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Canna Pet Reviews

Canna Pet is a CBD company that’s only sells CBD pet products. Each is formulated to ensure your pet receives a rich serving of phytonutrients through all-natural ingredients.

One of the pioneers for hemp CBD for pets, Canna Pet strives to provide pet owners with ethically-sourced, organic options that go above and beyond normal general wellness supplements. Rather, they focus on enriching a pet’s life, every time that pet gets to utilize the Canna Pet line of products. We got some of our pets to try out Canna-Pet’s products for an appropriate period of time so we could look at the difference the products made and if they’re worth continuing this regimen. Now, we’d like to share our pet’s experiences with their hemp-derived products, as well as touch on anything else you might want to know before shopping with the company. If you do stay until the end and decide to shop with them, we’ll have a canna pet coupon code waiting for you to earn 25% off order under $150.

What’s Unique About Canna Pet?

  • CBD flavors appeal to a dog’s taste buds to make them even more desirable
  • Comprehensive guides for serving sizes, breeds, and ailments on their web platform
  • All-organic ingredients made with your pet’s best interests in mind
  • Close to 30 years of research and experience goes into Canna-Pet’s products
  • CBD products available for dogs, cats, horses, and more


  • Offers a variety of high-quality, veterinarian-approved CBD products
  • Refund policy gives you the option to donate to one of the charities they work with
  • International shipping available


  • No free shipping
  • Only sells pet products, no human CBD products

Canna Pet Products

cbd capsules cats and dogs


We don’t often get to see CBD capsules for pets because, well, animals aren’t often able to take things in pill form. Fortunately, you can just open these capsules up to mix them into your pet’s food at the beginning of the day. Alternatively, you can put the entire capsule into a treat or pill pocket, though this ended up being far easier to do for dogs than it was for our cats. If you have any particularly stubborn pets, though, and they’re not eating as they should, mix the contents with the smallest amount of liquid and try squirting it directly into your pet’s mouth. Every pet is different, and you know your pet best, so proceed with caution about how to handle the situation with your pet. Claim your Canna Pet coupon code today to receive discounts on your next purchase.

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canna biscuits for dogs


Using their Advanced MaxCBD formula, Canna-pet infused CBD into dog biscuits that come in a variety of flavors, but we picked Maple Bacon for our pooches. With the only ingredients being organic barley flour, cured bacon, organic maple powder, organic cinnamon, and organic hemp, we felt confident about giving the treats in moderation to our pets. We were glad we decided on the Advanced MaxCBD and not the regular Advanced formula, though, as it looks like the differences in CBD are noticeable.

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Buyer’s Guide

Canna Pet Dosage Guide

Because this company specializes in national pets, we were elated to see a comprehensive supplement guide on their web platform. It’s important to note that they are not pharmaceutical in nature – they provide organic, benign hemp products that are often taken for general wellness or overall health. It’s always good to speak with a veterinarian ahead of time if you’re unsure about incorporating CBD into your pet’s daily routine.

Depending on the product you choose and the weight of your animal, they have different serving suggestions.

Dog under 20 pounds:

  • Advanced Small formula – mix 1 capsule with their food twice a day
  • Max CBD formula – split a capsule between two of their meals
  • Max CBD liquid formula – 2 to 3 drops directly in the mouth 3 to a max of 4 times daily

Dogs over 20 pounds:

  • Advanced Large formula – mix 1 capsule with their food twice a day
  • Max CBD formula – mix 1 full capsule into their food twice a day
  • Max CBD liquid formula – 3 to 4 drops directly in the mouth 3 to a max of 4 times daily

Cats of any size:

  • Advanced Small formula – 1 capsule daily, mixed into a meal

Dog Biscuit Serving Suggestion

Meanwhile, their dog biscuits are suitable for any size dog at any time throughout the day – like a topical for humans, they can be given to your pup on an as-needed kind of basis.

