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CBDNerds Staff Updated on August 27, 2021
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It’s not often you come across a cannabis company that specializes solely in lighting equipment for your next harvest. GrowAce offers a wide variety of different lights for different grow operations along with a lot of information concerning how to grow cannabis.

When it comes to growing cannabis, one of the biggest difficulties people face is lighting. The cultivation process is highly determined by the way in which the light cycle affects the plant. Not to mention, the quality of the light you’re providing the plant. Luckily, companies like GrowAce are making it easier and more affordable for people to perfect their lighting techniques.

GrowAce has a simple, yet, effective mission statement, “to provide the highest quality indoor horticulture equipment, with expert customer service, delivered quickly, at the lowest prices possible.” Unlike other companies, their goal isn’t simply to sell products. It’s to help you yield the best cannabis buds possible. Through education and top-of-the-line customer service, they make sure to deliver on this promise.

We invite you to follow along as we take a deeper look into GrowAce and the products they have to offer. If you’re interested in purchasing any of their products, we invite you to use one of our GrowAce coupon codes on the right-hand side of this page.

What Makes GrowAce Unique?

  • A variety of high-quality, cannabis lighting equipment retailed at an affordable price
  • Other products for growing needs, including climate control and nutrients
  • Dedication to educating customers about the best lighting equipment for their growing needs
  • High-quality customer service
  • All products come with a 30-day warranty
  • 15-day money-back guarantee


  • Wide assortment of cannabis grow products that cover all necessities for a perfect grow
  • Reasonable prices for top-of-the-line brands
  • Dedication to educating customers about cannabis growing


  • Limited international shipping
  • Only sells grow equipment - no seeds

GrowAce Products

We could write a thick catalog on the numerous products GrowAce has to offer. Truly, to understand the proportion of products they offer, you need to give their website a visit and see for yourself. For the sake of this article, we’re going to take an overview of the categories of products they have on offer. Keep in mind, this overview is extremely brief in terms of what GrowAce supplies. You may be looking for a specific product you won’t find on this article – however, we can guarantee GrowAce has everything you need to take care of your cannabis cultivation needs.

GrowAce S900 Advance Spectrum Max LED Grow Light Panel

Grow Lights

Truly, GrowAce shows its shine when it comes to their lighting equipment. You’ll find everything from LED grow lights to fluorescents to reflectors within this category. Most of what you’ll find here is for personal grow operations, however, they do offer lighting kits which may be more ideal for larger growers.


Throughout GrowAce’s Grow Lights section, you’re going to find equipment both for newcomers and those who’ve been growing for some time now. Truly, the company is trying to get everyone involved when it comes to growing cannabis. And if you are new, you can always purchase one of GrowAce’s grow light kits to get your grow room started.


To take things further, GrowAce also offers lighting parts for those who already have equipment but need a small replacement. Parts such as bulbs, controllers, and extension cords. If you have any lighting necessities when it comes to growing cannabis, we highly suggest you give their Grow Lights catalog a search to find out more!

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Yield Lab 60 x 60 x 78 Reflective Grow Tent FABRIC ONLY

Grow Tents

Another essential when it comes to cannabis growth is a space where the environment can be entirely controlled by you. One way to pull this off is through a grow tent. GrowAce offers everything from smaller 3’x3′ tents to larger 8’x4′ tents.


This offers a lot of variety for those who are looking for either a smaller grow operation or a larger grow operation. Not to mention, all of these grow tents are some of the highest quality there are currently on the market. GrowAce offers products from big-name brands including Gorilla Grow Tents, Yield Lab, LAGarden, and Mammoth.

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GrowAce Yield Lab 4 inch 190 CFM Duct Inline Fan with Carbon Filter Ducting and Clamps

Climate Control

One aspect of cannabis growing that most newcomers ignore it that of climate control. Certain cannabis strains are versatile to the environment they’re planted in, but for the most part, specific strains require very specific environments. Everything from the right temperature to wind frequency plays a vital role.


GrowAce offers you every climate control need you can possibly imagine and more within their climate control category. Fans and filters, CO2 supplies, air conditioners, and environmental controllers can all be found here.


