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CBDNerds Staff Updated on June 19, 2021
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Review Summary

When it comes to our pets’ wellness, we only want to offer them the safest and most effective options. Luckily, HempMy Pet does just that. Their tincture in particular has garnered a lot of praise as it uses hemp seed oil rather than MCT oil which is believed to be easier for animals to digest.

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Animal lovers, we’re glad we’ve gotten the opportunity to test out so many different CBD brands with our dogs, cats, and other loved pets. Like no other brand before, though, HempMy Pet offers a variety of pet CBD products that we couldn’t pass up on trying with our furry friends. We were also moved by HempMy Pet’s desire to save as many pets as possible. They have a section on their web platform specifically for bringing attention to rescues. If you have a rescue pet or know of one that you think could work well with HempMy Pet’s products, they want to know more. With CBD-infused products all geared to promote their overall health, we were excited to take part in this review. Let’s dive into our HempMy Pet guide to show you our pet’s experiences with their products, what we found unique about the company, and anything else you could want to know before shopping with them. If you’re on the fence about buying with HempMy Pet, this review will give you the answers you’ve been looking for – and if you do decide to shop with them, we’ll even have a coupon code waiting for you to save more off your first order.

HempMy Pet

What’s Unique About HempMy Pet?

  • Massive variety of different CBD pet products available
  • Testimonials up from countless equines and other happy pets
  • They make human-grade products like man’s best friend deserves
  • Third-party tested; free of pesticides, pollutants, and THC
  • Affiliate program and wholesale program available
  • 60-day return policy, though they don’t specify if that’s only for unused products


  • High strength options available so horses or other large animals can enjoy CBD too
  • A wide variety of CBD pet products available at an affordable price
  • Offers bundles to help you save


  • Free shipping not available for all orders
  • No human products available

HempMy Pet Products

HempMy Pet Hemp Seed Oil Full Spectrum 250mg CBD


Pet CBD-Infused Hemp Seed Oil

We’re used to seeing hemp seed oil promoted as CBD-rich with no indication that there’s any CBD in the product. On the contrary for HempMy Pet’s hemp seed oil, they specify directly that it’s been infused with additional CBD and other cannabinoids. Since hemp seed oil contains little to no cannabinoids by itself, this is an important distinction we were happy to see.

HempMy Pet Hemp Infused Olive Oil for Horses


CBD-Infused Olive Oil for Horses

There are both THC-free and full-spectrum formulas for HempMy Pet’s certified organic olive oil. Though different, the formulas were both infused with a CBD hemp extract to create a dosage strong enough for a horse. It comes in a convenient spray bottle, so giving your large animal a serving each day becomes a breeze rather than a chore. After slowly adding it to their diet, we found it was easy for our horses to acclimate to the oil.

HempMy Pet Hemp Infused Organic Coconut Oil


CBD-Infused Coconut Oil for Pets

If “Pet” weren’t on the label, it could be easy to misidentify some of these CBD products as ones meant for humans. Since this one’s coconut oil that’s been infused with CBD, it can be used for both topical and ingestible use. That means the coconut oil could be applied directly to a pet’s target areas or it could just be ingested. The easiest way to sneak this into their diet was to add it to wet food at the beginning of the day.

HempMy Pet Hemp Dog Treats


CBD Dog Biscuits

Finally, the HempMy Pet dog biscuits looked almost good enough for us to eat. The Pumpkin Harvest dog biscuits are made with pumpkin, rice, and garbanzo bean flour, tapioca starch, apples, eggs, and other organic ingredients to craft the perfect, scrumptious bite for your pup. With two different formulas, they offer 2mg biscuits to smaller dogs and their 5mg biscuits to bigger dogs.

Buyer’s Guide

HempMy Pet Dosage Guide

HempMy Pet works hard to list all dosage information accurately on their bottles, but they know that not every pet is the same. Different pets require different dosages and strengths because of their body type, sensitivity to cannabinoids, and more.


On almost all of their product pages on their web platform, though, they go more in-depth about dosage information. Their 250mg CBD-infused hemp seed oil, for example, lists a guide showing the suggested serving size for the oil as a daily supplement, varying how much product to use depending on the pet’s body weight. Likewise, the guide shows how long the product will last by using that amount each day, so you get another comparison to see how much it might cost you.

HempMy Pet Lab Testing

We couldn’t find any record of lab reports done for HempMy Pet on their platform. We do know their products are all tested by an independent, third-party lab, and that you can obtain them by making a request.

How to Redeem a HempMy Pet Coupon Code

When it comes time to check out, just hit the Cart box on the top right of any HempMy Pet web page. You’ll be taken to the Cart page, where you can see the product or products you’re going to purchase listed.


Just below those products, there’s a small section on the left for you to paste your coupon code into. When you’ve entered your coupon code here, just hit Apply coupon and the total of your order should be automatically adjusted.

Contacting HempMy Pet

The brand doesn’t have an online chat support option yet, but they do have a convenient Contact form for you to reach out to them on. They don’t list their hours, but they do offer a support email and customer service phone number if you don’t want to reach them through their Contact form:


Call (844) 436-7691 or email support@hempmypet.com

HempMy Pet

1716 Main St. STE A

Longmont, Colorado 80501

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HempMy Pet ship internationally?

Yes! However, HempMy Pet cannot ship to all countries due to laws and regulations. In order to find out if they can ship to you, you should reach out to support@hempmypet.com for more information.

How long will it take for me to receive my HempMy Pet order?

While this depends on where you live, most U.S. orders arrive within 2 to 4 business days.

Can my pet take HempMy Pet products with their other medication?

HempMy Pet strongly recommends you consult your Vet before combining other medications with their products.

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