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CBDNerds Staff Updated on August 20, 2021
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Bespoke Extracts isn’t just your average CBD brand. They strive for their commitment to becoming one of the world’s most trust sources of high-quality CBD products. And this shows with every drop of their organic, non-GMO, gluten-free CBD oils. Each handcrafted product uses all-natural, Fair Trade Certified ingredients to provide you with a sense of wellness and balance. Beyond this, Bespoke Extracts also takes social responsibility by giving back. They do so through a number of different programs – most notably, their discount programs for seniors, veterans, and frontline workers.

We invite you to follow along as we take a deeper look into Bespoke Extracts and the CBD products they offer. If you’re interested in these products, feel free to use one of our Bespoke coupon codes on the right-hand side of this page.

What Makes Bespoke Extracts Unique?

  • Sells a number of high-quality CBD products in different categories for various ailments
  • Offers discounts to military, frontline works, and people over the age of 55
  • All hemp is organically grown without GMOs in the U.S.A.
  • All products are manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA approved facility
  • All products are run through a third-party lab test to ensure safety and quality
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Bespoke Extracts coupon codes available


  • Products are formulated to help with certain ailments - giving buyers the ability to easily pick and choose what they're looking for
  • Products are high dosage which is great for longtime CBD users
  • Discounts offered for frontline workers, military, and seniors


  • Lack of product variety
  • Only ships to U.S. territories
  • Free shipping only available for orders of $60 or more

Bespoke Extracts Products

Bespoke Extracts offers their CBD products in two different categories: a Woman’s Formula and a Sports Formula. While these products are similar in many regards, they also hold certain characteristics that make them unique for certain people. Not to mention, all these products are made using high-quality and all-natural ingredients. If you’re interested in any of the products we review, we invite you to use our Bespoke coupon to help you save on your entire order.

Bespoke Extracts Active CBD Oil Athletes Formula


Sports Formula

Under their Sports Formula line, Bespoke offers two types of CBD oils. The first is known as Recovery and comes with a mixture of full-spectrum CBD and cannabigerol (CBG) distillate. This balanced blend is perfect for pain recovery as both cannabinoids have been found to act as a natural anti-inflammatory. The Recovery blend is ideal for those who struggle with post-workout muscle pains – however, we found this tincture also works perfectly for overall well-being. Each bottle comes in a citrus flavor with 2,000mg of CBD and costs $89.00.


The second tincture on offer here is Bespoke’s Active. This product is very similar to the Recovery tincture with the main difference being the cannabinoid count – only 1,200mg. This is ideal if you plan to take CBD while you’re remaining active. Each serving comes with 20mg of the CBD + CBG blend which is just the right amount to feel something, but not too much to overwhelm you. You can purchase Active for $74.00 and use our Bespoke discount code to help you save.

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Bespoke Extracts 3C CBD Oil Women's Formula


Women’s Formula

Within the Women’s Formula product line, Bespoke Extracts has a bit more on offer. Like the Athlete’s Formula line, you can purchase their Recovery CBD oil. However, you also have two other tincture options to choose from.


The first is Bespoke 3C’s which incorporates 1,200mg of full-spectrum CBD and CBG distillate along with a dose of the natural terpenes Linalool and Limonene. This combination of ingredients is most ideal for those looking for stress and anxiety relief. Each dose offers 20mg of the cannabinoid/terpene concoction and is ideal for those looking to take CBD throughout the day. You can purchase this tincture in a berry flavor for $69.00 or you can buy a 2,000mg blend in a mint flavor for $89.00.


Bespoke offers another tincture in this line known as Comfort. This incorporates a full-spectrum CBD extract along with a cannabinol (CBN) isolate. When combined, it’s been found these cannabinoids are great for easing the brain and body while also promoting a better night’s sleep. This blend also included a dose of Linalool for extra comfort. Each bottle comes in 2,000mg and can be purchased for $109.00. We suggest using our Bespoke coupon code to help you save.

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Bespoke Serenity CBD Capsules


Within this formula line, Bespoke also offers their Serenity CBD capsules. Besides 50mg of full-spectrum CBD, each capsule comes with the following all-natural ingredients:


  • Vitamin D and Mucuna Prurians Seed extract (levodopa) to enhance your mood.
  • 5-Hydroxytryptophan to provide you with sleep support.
  • Evening Primrose Oil, Chasteberry, and Black Cohosh Extract to help boost hormonal health.