As you can imagine, people who are attempting to grow cannabis see why it’s so costly once they begin looking into all the various aspects of cannabis growth that often goes unconsidered. Climate control is one of these and requires a number of different tools in order to reach the perfect environment. Luckily, GrowAce’s products are all reasonably priced and appear on sale from time to time. Not to mention, we have some GrowAce coupon codes to help save on your entire order.

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GrowAce Premium 2-Part Program - Basic Feeding Package


Finding the right nutrients for your cannabis plants is a tricky process. Not only do you have to be aware of the feedings your cannabis strain is going to need, but you also need to trust the company you’re purchasing from. Not to mention, you want to make sure you supply your plants with the right amount of nutrients – both over nutrients and under nutrients can have catastrophic effects on how the final buds appear.


Luckily for you, GrowAce has you covered in a number of different ways. Through a number of different brands, they offer everything from base nutrients to bloom booster to biological inoculants to finishing solutions. Truly, through their wide selection, there is something here for all your nutrient needs.


And to top it off, GrowAce is partnered with a number of big-name companies that have been supplying cannabis growers with proper nutrients for years. These include BioBizz, Humbolt County’s Own, and Sierra Natural Science Pro, just to name a few.

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GrowAce Oxygen Pot Systems 6 Site XL Super-Flow - (Analog Controller) - 60 Gallon Reservoir


When you grow cannabis, you want a scheduled system for watering and airflow that works well. Though many take this matter under their own belts, it’s much more convenient to let hydroponics do the work for you.


This is one of those aspects of GrowAce that isn’t necessary, but without a doubt is a pleasure to find. Everything from oxygen pot systems to drip systems to ebb and flow systems can be found within this category.

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GrowAce Panda Film

Growing Essentials

When it comes to growing cannabis, there are always a number of little things people often forget when they’re purchasing everything they need. Little things like meters and testers, sprayers, timers, weather stations, and reflective materials.


For all these little necessities, GrowAce has you covered. Their attention to what goes into harvesting the best cannabis plants is truly astounding but really shines in this category. If you’ve forgotten measuring utensils or pesticides, all you need to do is check out what GrowAce has to offer.

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Overall Thoughts of GrowAce

If you’re still not 100% sure on GrowAce, all you need to do is check out their customer reviews to really get a sense of how powerful this company is. We applaud GrowAce not only for their ability to supply a variety of growing products but also their dedication to educating customers for the best possible grow operations.

Whether you need a light system, a cool hood, or 400w HPS, GrowAce has your satisfaction guarantee. Their site-wide variety is truly something you can find yourself spending hours looking into. However, if you want our opinion, we suggest the variety of yield lab products, such as yield lab grow tents or yield lab HPS. This is one of the biggest brands currently on the market and a definite must for new customers.

If you’re interested in purchasing a GrowAce product, we invite you to use one of our discount codes on the right-hand side of this page. This will help you save on your total order.

How to Use a GrowAce Coupon Code

In order to use a promo code for GrowAce, you’ll first need to select from the variety of products on their website. From there, you’ll want to head over to the checkout. In the middle of the page, just below your selected product(s), you’ll have the ability to type in a coupon code. Simply type in one of our codes, hit apply, and you’ll see your savings instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

For newcomers, GrowAce offers a number of “Grow Kits,” each of which comes with a small assortment of everything you need.

3 User Reviews

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Very satisfied

February 05, 2020 by Stephen

This company has given me everything that I have ever needed to become a professional grower. You can't beat there prices. Very satisfied. Thanks for the coupon code!

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Great equipment and customer service

January 30, 2020 by Darrin

I recently ordered a 2x4 grow tent package. The package came with everything you need to start an indoor grow. Tent, light,fan, nutrients, pots, and more. A couple days after ordering, I received a call from customer service saying they had sold out of the tent I ordered and asked if I would like to wait an additional week or if I would like a free upgrade to the next size up. I opted for the next size up and am completely happy. I will always recommend and use these guys. They were great and everything is high quality. Thanks

Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star Filled star

Happy with yield results!

January 26, 2020 by Marlon

GrowAce again delivers! From the very first tent I bought about a year ago, I've always been a Growace customer. High quality products including this wing reflector. The bulbs are awesome and have given me excellent yields so far. Very happy with the results!

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