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CBDNerds Staff Updated on July 8, 2021
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EveryDay Optimal offers one of the largest selections of CBD gummies, capsules, and tinctures. If you’re looking for variations of these standard CBD products, look no further than EveryDay Optimal!

As transparent as they come, Every Day Optimal CBD offers a massive variety of different CBD products for multiple tolerances, needs, and symptoms. Starting back in 2016, the founders of the company set out to Colorado in search of farmers that could grow the best high-CBD, low-THC hemp strains. What they found was even better – industry-leading farmers that have quickly helped their brand climb to the top. Their goal is to ultimately yield the best CBD-rich hemp the nation has seen. Offering a full array of different cannabidiol products for the job, they aspire to put the product decision choosing in their customer’s hands.


With such a commitment to excellence and fair spread of products, we were excited to get our hands on some of Every Day Optimal CBD’s goods for this review. We’re going to touch on more than just their CBD products – we’re also going to dive into what we found unique about the company as well as the pros and cons we found with the brand. If you decide at the end that you want to give them a try for yourself, there will be a Everday optimal coupon code to help you save even more off your first order. Until then, let’s jump into our Every Day Optimal CBD review.

EveryDay Optimal

What’s Unique About Every Day Optimal CBD?

  • Members of the Hemp Industries Association and the National Hemp Association
  • Every Day Optimal CBD has one of the best refund policies in the industry
  • CBD Affiliate Program available to make a commission off referral sales
  • Third party lab results easily visible on a web platform
  • Variety of EveryDay Optimal coupon codes


  • Massive variety of CBD products and CBD strengths all the way up to 10,000mg CBD in one bottle
  • Chat support option available with stellar and friendly customer service
  • 30-day money back guarantee with an industry-leading refund policy


  • Free shipping didn’t appear to be an option for any of the products we bought
  • Some of the strengths available of CBD may be far too strong for those sensitive to cannabinoids

Every Day Optimal CBD Products

There is a tremendous range of products available through Every Day Optimal. The more surprising range was in the strengths of CBD depending on the product, though. There’s a 450mg bottle of CBD capsules, for example, with a low serving of 15mg CBD per capsule. On the opposite end of the spectrum, they also offer a 6,000mg bottle at 200mg CBD per capsule – making it the strongest capsule available in the USA. The same goes for their CBD tinctures, with the lowest bottle containing only 300mg CBD and the highest containing a whopping 10,000mg CBD. With strengths that high, we were excited to test out the ranges.

EveryDay Optimal Pure CBD Oil Capsules


CBD Capsules

We tried both the lowest and highest potency CBD capsules Every Day Optimal had to offer. The 15mg capsules are an excellent way to ease CBD into your daily wellness plan. Almost like a daily vitamin, it promotes general wellness. For many, it also provides other beneficial effects, like relief from anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and more.


The 200mg capsules are considered a high potency product; ideal for tough conditions like severe chronic pain, epilepsy, and insomnia. We cannot recommend this to someone who’s new to CBD or who may be sensitive to cannabinoids. While you can’t ever take too much CBD, it still may be considered “too strong” for those not familiar with its effects. For CBD, that usually just means sleeping a lot better and longer than anticipated, though it still never gives you the feeling of being “high.”

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EveryDay Optimal CBD Oil Tincture 1000mg


CBD Tinctures

The range of CBD tinctures available through Every Day Optimal means they likely have a strength for just about anyone’s needs. A half-dropper of the 300mg bottle we tried first is approximately 5mg CBD. At 60 doses per bottle, this would be great for someone just trying to feel more “centered” or relaxed. It provided a variety of physical and emotional benefits, though nothing too intense.


We also got the pleasure of trying the 10,000mg CBD bottle, and that was a different story. While CBD is never too intense, the immense feeling of relaxation lasted much longer than any other tincture has lasted thus far. It was an intense, mellow way to spend the day. THC-free, there were still no psychoactive effects, which meant the relaxation stopped there and there was no “high” to worry about. At 166.66mg pure CBD oil in each serving, this is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and pain relief tincture.

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EveryDay Optimal CBD Gum 10mg



While Every Day Optimal specializes in their tinctures and capsules, they also offer a variety of other products. We’ve seen plenty of CBD e-liquids, and we’ve had our fair share of CBD gummies and other edibles – but we rarely get to see a brand selling CBD gum, so we just had to try it. Designed for continuous relief as you chew, the gum is an excellent way to help the cannabinoids hit the bloodstream faster through gums and mouth. Since chewing already stimulates blood flow in that area, it’s a powerful way to get anxiety or pain relief. For those that have a high tolerance or need a stronger serving, though, keep in mind that the CBD gum contains 10mg per piece. Fast-acting and long-lasting, it might be one of the best ways for those new to cannabidiol to get their maximized sublingual absorption without having to keep an oil tincture under their tongue.

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June 26, 2019 by Anonymous

Ok so I bought their gummies after previously buying green roads. These tasted a little bit better and really helped relax my nerves. You'll want to eat 3-5 of them at a time. I'll buy these again!

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