These capsules are ideal for those looking for extra all-natural support – whether it’s during the day or at night. Though, we do warn that 50mg of CBD is a lot and may cause fatigue in certain individuals. You can get yourself a bottle of Bespoke Serenity for $49.00.

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Buyer’s Guide

Bespoke Extracts Dosage Recommendation

If you’re new to CBD, it’s going to take some time before you figure out what the right dosage is for you. Everyone reacts to CBD differently and, therefore, not everyone will have the same experiences on the same dosage level.

Since Bespoke’s products use a higher dosage of CBD than other brands, it’s worth noting that you probably won’t need too much of these products in order to feel something. Their lowest strength product comes with 20mg a dose which is an ideal amount to start with.

However, some may find that 20mg isn’t producing the effects they desired. If you find yourself in this situation, we suggest gradually increasing your dose over a period of time. This means using another half or full dropper (or dosing yourself again at a later time).

When it comes to CBD dosage, there are a few things you should consider:

  • Why are you taking CBD? The answer to this question is important as it will give you an idea of how much you should take. For example, if you want to take CBD for pain, it may be beneficial to understand what your pain level is. People with chronic pain will naturally need more CBD than those with mild pain. Not to mention, certain ailments (such as sleep difficulties) will require more CBD than others.
  • What is your body weight? Just like other supplements, our reaction to CBD is highly determined by how much we weigh. Generally speaking, the more you weigh, the more CBD you’ll need in order to feel the effects. A good rule of thumb is to take 1 to 6mg (depending on your ailment) for every 10 pounds you weigh.
  • How strong is your CBD product? As mentioned, Bespoke’s products are stronger than a lot of other brands. For this reason, you probably won’t need too much to feel the effects. The strength of a CBD product can be determined by the milligram (mg) count. The higher this number, the stronger a product is.
  • Have you built a tolerance to CBD? If you’ve been taking CBD frequently, it’s likely your body has become accustomed to it. With that said, you’ll need more CBD in order to feel the initial effects.


If you are currently taking prescription medication, we suggest consulting a doctor before taking CBD. While it’s rare, CBD has been found to negatively interact with certain medications. Not to mention, if you are pregnant or lactating, we suggest avoiding CBD altogether. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough studies at this time to confirm CBD is safe for women of this category.

Bespoke Extracts Certificate of Analysis

Since the CBD industry remains largely unregulated, companies have taken it upon themselves to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. One way they’ve done so is by running their product batches through a third-party lab test. These provide unbiased information on certain aspects of the CBD, including its purity, its cannabinoid and terpene count, and whether or not it contains contaminants, such as heavy metals and pesticides.

Bespoke Extracts has a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for all of their products and this can easily be found in the “Our Quality” section of their website. We highly suggest looking over these before making a purchase.

Overall Thoughts on Bespoke Extracts

Bespoke Extracts is a unique CBD company. They’ve made it their goal to sell you more than just another CBD product. Each of their tinctures is uniquely infused with a variety of all-natural ingredients that can help with a number of different ailments. If you’re looking for a dietary supplement that goes beyond CBD and can help you with certain health conditions, look no further than Bespoke Extracts.

It’s also worth mentioning our appreciation for their CBD dosage. Admittedly, low doses (5mg to 10mg) usually don’t make people feel anything. However, Bespoke has made an effort for people to feel wellness with their high-dosed CBD products. While these may be preferred by long-time CBD users, we definitely suggest newcomers give such products a try as there are little to no risks with taking high amounts of CBD.

The only downside to Bespoke Extracts is their lack of product selection. This may turn off certain users who prefer different consumption methods from CBD oils and capsules. Still, being as this is a fairly new company, we can see them releasing other lines of products in the near future. And, if these products contain the same quality and unique blend of ingredients, we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out to see what Bespoke has to offer next.

How to Use a Bespoke Extracts Coupon Code

If you’re interested in Bespoke’s products, we invite you to use one of our promo codes on the right-hand side of this page to help you save on your total order. In order to use this code, you’ll first need to make a selection from their products page. From there, you’ll want to head on over to check out where you’ll have the option to apply a discount code on the right-hand side of the page, under your selected product(s). Simply type in one of our codes, hit apply, and instantly save!

Frequently Asked Questions

All Bespoke products are shipped the same business day if ordered before 2 PM. Orders placed after 2 PM will ship the following business day.

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