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CBDNerds Staff Updated on June 14, 2023
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As their name suggests, CheapWeed offers some of the best prices for Canadian residents. If you’re looking for an affordable means of purchasing large sums of cannabis and other products, look no further than CheepWeed.

CheapWeed.io, formerly known as cheapweed.ca, is considered the #1 online dispensary across all of Canada and for good reason. This company offers some of the highest quality cannabis products at some of the cheapest prices around. Not to mention they have one of the largest varieties of strains we’ve come across. The Cheap Weed team is a collection of cannabis connoisseurs whose expertise has shaped them into developing a website for both newcomers and long-time marijuana smokers.

We invite you to follow along as we take a deeper look into Cheap Weed and all the products they offer. If you’re interested in any of these products, we invite you to use one of our Cheap Weed coupon codes which can be found on the right-hand side of this page.

What Makes Cheap Weed Unique?

  • Offers a large selection of cannabis strains all at a very affordable price
  • Hosted by a team of cannabis connoisseurs that make sure you’re receiving only the best cannabis products
  • The website offers a catalog of strains that are updated daily
  • The website hosts over 65,000 reviews
  • Offers a rewards program to help you save on your total order
  • All products ship 2 to 3 days after order
  • Shipping is 100% free and discreet


  • Offers a large selection of cannabis products at an affordable price
  • Ran by a number of cannabis connoisseurs who want to make sure you're only receiving the best of the best
  • The website has over 175,000 reviews


  • Canadian residents only
  • Minimum order must be $197.00
  • No CBD products

Cheap Weed Products

As you can imagine, CheapWeed.ca specializes in high-quality marijuana products. Namely, a number of different marijuana flower strains. Considering they offer so many of these strains, it’d be impossible to go over each one individually. For the sake of this review, we’re going to take a deeper look at each category of product Cheap Weed offers on their website while mentioning a few of our favorite strains. However, to get the full scope of what Cheap Weed offers, we highly suggest you make a visit to their website yourself. In order to get a better idea of what each of these strains can do, we also advise you use a cannabis index, such as the one offered by Leafly.

Hindu Kush


As of the time this article is written, Cheap Weed offers 82 different Indica strains. These include classics like Lemon Pie and Green Bubba as well as more unique strains such as Buttermilk Pancakes. Indica strains are generally associated with a tired sensation. Upon consumption, you can expect to feel yourself become more relaxed, your muscles to ease, and your overall stress levels to drop.


Pricing on these cannabis flowers varies depending on strain choice and weight. For example, an ounce (28 grams) of Kushwreck will cost you $160.00 whereas an ounce of ACDC costs $180.00. Generally speaking, the larger the size you purchase, the cheaper the cannabis becomes on a per gram basis. Prices are usually determined by the cannabis flower’s potency (THC-count) and their overall makeup of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Remember, you can always use one of the Cheap Weed coupon codes above to save at checkout.


When it comes to the Indica strain, some of our favorites offered by Cheap Weed include Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and Ice Wreck OG. If you’re looking to save extra money, they also offer a trim/shake option.

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Currently, Cheap Weed offers 36 unique strains of Sativa marijuana flower. These include classics such as Sour Diesel and Super Lemon Haze along with quirkier strains such as Zombie Kush Fire. Sativa is generally associated with waking you up. Upon consumption, people tend to feel more energized and creative.


Pricing for Cheap Weed’s Sativa selection works all the same as their Indica. Prices vary depending on your strain of choice and the weight. The more you buy in weight, the cheaper each Sativa plant becomes on a per gram basis.


Some of our favorite Sativa strains Cheap Weeds has to offer include Wedding Cake, Sweet Cheese, and Platinum Cookies. You also have the option here to purchase trim/shake if you’re looking to save on your order.

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Cheap Weed also currently offers 87 hybrid strains in their collection. Hybrids are a combination of Sativa and Indica strains, often having dominance in one of these categories. For example, one hybrid may be more Sativa-dominant while another is more Indica-dominant. With that said, some of the strains you find here will overlap with strains found in the Indica and Sativa categories.


For example, if you take a quick look through Cheap Weed’s hybrid selection, you’ll find Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies, and Ice Wreck OG – all strains we mentioned as our favorite Indicas. But the deeper you look, you’ll also find more unique strains that aren’t in either category. These include, but aren’t limited to, God’s Green Crack and Forbidden Fruit.


Pricing is all the same here as it was with Sativa and Indica. Luckily, if you’re purchasing within a particular price-range, Cheap Weed gives you the option to divide all their products by prices. You can also save with our Cheapweed.ca coupon code on all online purchases.

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Concentrates (Cheap Weed)


If you’re looking for a THC product that’s really going to send you out of this world, look no further than Cheap Weed’s selection of concentrates. Whether it’s some hash (hashish), shatter, resin, or wax, Cheap Weed’s 19 different concentrates have you covered.


Prices for these are more expensive by weight in comparison to the flower. This is namely because the THC-count is concentrated and, therefore, much higher. For example, your standard cannabis flower will contain about 20% to 25% whereas your concentrate will have anywhere from 75% to 90%+.

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Buyer’s Guide

Cheap Weed Dosage Recommendation

If you are new to the cannabis space and curious as to what’s the right dosage recommendation for you, we’re sorry to say we don’t have a straight forward answer. Generally speaking, we suggest all newcomers start small and work their way up. This will give you an idea of how THC affects you and how much you’ll need in order to meet your desires.

No matter how much you read online, the truth is, THC affects us all differently. With that, higher doses of it can sometimes make people anxious. For this reason, we highly advise newcomers to start with a strain that has lower THC – anywhere between 10% and 20% is a good range. We also suggest you avoid concentrates until you become more accustomed to THC.

Overall Thoughts of Cheap Weed

Cheap Weed is a great place for those looking for great deals on high-quality marijuana products. Their wide selection of different strains is truly impressive and something we can see making customers come back for a long time.The only problem some may find with Cheap Weed is the fact that the smallest sizes they offer (on their cannabis flower) are an ounce. For those who don’t know, this is a good amount of cannabis and is pricier than purchasing a gram or an eighth. With that said, though they offer a variety of strains for everyone, people who smoke regularly will most likely be more attracted to these purchasing sizes.

Still, that’s not to say Cheap Weed isn’t a great place to get your cannabis. Again, we can really see this being an online dispensary people come back to time and time again. If you’re interested in trying any of their cannabis products, we invite you to use one of our Cheap Weed coupon codes which can be found on the right-hand side of this page.

How to Use a Cheap Weed Coupon Code

In order to use one of our Cheap Weed coupon codes, you’ll first need to pick from the variety of products on their website. From there, you’ll want to head on over to your shopping cart where you’ll have the option to type in a coupon code in the lower left-hand corner, under your selected product(s). Simply type in one of our codes, hit apply, and you’ll save money instantly!

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