How to Redeem a Canna Pet Coupon Code

Some coupons may be automatically applied if Canna-Pet has a sitewide sale 25% off promo available. If you’re looking to add even better Canna Pet promo codes, however, you can remove that one on your Cart page and then add the better one by selecting “Add a coupon” directly below a summary of the products you’re ordering. You’ll see the price adjust automatically once you enter a valid coupon code.

Canna Pet Shipping and Returns

Canna Pet does offer a 30-day refund policy to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the products designed for your pet. Even better, they work with various 501C3 animal charities to put your products to good use even if you decide they’re not for your animal. If you choose to, you can donate the unused product to one of those animal charities and receive a receipt for a tax-deductible, charitable donation.

Contacting Canna Pet

The brand doesn’t appear to have a phone support or chat support option, but they do still have a variety of ways to get in touch. If you select the Contact page on their web platform, you can contact them using the form on the page, or you can email them with product or ordering questions at their support email below:


Alternatively, they do have active communities on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, if you want to try reaching out to them through there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Canna Pet ships worldwide except for the following countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.

5 User Reviews

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Canna-Pet has helped my pet a lot

April 01, 2020 by Ellie

Ellie is a 14 year old Shep/Husky mix. She has arthritis and it is often difficult for her to climb our stairs. Canna-Pet has helped her to be more active and she’s able to climb stairs with my assistance. Sometimes by herself. With pills, the CBD oil, another supplement and half a carpofen pill each day, Ellie enjoys her walks and zoomies in the yard. She’s my best friend for 14 years. I’d move mountains for her.

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Your products have done wonders for my dogs

February 10, 2020 by Molly

Our holistic vet recommended Canna-Pet to us for 3 dogs with Mast Cell cancer, both are doing great and the cancer has not returned. Shortly after that we took in a Mule who was practically on her death bed and the vets thought we should consider euthanasia the day she arrived. We put her on Canna-Pet and it has helped with her pain and she is doing well, better then anyone thought ever possible. I completely credit this product for keeping this poor girl alive and managing her pain. These products have also done wonders for my foster dogs who are recovering from PTSD and anxiety. The oil has even helped stop our epileptic girls seizures! I can't say enough about how kind and wonderful this company and how amazing their products are! They are an absolute pleasure to purchase from and SO helpful. Thank you Canna-Pet for being so awesome!!

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Made an incredible difference in my pet's life

December 01, 2019 by Beebs

My 20 Year Cat BEEBS has been taking CANNA PET for over two years. It has made an incredible difference in his life! He gets half of an ADVANCED MAX PILL with breakfast and the other half before bedtime. He has kidney disease, high blood pressure, early stage dementia, asthma, and Osteoarthritis. Canna Pet Advance Max has helped with every one of these serious conditions along with meds and fluids. It has especially made a huge difference with his arthritis and has made his dementia symptoms completely disappear. Canna Pet Advanced Max also keeps him at his perfect weight of 14.5 pounds (he is a large cat – but fit) because it keeps his appetite strong. It really relaxes him and he doesn’t feel pain, despite not taking any pain meds. He runs around like a kitten a lot of days. Beeb’s had his VET check up and bloodwork a few days ago and his kidney number are improving, and all his other numbers are perfect.. which is amazing!! My vet now recommends Canna Pet to her elderly dog and cat patients. I highly recommend it to anyone I know with pets. Thank you so much for your product!

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Really works

November 20, 2019 by Cookie

My little Cookie suffers from seizures. With the aid of your capsules daily, she has gone from one or two a day to months in between. And they are shut down quickly with two drops of the oil. We love your products. Cookie thanks you too.

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Highly recommended

October 26, 2019 by Princess

I have a 9 year old Mixed breed that has a severe neurological disorder and recently diagnosed diabetes. She is on an arsenal of drugs but without her canna-pet capsules the inflammation, stomach problems and skin issues are much worse. Canna-pet is so safe and gentle that there is never a bad reaction that I have noticed even if I give her more than suggested for the day. As long as I have my Princess, Canna-pet will be a STAPLE in continuing to give her the best life possible.

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