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CBDNerds Staff Updated on August 11, 2021
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Review Summary

All Natural Way was born out of 25 years of extensive research concerning the medicinal properties of cannabis. Through their CBD products, they hope to provide you with all the benefits the research has discovered.

All Natural Way is one of the leading brands in the CBD industry thanks to their collection of innovative products made with naturally-derived ingredients. Their diverse assortment of pharmacist formulated CBD products includes products for a wide variety of needs and preferences. All Natural Way uses CBD extracts obtained from industrial hemp cultivated in the United States ensuring all their products are legal and safe for consumption. The company’s mission is to provide users with effective natural alternatives to promote a better life in an all natural way. As part of their mission, All Natural Way offers a wide range of natural products such as CBD sprays, oils, pain creams, edibles, and even CBD for pets. All Natural Way is also known for its outstanding customer service and user-friendly approach to CBD offering free CBD samples for new users and free shipping on all orders.

All Natural Way CBD Products

All Natural Way Leads the Way

  • Made with natural hemp-derived CBD
  • All products contain 0% THC
  • Pharmacist formulated and independent lab tested
  • Innovative CBD sprays made with natural supplements
  • A wide range of CBD dosages for all types of users


  • Sells a number of premium quality CBD products - some of which are designed for specific health conditions
  • Offers a replacement on lost or damaged orders
  • Transparent about Certificate of Analysis (CoA)


  • Limited product variety
  • No international shipping

All Natural Way Products

Sprays? Check. Creams? Check. Oils? Check. All Natural Way’s product selection has items for CBD newcomers and seasoned pros alike.

All Natural Way CBD Spray


CBD Sprays

All Natural Way’s signature line of CBD sprays has made the brand one of the most respected names in the industry. Their selection of sprays includes five revolutionary formulas made with natural ingredients that each serve a specific purpose. For example, their Energy CBD spray combines the effects of CBD and caffeine to improve mental alertness in a healthier way than most coffee preparations and sugar-heavy energy drinks. Their CBD spray for weight loss contains garcinia cambogia extracts to expand on CBD’s ability to regulate the metabolism while the CBD spray for sleep is formulated with melatonin to improve the quality and quantity of sleep. Additionally, the company’s anti-stress spray and pain spray maximize the effects of CBD with ashwagandha and turmeric extracts, respectively.

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All Natural Way CBD HEMP OIL 500MG


CBD Oils

Just like the sprays in their online collection, All Natural Way’s CBD oils have been enhanced with natural ingredients for a more effective and better-tasting experience. Their oils have been mixed with all natural MCT oil (coconut oil), natural peppermint flavor, and stevia leaf extracts, all of which enhance the taste and consistency of CBD oil without altering its benefits. All Natural Way oils are available in different dosages ranging from moderate to very strong.

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All Natural Way CBD Cream for Muscle and Joint Pain Relief


CBD Creams

CBD topical products by All Natural Way combine the therapeutic benefits of Turmacin® and menthol with the soothing anti-inflammatory effects of CBD to provide users with a potent solution for joint and muscle pain. All Natural Way’s CBD cream for pain penetrates the skin quickly upon application to relieve pain in targeted areas like the back, shoulders, and lower extremities. It is perfect for pain and aches related to conditions like fibromyalgia, arthritis, sports injuries, and post-workout recovery sessions.

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All Natural Way CBD Free Samples to Try


CBD Samples

In addition to offering innovative and effective CBD products, All Natural Way offers free CBD samples for those who are new to CBD or unfamiliar with the brand. Their free CBD samples include trial versions of their oils and pain cream.

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Buyer’s Guide

Dosing Recommendations

CBD dosing may be tricky for new users due to factors such as different tolerance levels, potency, and severity of symptoms. Luckily, All Natural Way products come with detailed labeling which includes recommended use. We suggest you start with the recommended daily dose for each product and work your way up or down until you achieve optimal results. If you wish to take CBD as a way to promote your overall health, we recommend CBD oil which works as an effective all-around CBD product. However, if you are suffering from symptoms related to specific conditions, CBD sprays may prove to be a better solution. New to CBD? Try the brand’s free CBD samples to help you decide what type of CBD is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

While All Natural Way’s products aren’t certified organic, everything is sourced from organic farming methods.

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February 28, 2019 by Shaina

The CBD cream is amazing for relaxing my muscles and relieving tension!

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