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CBDNerds Staff Updated on August 26, 2021
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If you’re a Canadian resident looking for convenient and fast cannabis delivery, look no further than Get Kush. They have one of the largest selections of high-quality flower, edibles, and concentrates we’ve come across.

An online dispensary with a simple goal in mind, Get Kush aims to provide an amazing shopping experience and save you money on quality cannabis at the same time. Brother and sister team Nancy and Ryan have a major passion for cannabis and want to share what makes them happy with each of their customers. With a background in watching their father handle his own wholesale store, they were given lessons on how to create a successful business model through hard work and determination.

Nancy and Ryan took their years of knowledge and used it in the cannabis sphere to help shape a new kind of online dispensary experience – and that’s how Get Kush was created. We decided to review Get Kush to see if the quality and discounts really hold their weight. In search of the best quality online dispensaries that are also budget-friendly, this one particularly peaked our interest.

Let’s dive into the Get Kush review to find out what’s truly unique about the brand, the quality of the various products offered, and even the pros and cons that might factor into a buying decision. We also have a coupon code for those that want to try out Get Kush for themselves, so be sure to stick around until the end. Just to be clear, this review is for getkush.ca.

What’s Unique About Get Kush?

  • They cap their profit margins to ensure they’re always saving you money
  • Budget-friendly cannabis that doesn’t sacrifice quality for price
  • Free samples with every order
  • Contests with great prizes held every month just to boost community spirit
  • Mix and Match deals save you even more money if you buy in bulk


  • They sell their own line of cannabis products alongside a number of other premium quality brands
  • Rewards program available
  • They offer a free sample upon signing up for their email newsletter


  • Free shipping only available for orders of $150 or more
  • Large selection might be overwhelming for newcomers

Get Kush Products

There are a ton of products offered through the Get Kush website, including bundle Mix and Match deals that lets you save more money the bulkier your order gets. For example, buying 4 ounces of flower lets you pick up to 16 different strains and save 30% off the total order. You can use one of our Get Kush coupons to save more as well. Deals like that are what got us interested in the brand to start with, but their other products have made us stay!

Chem Dawg


The categories of flower on the site make it easy to narrow down what you’re looking for. They offer the standard Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid categories, but they also break it down to ounces under $159, ounces under $129, top-shelf strains and even variety packs.


The variety packs peaked our interest the most, though many appear to be out of stock from sheer demand. They were an easy option to choose for the review, because all variety packs contain 4 different strains chosen at random by Nancy or another Get Kush budtender. Instead of the Sativa Pack or the Indica Pack, we went with the Top Shelf pack to be able to try a little of both.

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GK Budder – Trainwreck


While we were impressed with the other range of products this online dispensary had to offer, we were more blown away at the concentrates than anything. Including their own brand of Get Kush concentrates, they have budder, wax, a range of hash, high-terpene full-spectrum extract, moon rocks, live resin, oil, shatter and more.


With THC content ranging from 40% to 80%, we had a hard time deciding which concentrates to try out. Ultimately, we have only positive things to say for this category, but we will absolutely be going back for more! Our Get Kush coupon codes apply to all concentrates.

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Get Kush Edibles


While the edibles were tasty, some things to note are the strengths of most doses. Get Kush appears to primarily offer edibles with each individual serving either 10mg, 25mg, or some mg in between of THC. For those using edibles recreationally that have a high tolerance to cannabis, you may consider upping how many edibles you eat at once. The Cara-Melts from Twisted Extracts got our attention, and even though they were only 10mg THC doses, 8 come in each pack, so it ended up packing quite a punch.

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Limited Edition Diamond Concentrates - Disposable Distillate Pen


There are a variety of disposable pens, pen kits, and pen refill cartridges to customize your vape experience with Get Kush. Although we didn’t exceed this amount, it looks like they’re offering a free Honey Oil Vape Pen on orders over $349. We recommend using the 5% off Get Kush discount code above.

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Boost CBD Tincture

CBD Products and Topicals

Effective for inflammation and chronic pain, topicals are an alternative to the products you would normally consume, smoke, or vape. Topicals are an easier option for those that want relief without the effects of THC. While there were bath products that got our attention, there were also muscle cremes from Lajik that we ended up trying instead.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All orders are placed in a vacuum-sealed back to prevent odor and into a discreet shipping box.

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good marijuana

March 11, 2020 by Albert Mass

What great products you do have and love the way you impact knowledge on cannabis products. Great. I always found a nice site which have great Marijuana products as well and impacts knowledge to people about marijuana.

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March 05, 2019 by Kyle

The CBD muscle cream rocks for pain! Thanks for the coupon!

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