consider. Keep reading to learn how vaping CBD can truly change your life for the better!


Why CBD?

You probably already know the benefits of CBD, or else you wouldn’t be reading this article, but a quick refresher is helpful to give some context. One of many compounds found within the marijuana plant, CBD (or cannabidiol) causes the body to react to it in a variety of ways, more or less leading to the same benefits of marijuana without getting you high. CBD does not contain any psychoactive benefits, so you can take it any time of day and carry on with your usual tasks.


The list of benefits while using CBD is quite long, and while many medical marijuana patients swear by it as a complete godsend, there’s still much research to be done. Many tests have shown that this compound does offer therapeutic benefits, more long-term data is required before organizations like the FDA will make a statement approving its use or medical claims.


The Basics Of Vaping

From the outside, vaping might look like smoking out of a fancy device, but in reality the science behind it is completely different. Different materials burn at different rates, and when you vape something, you’re heating it more gently without causing combustion. While this is applicable to marijuana flower and tobacco, vaping CBD concentrates is slightly different and produces a vapor instead of smoke.


There are two main options on today’s market if you want to vape CBD, and while they are both similar in overall function, the details do give users some options. One style is a pen vaporizer that utilizes a heating coil, warming concentrated CBD isolate and allowing you to inhale its benefits.


These pens might require a little more love and care, as the heating coils tend to need replacement every so often. It’s important to keep in mind that an inexpensive vape option might seem great up front, but there’s usually a reason that the item is so cheap.


Others prefer to use e-liquid in a tank style of device, and these come in disposable or refillable designs. Most recommend using a vape that requires concentrates when using CBD, as you’re more likely to receive stronger effects from using less product.


Why Should You Consider Vaping CBD?

At this point, it still may not be clear why vaping CBD is the best way to go. After all, why would you purchase a device that billows vapor when you could simply eat a gummy or rub some lotion on your hands?


It all has to do with how your body absorbs and processes CBD and essentially how efficiently that occurs. For individuals with more serious ailments or those looking to feel benefits immediately, vaping CBD gets the compound into your bloodstream the fastest.


Other options like edibles or topicals certainly do work, but it takes time for them to absorb into your system and in some instances can mean that you are waiting up to an hour or more before you begin to feel the effects. There are plenty of CBD brands out there that offer vaping liquids.


Product Recommendations For Vaping CBD

Sold on vaping CBD? Great! Now which type of product should you buy? While there are a wide range of options on the market, there are a few that are recommended far and above any others, including:


  • VaporFi Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer - whether you’re looking to use marijuana with a high THC percentage or you rely on strains that are more of a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, this vaporizer is a great choice. It’s obviously designed for using herb rather than concentrates or e-liquids, but its sleek design is hard to say no to.

  • Firefly 2 Dry Herb & Concentrates Vaporizer - when you want the best of both worlds and often change up your preferences between flower and concentrates, this product is a win-win. With the option to control the temperature straight from your phone and an easy design that allows you to regulate your dose with each breath, it’s a fan favorite.

  • Vapium Summit Plus Dry Herb Vaporizer - designed to be super durable and ready to go with you anywhere, this vape will fit right in next to your multi-tool. The brand focuses on outdoor use, so whenever you need to vape on the go, this product is ready for the adventure. You can find these at Direct Vapor

  • Honey Stick Phantom Squeeze Box Vaporizer - if you don’t love flower and want to stick to concentrates or oils only, this is your go-to item. It has a unique design that integrates a squeeze handle and a variety of temperature gauges so you can get the exact dose you need for fast-acting relief.


Is Vaping CBD Safe?

One final note to take into consideration before you go out and purchase a new vape is that, like all things related to health and wellness, there can be risks associated with CBD vaping. Some users report experiencing extreme withdrawals if they don’t consume a specific amount of CBD each day, similar to a caffeine headache when you decide to quit coffee.


Recently, the US Army released a statement explaining that some CBD oils are filled with additional chemicals and can cause illnesses that include nausea, dizziness, and even seizures. Keep in mind that not every CBD product comes with this much risk, but it is important to do your homework before buying the cheapest or most readily available option.


In the end, it’s up to each individual user to determine if CBD offers the benefits they’re after and if vaping is right for them. While it’s now on the forefront of marijuana technology, who knows what’s in store for patients who could benefit from CBD?

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