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CBDNerds Staff Updated on August 26, 2021
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If you’re new to cannabis and not sure where to start, Candelivery makes it easy to find products you’re looking for and have them conveniently ship to your front door.

This online dispensary seeks to provide three things: low prices, fast delivery, and premium quality. Candelivery strongly believes every Canadian over 19 years old deserves legal and safe access to affordable, high-quality medical marijuana. They strive to help patients across the nation access the top-quality cannabis they need. With a promise for reliable delivery within 2 to 3 business days, we were eager to try out the Canadian online dispensary. They offer a variety of products besides standard flower, though they offer many potent strains of that as well. We’re going to dive into our experience with Candelivery, go over what’s unique about the dispensary, and provide a coupon code at the end in case you decide you want to shop with them too.

What’s Unique About Candelivery?

  • Discrete, undetectable, smell-proof packaging and reliable 2- to 3-day delivery
  • Online dispensary lets you order grade AAAA marijuana from your couch
  • Wide selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles available
  • $200 one-time replacement package guaranteed if the package is lost or confiscated


  • Offers a variety of cannabis strains at an affordable price
  • Order tracking is timely and accurate
  • Discrete and odor-proof packaging


  • Only for Canadian residents
  • No replacement or refunds
  • Lack of social media presence leaves less of a community feel

Candelivery Products

This online dispensary offers flower, concentrate, edibles, and a variety of accessories to add to your dose. Though they do have potent strains of medical-grade marijuana, they also offer CBD products, as well as CBD:THC products that have a 1:1 ratio. This allows patients with a plethora of needs, conditions, and preferences have full control of their medicine.

Candelivery Sugar Kush Cannabis Flower Bud


Candelivery offers a variety of different flower, including hybrid strains, Indicas, and Sativas, as well as premade joints/blunts. If you want cheaper bud, they even offer Shake. Before you ever make a purchase, you can see the effects of each strain, as well as the conditions it can help treat the best. It also gives you an idea of the THC potency and any other info that might be handy to know about the strain before consuming it.


The strain that caught our eye to try was Sugar Kush, a 100% pure Indica. Crossed from Northern Lights, Hash Plant, and Kandy Kush, it was easy to see why this powerful combination was an AAA+ grade strain. As a heavy Indica, it provides an intense couch-lock effect while stimulating positive thoughts. This would be ideal as a nighttime strain, especially for those with chronic fatigue or insomnia.

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Candelivery Pre Filled Vape Pen Carts


Candelivery has distillate and pure oil, shatter, rosin, and other concentrates, including pre-filled cartridges for vape pens. We got a .5ML cartridge, which has a 1:1 CBD ratio. A medicinally effective combination, this might be ideal for someone who deals with intense chronic pain, has severe inflammation, or even anxiety.

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Candelivery Sweet Jane CBD Peanut Butter 400MG

Candelivery Edibles

As the flower we tried was heavily THC-dominant, we wanted to go with a pure CBD product for another category. The 1:1 ratio for the pre-filled cartridge was the ideal combination, though sometimes you may not want to experience the THC side of things. We tried the Sweet Jane Peanut Butter, which contains 400MG CBD in total. Completely non-psychoactive, this edible lets you go about your day while still feeling the relief you need in targeted areas. Candelivery has other edibles available, like assorted flavors of infused gummies, cannabis candy jewels, and a Sweet Jane Blueberry Jam to go with that peanut butter. Though we didn’t pick these up this time, we’ll be sure to be back to try more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All orders of $200 or more come with free shipping. Orders below $200 will be charged a $15 flat rate.

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fast delivery

May 07, 2019 by Rachel

Fast delivery and love my new vape pen!

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