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CBDNerds Staff Updated on August 18, 2021
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Review Summary

ElleVet Sciences has formulated a number of pet products using all-natural ingredients and CBD extract to relieve symptoms of specific health conditions. Whether it’s for joint pain or anxiety, ElleVet has you covered.

The science behind ElleVet Sciences is simple. The company conducted the first-ever study looking into how dogs metabolized hemp and CBD products. Their findings not only helped determine proper dosing for pet owners but helped pave the way for further research into pets and CBD. ElleVet Sciences has also conducted a study looking into how their products help dogs struggling with multi-joint discomfort. Pet owners have found these hemp tinctures and treats work wonders.

ElleVet Sciences is dedicated to offering some of the highest-quality pet CBD products currently on the market. Their goals as a company is to provide your pet with optimal well-being and a better standard for living. We invite you to follow along as we take a deeper look into ElleVet Sciences and the products they offer. If you’re interested in any of these products, feel free to use one of our ElleVet Sciences coupon codes to help save on your entire order!

What Makes ElleVet Sciences Unique?

  • Company focuses solely on developing hemp products for pets
  • Company has conducted their own research into their products for the sake of providing you with the best quality formulas
  • All products contain less than 0.3% THC – so, they won’t get your pet high
  • Websites host a lot of information surrounding pet health and how CBD can help
  • Offers a program for shelter and rescue facilities
  • Offers a program for veterinarians
  • Wholesale options available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Company puts a lot of focus and effort into developing high-quality pet CBD products
  • Company commits to their own research in order to find the best formulas for their products
  • Offers programs for shelters, rescue facilities, and veterinarians


  • Small selection of products at a fairly high price
  • Certificate of Analysis is not transparent on their website, only available upon request

ElleVet Sciences Products

ElleVet Sciences currently offers two unique products that have been designed to offer your pet some of the best CBD and hemp formulas currently out there. ElleVet Sciences has taken the time to conduct studies into these products to make sure they’re optimal for your pet’s health and well-being. With that said, it’s safe to say these are some of the best CBD pet products currently out there. If you’re interested in purchasing either of these, we invite you to use one of our ElleVet Sciences coupon codes on the right-hand side of this page.

CBD Feline Oil


Cannabidiol (CBD) works all the same in animals as it does in humans. This is thanks to the fact that we and our furry friends share an endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a naturally occurring system within our body that is responsible for a number of aspects of our daily life, from our mood to sleep to pain. When we take CBD or hemp products, phytocannabinoids – cannabinoids found within the hemp plant – either directly or indirectly interact with our ECS.


With that said, CBD oils (sometimes referred to as tinctures) are just as popular a choice for pets as they are for humans. And ElleVet Sciences has developed one of the finest on the market under the label “Mobility Oil.”


ElleVet Sciences’ Mobility Oil is formulated to help pets that struggle with joint function, stiffness, or mobility loss. These are most common in older animals, however, can be seen within pets that struggle with an illness. Mobility Oil helps to balance the ECS back out and return your pet back to his/her homeostasis state.


You can currently purchase ElleVet Sciences’ mobility oil in three different sizes for dogs. These are as follows:


  • 20 ML (1,000mg) – $90.00
  • 30 ML (1,500mg) – $119.95
  • 60 ML (3,000mg) – $229.95


ElleVet Sciences also offers a Feline Oil for $70.00 which comes with 750mg of full-spectrum CBD extract. If you find your furry friend doesn’t want to take a CBD oil, it’s best to either try and place it in their food or try ElleVet Sciences’ other product.

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ElleVet Sciences Hemp CBD CBDA Chews for Large Dogs


ElleVet Sciences’ hemp chews may be more optimal for pet owners as it’s a much easier way for pets to consume CBD. These chews are designed in the same manner as the Mobility Oil in the sense that they’re made for pets struggling with mobility issues. The only downside to ElleVet Sciences’ hemp chews is the fact that they currently only have two products for dogs.


One is a formula for large dogs (over 50 lbs) and the other is for small dogs (under 50 lbs). There is no difference in the ingredients of these products. The main difference is the strength of the hemp. Smaller dogs don’t require as much CBD as larger dogs due to their lower body weight.


For large dogs, a bag of hemp mobility soft chews will cost you $89.95 and comes with 930mg of hemp extract. For small dogs, a bag will cost you $79.95 and comes with 620mg of CBD.

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Buyer’s Guide


One of the most unique aspects of ElleVet Sciences is the fact that they’ve conducted the first-ever study concerning the proper dosage of hemp for a dog. The results of this test are ultimately a breakthrough for the industry as a whole since CBD and hemp products remain unapproved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration – with the exception of Epidiolex.

With that said, we definitely advise you to go with the dosage mentioned under the “suggested use” on the label of ElleVet Sciences’ products. Unlike CBD products we can take ourselves, it’s almost impossible for us to tell whether or not our pets are getting the most out of CBD. If you feel as though your pet may need a larger dosage in order to cope with his/her ailment, then we suggest contacted ElleVet or your veterinarian before making this decision.


When it comes to pet owners purchasing CBD products, one of the top concerns people have is their pet’s safety. Luckily, there’s a way to make sure that your pet is only getting the highest-quality and safest CBD product. That is a Certificate of Analysis. These are third-party lab tests that seek out a number of aspects of the cannabidiol, including its purity, its cannabinoid and terpene count, and whether or not it contains any contaminants, such as heavy metals or pesticides.

ElleVet Sciences offers its lab results for each of the products listed on their website. However, you can only view this if you request this information.


If you’ve seen your pet struggling with mobility, there is no better CBD company to try than ElleVet Sciences. Of course, there’s no guarantee these products will fix your pet’s issues. However, a number of customers have offered testimonials proclaiming the miracle ElleVet Sciences has brought their dogs and cats.

The truth is very few CBD companies go out of their way to do research in order to formulate the perfect CBD product. The fact that ElleVet Sciences has done this research goes to show why their products are worth the extra price tag. At the end of the day, they care just as much for your furry friend as you do. And that’s exactly what pet owners are looking for in a CBD company.


Interested in purchasing an ElleVet Sciences product? We invite you to use one of our ElleVet Sciences coupon codes on the right-hand side of this page to help you save on your entire order. To use one of these promo codes, you must first make a selection from the products on their website. From there, you’ll want to head on over to your shopping cart. Under your selected product(s), you’ll find a place to type in a coupon code. Simply type in one of our codes, hit apply, and you’ll see your savings instantly!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t give CBD oil directly to your dog, you can mix it in with their food. While it’s not as effective, they will still feel the effects.

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